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Avatar n tn If I have my period for one day and it leaves the second day does that mean that I am pregnant?
Avatar n tn I had a one day period came right on time i filled up two pads day to it was a few light spots than nothing could i be pregant or is something wrong this isn't normal This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/958876'>one day period</a>.
Avatar n tn If she was already a week late. then you could test now,the 1 day bleeding could have happened for a number of reasons.I myself only had period that last day and half.but she can take a test now,and it should be accurate.
1430495 tn?1284563852 I am confused, I have had many syptoms as I said in previous posts but yet got a period or what I think was a period for ONE DAY :( SOOOOOO CONFUSED & SCARED!!! hELP ANY SUGGESTIONS, ADVISE ANYTHING HELPS!
1585139 tn?1296777608 this was more like a tugging sensation internally on my left side. but that day my period started as normal. day two of my period it had all but disappeared! (on average my period is rather heavy and last for about 5 to 7 days) i spotted pink again for day two and day three then nothing at all! i did a hpt on what should have been day four only for it to be negative. :( as any one else experienced this before, could i be pregnant?
Avatar n tn I had my period for only one day yesterday, exactly the 25th day after the start of my last period. This is the first time that this occurred to me. Before bleeding, I had protected sex with my boyfriend. In spite of using a condom whilst, he pulls out whenever he ejaculates. There are no damages to the condom as well. For this week, too, I've been sleeping for only 4 hours a night and I've increased my caffeine intake. I've been working a lot, too. Why did I bleed like this?
Avatar f tn had my period for only one day Monday and I was up at 7:30 am and had a very light bleed which on my first day I'm always heavy. when I woke back up I wasn't bleeding anymore and my tampon only had like old blood. later that day I had intercourse and haven't bled anymore days. This has never happened before.
Avatar n tn that's a sign of pregnancy,or you are probably thinking too much about stuff {and that makes you bleed}i remember i had a 1 day period and got pregnant the same month,a 1 day period is very strange, because you can have your period a week early but not for 1 day.
Avatar n tn should i even be worring since she atleast got a partial period...any help on a one day period or if its too early for a pregnancy test is much appreciated.
Avatar f tn I was a week and a day late for my period, but when I did get it, it only lasted for one day and there were skin like pieces in the blood. I am usually pretty regular. I was wondering if this period was because I too those morning after pills, or because I had a miscarriage, or because I am pregnant. I REALLY NEED HELP. PLEASE ANSWER QUICKLY.
Avatar f tn i had my priod one day it was normal than two days after it was brown spotting now yesterday an to day lilttle cramping....ive been feeling pregnant to....but is that a sighn of being preg?
Avatar f tn for about a day if that. Rarely do women get pregnant while on their period. Is your period early? If it is were you soon to be getting your period? Sometimes stimulation or irritation at the cervix around the time you should get your period can start your cycle a few days early.
Avatar m tn it was normal and lasted 5 days. i just recently got my period november 27th but it only lasted one day. that day is when i started up my birth control.. is it possible that im pregnant?
Avatar n tn Now i am finishing ma second pack, i started around the day im surposed to again, but it was a one day spotting. Is that a period?? Or could i be preganct. I do not use anyting but the birth control method. I took two preg. test when i was a week late... after ma first month spotting. They both said negative.
Avatar f tn I was feeling pregnancy symptom and I took a pregnancy test One day before my Period and it was negative the next day started spotting in the evening I took the other one and was negative on the following day was somewhat medium heavy with one medium and 2 small blood clogs but the following day was spotting.
Avatar f tn So a week before my period I had really bad cramps and sore breast so I figured it was because my period was coming well a week later my period came two days late and only lasted a day and a have, two days before that period I have white discharge with streaks of blood..... After that a few days later I started to feel really sick at night and even threw up once... Now I feel really bloated and one night my nipples where bigger and darker and I'm constantly peeking.
Avatar f tn Last month one day after my period I had anal on the 1st of january, my boyfriend didn't ejaculate though some pree MAY have driped to my vagina. If any, or even sperm went into me what are the chances of me getting pregnant? I have a 30 day cycle and I deffinately ovulated on the 8th of January. What are the chances or possibilities? DONT BE RUDE.
Avatar f tn My period came a week early and it only lasted one day! It actually was gone by that evening, and normally it last 5 or 6 days. Me and my boyfriend are having unprotected sex, could I be pregnant?
1672873 tn?1304112793 He insists still that my conception had to have been around Sept is that possible? I had a one day light period and felt pregnant but just happened to get pregnant when I thought I already was? Dr. says that sonogram is very accurate and can not be wrong that early...though my hcg levels were very very high for that time. I guess I couldn't have been pregnant or a test would have tested positive earlier right?
Avatar n tn They say it is less unlikely to get pregnant 1 day before your period but I think you can get pregnant at any time but the best time is 14days after your first day of your period was that the only time you had intercourses?
Avatar f tn in one day late on having my period. I've never been late I've always had a regular period. I'm not showing any pms or pregnancy signs. Could I be pregnant?