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Avatar n tn I had sex the night or day after I finished. Now I just finished my whole yaz pack, all the white pills, and no period! Last night i took the last pill, and since I had no period, i took a pregnancy test. It came out negative. But then this morning i had brown discharge. I'm scared it came out negative because it is too early to take it?! I'm scared the brown discharge is implantation bleeding!? Please make me feel better.
Avatar f tn It has been 7 days since my last Provera and still no period. This is my 3rd month of taking Provera and in the previous months I started my period on days 8 and days 11 while taking the provera. I take 1 pill for 10days. I noticed brown discharge like I'm about to start yesterday but that has currently stopped. I am having lower back pain, cramping and a mild headache. I'm even fatigued like I should be on my cycle. I have taken a total of 5 home preg test and all were negative.
1310992 tn?1274217387 I would stop taking Yaz definately! There is lots of bad things going on with Yaz it could be counteracting with the Prozac surprised the Dr has not took you off! I hope we dont scare you more but you really need to do research on Yaz and give it to your parents and Dr! Good luck sweety and keep us updated please!
Avatar f tn Question for anyone out there using the birth control pill Yaz. Has ya'lls period stopped completely? Need to know if that is normal.
Avatar n tn I was without a period for probably 6 months and then I started getting my period for 7 days every 10days. They did a ton of blood work and found nothing wrong so the best advise I can give to you is just take her to a GYN and have them run test. My doctor put me on YAZ and it has made me regular and I love it! I hope this helps!
Avatar f tn October 15 - Started YAZ, also my first day of period (4 days light period only) November 10 - Period came November 11 - Last day of YAZ (first pack) November 12 - First pill of second pack of YAZ very heavy bleeding November 13 VERY HEAVY BLEEDING November 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 Regular bleeding Nov19- 27 light bleeding Nov 28 bleeding gone I went to my OB November 24 and advised me to take my remaining YAZ 3x a day.
Avatar f tn I had been on Yaz low dose for 2 years but for the last 23 no period. Went to the Dr 10 weeks ago and was put on Alesse. After 1 pack still no period so I decided to go off BCP until I get a natural period. 6 Weeks later and still nothing. Went to the bathroom Saturday and had pink mucousy discharge but I wiped til it was gone (4 wipes) thinking maybe that would be the start of my period and still 3 days later NOTHING!!
Avatar f tn I was on yaz for a few years, and then I switched. The new pills made my period crazy, but yaz made it come the same time every month. However, yaz made my periods last longer, and I would bleed on and off for a week towards the end of using yaz.
Avatar f tn First month or so I had heatburn , vomitted, ..I never get sick, so I had no clue what to do with heatburn, ..finallhy ended up with pepacid and gas x 6. The periods are SO painful that I have a jar of ibuprofen in my office , car and home..I have to take morning afternoon and night during my period. I am currently back to a 7 day period but still HEAVY flows than usual for me 7. The nail in coffin was this past month...scaitic nerve issues. I scream with pain!!.
Avatar f tn I just started Yaz 8 days ago at the start of my period. I was supposed to finish my period 2 days ago or so I thought. I have been spotting brown discharge for two days. Had unprotected sex today, am I covered?
Avatar f tn With Seasonale I only had 4 periods a year, but I have still always been able to predict my period down to the calendar day. Not with Yaz. This may sound gross, but I have no idea what my underwear is going to look like when I pull them down. It isn't just blood. It', I guess. I figure it's just the lining of my uterus flaking off, which leads me to believe that it's not just spotting. For example, I had a period from August 28th to September 3....heavily.
Avatar f tn Although my mother has hypothyroidism so even if it was from yaz it would be hard to prove. i was on nordette for 14 years with no probs. i would definately look into the thyroid just to be sure.
Avatar f tn Hi! I am on YAZ birth control, but haven't had sex for 7 weeks since me and my ex broke up. So I missed three days in a row of my pill on the third week, and I read you are supposed to restart a whole new pack if you miss that many on that week. But between that time I got my period, so I started taking a new pack like the instructions said. The weird thing is, is that I'm still on my period and today is day 9. My periods are usually short, probably 4 days.
