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Avatar n tn I have been on yaz for a month and i didnt get my period until the day i needed to start a new pack on that day i felt constant nausea and extreme weakness..
Avatar f tn I have been on yaz since June of 2007, at first all was well then about 2 months later my period just stopped completely and have not had one since. Is it normal not to have a period ever and have no consequences later?
Avatar f tn Have you seen the write up on the YAZ pill and issues people have experienced as Bayer "maker" of YAZ has not kept to their promises in terms of how good this pill is compared to other contraceptives. In a forum on this website there were quite of bit of ladies who told thier stories relating to this pill, headaches, bad acne, heavy mood swings, lot of others. Is Yaz treating u well?
Avatar f tn No, I did not suffer from depression or anxiety prior to taking yaz. I started Yaz on a Thursday and by Sunday I was super excited to see my boyfriend and then that night and the following day its like someone flipped a switch on me..I just felt weird all the time..even with him. Do you know why that is? I started taking Cypralex a month into taking Yaz. I did go off Yaz within 9 days because i thought something was weird...
Avatar n tn I started taking Yaz on the first day of my period, it's been two and a half weeks now and my period hasn't stopped at all. Usually it only lasts about 3-4 days for me. This is the first time I've been on ANY birth control and I know my body's going to have to adjust, but how long should I expect this to go on?
Avatar n tn Hi Veronicam83, I've been on Yaz for ONE weeks now.....was so scared too and hesistant to try it... however, doctor recommended it..and I have had horrible acne at my forehead. The only thing that I was really suprised that my period comes very fast right after my finish 1 week period (after took Yaz). My face seems clear (which is good), me got no vaginal pain or etc. But, what am scared of is that normal vaginal bleeding and its been going on 5 days now. I stop taking Yaz in 5 days....
Avatar f tn Im starting to get bad headaches each day sometimes several times in one day dizziness as well as back pain and of course other side effects but i just wanted to know if i was alone in this has anyone had something close to this any suggestions?
Avatar n tn I take YAZ, so I run on a 28-day cycle ♥ What was the date of the first day of your last period? November 3 ♥ When is your period due, or is it already late? Due sometime late next week ♥ What date(s) did you have sex? November 2 ♥ Please list any recent lifestyle changes that may have affected your cycle (new diet, exercise, medication, stress, etc.): None just a little stress III. OTHER ♥ Are you trying to conceive? No ♥ Have you already taken a pregnancy test?
Avatar f tn Hi there, The same is happening to me on YAZ. I have been on it for about 7 months and noticed for the past 2 months that I get "break through" bleeding approximately one week after my period has ended. I have also had more headaches than usual... I have read that it could be that the pill doesn't have sufficient hormones for your body and thus you are not protected as good from pregnancy. It's so annoying! I think I'm going to change from pill.
Avatar f tn For irregular period, is it ok to start taking the pills on the 9th day of menstruation?
2059540 tn?1331066896 hey there i was on Yaz almsot 2 years ago and was only one for 3 months my period was the full 2 months and did not stop and horrible cramps. and now i am engaged and ttc and have been trying for over a year with no such luck could yaz have anything to do with this? or what else may be thee problem?
Avatar f tn She told me to finish out my Yaz (I have only used 1 pink row -- 2 pink rows left, 3 pink on the last row, and the whites), and wait for my period, and then do the Sunday start on the Ortho. I woke up with my period this morning. I mean...maybe I've been taking the Yaz wrong, I don't know. I haven't been sure when I should and shouldn't take it because of my periods! So I just...take it anyhow, you know? I don't ever use the white pills. They bug me. Haha.
Avatar n tn They told me to think about switching because this one can caused an elevated heart rate, which I have. I'm probably going to go off of this pill soon, just in case, and start on a new one.
Avatar f tn I started taking Yaz after finishing my other contraceptive POP (Progestin only pill). The day I started Yaz was on December 25 and two weeks later on January 4 I had my period and lasted 7 days.
Avatar m tn No one can figure it out but no one has looked at my lungs. Prior to the surgery I was given Yaz and told to take 6 (yes 6) pills a day to stop my period until my surgery. I did that for 2 weeks. Then with the hormone issues I was yet again given Yaz which I took for 2 months before going to bioidenticals. My question is has anyone else had this type of problem. Most of the stories are about a big event.