1347128 tn?1333810296 Your period usually resumes about 4-6 weeks after a misc is complete. It's not a bad idea to do one more preg test now, just to be sure.
Avatar f tn When I went for my gyno yearly on Tuesday I asked for birth control pills. She put me on Yaz. She said that I had some blood in my urine and was my period close, I told her yes, it was supposed to be in a few days. Well she said that since I was already spotting some to go ahead and take the Yaz that night. I think now that the bleeding was from the Plan B and realized my period wasn't supposed to start until the following week. But I took the Yaz that night and called my dr.
Avatar f tn It seemed odd but I assumed it was just a light period (no pain or anything unusual like that). This month, my period is late--only by 2 days, but in light of the weird period from last month I took more notice. I have had unprotected sex using the withdrawal method (reliable... I know...) along with birth control pills with fairly consistent use--I wouldn't describe it as "perfect" use, but it's rare that I miss.
Avatar f tn I had my last period Oct 31 for a day . No period in Nov. Im on Pill and I forgot to take It twice but doubled up like they say. No period in Nov. I took a pv test and it was neg. I took two more one did not have an answer the data other neg. I have 3 kids already. My concern is stil no period but somr pain on right side here and there. I go to my obgyn in a few days.
Avatar f tn I have been on Yaz for 3 years....this past year I have been having issues with having a period. Is this normal? At the moment I'm not only not having a period but I'm also having pain in the lower front like cramps but nothing is I ok?
Avatar f tn I wondering if anyone knows when your on the Yaz birth control pill if you can skip your period for the month? I was on Ortho tri- lo another pill and I was able to but I am now on Yaz. Please let me know if you have done this or KNOW for sure!
Avatar f tn ve been on yaz for about three years and have not had any complications with anything, no nausea, or cramps, nothing.But before getting on Yaz I never had PMS or cramps so that may be why I'm not experiencing the same symptoms as others. Recently I got off of Yaz I got my period twice in the month of February (*****...that's the shortest month and I got it twice! ;P) Now it's march and my period is late...
Avatar f tn Okay, forgive me if this gets lengthy. I have been on a small dose of Yaz since October. It was given to me to regulate my very irregular (and often absent) periods. At the end of May (on the 18th), I had surgery on my stomach and stopped taking the Yaz. I had been forgetting to take them all month, and had a very light period right before the surgery.
Avatar f tn ve been taking yaz for about a month now (almost done with the white pills) and my period started monday.. since then i have had serious cramps!!! i also have PCOS and i'm taking Metformin, which is causing alot of diareah and cramping and nausia.. so right now this period is sheer hellish... from nausia,indegestion,lack of appitite,diareah, and a period from hell.. this week has been the worst yet :'( hope life is going better for you sister!!!
Avatar f tn No, its not too early to test, if you have "missed" your period. It could just be an irrigular period- go pick up a test...
Avatar n tn she had to get several tests done because of all the pain she was in, she is currently going through a lawsuit with yaz because of what it has done to her.
178590 tn?1294176767 I was happy to find a birth control pill that would help with depression during my period. However, I notice after talking yaz that I felt more depressed and had more anxiety then before. I had extreme mood swings and crying spells while taking yaz. I stopped yaz for a month then started it again. I also had the same symptom after starting yaz again. My doctor change my birth control bill back to Ortho Tri- Cycle Lo this month.
Avatar n tn I started taking Yaz on the first day of my period, it's been two and a half weeks now and my period hasn't stopped at all. Usually it only lasts about 3-4 days for me. This is the first time I've been on ANY birth control and I know my body's going to have to adjust, but how long should I expect this to go on?
Avatar n tn im currently taking yaz birth control. lately iv been getting real sick and hungry like crazy could it be my pill or something else. im trying to get pregnant but trying to regulate my periods too.