Avatar m tn Though I was instructed to take prednisone for three days after, I only took it for one day because my heart pounded so hard while on prednisone. I have had my period and the OBGYN said that after my period the side effects should stop. I am still having anxiety where I want to jump out of my skin, nausea, and attacks. Lately my chest gets really heavy and I have to draw in deeper breaths. But I can breath.
Avatar f tn It has lightened my period but never shortened it. I still go the full 7 days. By day 5 it's not even heavy enough for me to put in a tampon comfortably. Should I look into a new birth control pill? Thank you!
Avatar n tn I continue the rest of the week, being essentially one pill off. I took Sunday's pill on Monday, and Monday's pill on Tuesday. I realized this on Wednesday, and then took two pills to get back on track. Somewhere between forgetting and realizing I forgot, I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend. Am I in danger of pregnancy?
Avatar f tn I'm on yaz, lately i have maybe missed a month a couple of times within the past year of it.. last month i was not on Yaz, but the previos month i was.. i didnt start my period last month, i took a pregnancy test days after my missed period in the afternoon and it said negative then a week later a took two more at night and they said negative.. its now my time to start and im on yaz this month and still havent start. what could be the reasoning?
Avatar n tn But I usually ALWAYS use a condom, but slipped up this one time. Stupid I know. Other thing is, she doesnt take the pill at the same time every day. What are the odds she can be pregnant?
Avatar f tn I have been on Yaz for 4 months now and it has made my period disappear this month. I was worried that maybe I am pregnant but now after reading about everyone's experience, it looks like this pill is infamous for that. It has also made me experience a marked increase in hair loss which is frightening. I don't want to go bald!! I'm quitting this pill immediately because it is giving me such terrible side effects and so many other women out there are suffering from this pill as well.
Avatar n tn The Sunday I started was the first day of my period, and I'm on day 12 now. I have gained a few pounds, but I've also eaten a lot more than usual and most of it's been junk food, so that's probably why. The fact that I havent stopped bleeding is kind of annoying, though.... how long did it take everyone else to stop?
Avatar n tn I have been on the pill for about 2 years. I am on YAZ and I recently forgot (very unlike me) to take one of the pink active pills in my week 4 and had intercourse that day. My boyfriend of 5 years did not pull out or use a condom. Now I am about to start a new month of active pills and still have not gotten my period, I have one white inactive pill left to take until my new month starts. Could I be pregnant? Do I just start taking the new month of pills?
Avatar n tn I took Yaz for symptoms of pmdd for one week(my tubes are tied), I also was taking minocycline at the same time, I started taking the Yaz on the first day of my period, when my period went over the usual 4 days I stopped the yaz, well i'm still bleeding heavy like a regualr period and cramping and its day 13, is this the withdrawal effects or do I need to see my Doctor?
Avatar f tn I tried various types for a year or so after my 4 year old was born and can't remember when I discovered YAZ. Needless to say, I took myself off in October, had my period on time in Novemeber..and ever since I have gone 37 days, 38, then recently 39 days between periods. Which is FRUSTRATING for trying to figure ovulation. Prior to getting pregnant I was always normal...
Avatar n tn I was on Yaz from April to May and hated it so I got off, was not on the pill from May to June, and then went on Trisprintec (generic Ortho tricyclen) in June. I got off the pill toward the end of September after taking it continuously (no break) from August to Sept so that I could skip my period in September while I was on vacation. A week after I finished my last pack I had a very light, short period. In October I had no period or spotting at all the whole month.
Avatar f tn And my dr put me on yaz. I decided to get off because I was having chest pains and now I never want to go back on bc. I was wondering how long this irregularity last and if it something I need to worry about? Should I still be able to have kids too? I feel like I am constantly bleeding!
Avatar f tn Also my temp has stayed between 101-103. I am on Yaz Iv been on it for prolonged periods since I was 12. I still usually have medium to heavy cycle but I'm having sticky dark red clotting over the size of a quarter do I have any reason to worry?
Avatar f tn Hi. I was taking Yaz for the first time last month, and on my week of non active pills, I took a plan b. I never missed a pill, maybe delayed by a few hours on one or two times but mostly just on time. It was the first time my boyfriend came inside me so I was scared and took plan b. Not surprisingly, I didn't get my period as expected that week. I started my second pack the day I was supposed to, right after the last inactive pill of the first pack - which was last July 11.