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Avatar n tn Okay here is the timeline. SinceI'm not sure of my menstrual cycle OR my ovulation cycle, me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex. I want a baby, he's neither here nor there. (But he would be thrilled because he loves kids so I'm making the decision for US) My period was over Nov. 31, we had UPS Dec. 1 and since then I've been getting these abnormal signals and symptoms. Since I've been through this before I try not to worry or over exert these symptoms because they just end in disappointment.
Avatar f tn Okay hello , Well I recently got my period (5/15/13) and lately I have been experiencing the worst headaches , even before my period . And today (5/16/13) I went running but I ran out of breath quickly . I'm wondering , is this normal ?. Could something be wrong ?. Could I be dehydrated ?. I'm sexually active and the last time I've had sex was last week (5/9/13) but we used a condom and more times prior without one . Answers please .
Avatar f tn Hi! Yes, that would be considered vaginal bleeding, but No, it is not serious. Usually the bleeding subsides after a few days. Also, usually the period is delayed somewhat. There is always a possibility of pregnancy, and I ALWAYS recommend a pregnancy test. It is going to be extra difficult for you to know if you are pregnant since your periods are irregular anyway. If you were my patient, I would suggest that you test weekly until you have a "normal" period. Hope this helps!
Avatar f tn I had cramps before on the right side of my pelvic like i was ovulating. i have menstrual like discomfort not cramps but my period still not here and is now about 3 or 4 days late i know is not that late.. could anywhere help me. could i be pregnant ?or is it just my period?
Avatar n tn Nine months of no period means at least 8 months of no ovulation. At the best, you might have ovulated once, just recently. I'd go see the ob-gyn and tell him you are not having periods, and get a workup to figure out why.
Avatar f tn I've been telling myself that I'm not pregnant and my period is coming, that way if it does I won't be as heart broken. I've told myself that when God is ready for me to be a mommy he will bless me. I hope that blessing has been sent upon me and my lil seed is growing inside me now. I will always remain hopeful and I pray all you other women will too!!!
Avatar n tn when i had my misscarage i did not have surgery i had the baby naturally since then my periods have been ok but sometimes i would miss a few days and then start but this has ben the longest i have not come on my period i am getting cramps like period pain but not has bad. i am going to make a doctors appointment today and get myself checked but im frightened. or i might wait till tomorrow and do an early morning pregnancy test one more time.
Avatar f tn And it has been almost 3mos with no period after Abortion....Is it possible that I may need a DNC ...what is going on with my Body?
Avatar n tn Was not sure which topic to place this under. I am not pregnant- have done at home & blood work at lab but thought I would post under this topic. I have had no period since May. Have still had all the symptoms: bloating, pretty bad menstrual cramps, ovulation pain (the sharp pains in lower abdomen), and sometimes it feels like pressure in my vagina. I have not been doing anything different. I do not smoke, am not over/underweight. I am 31 yrs old, 3 children. Any ideas?
3166367 tn?1343916534 i am 26 yrs and i am married ,i had no child , i didnt even prevent even a day ,butmy menstruation sometimes comes twice nor 3 times a month and i want to have a child and i am not falling pregnant ,i did papsmear test ,and many things but when i went to doctors they dont find the problem they just say everything is ok and this problem is reapiting ,i got sick 2003,2005,2008, now is 2012 this is too much am i going to fall pregnant i need a child serias pls help me.
Avatar n tn in my head im screaming idk if its happy screams scared frustrated anger or whatever but december period absolute no show oh can i be pregnant or is my period playing hide and seek. me and my husband do not use condoms i was on the pill but do to my pharmacy burning down wasnt abel to fill me prescriptions for november or december. and now my period is a no show but im having some cramps.
Avatar n tn There really are no safe days in the month when you can't get pregnant, thats a myth. You can ovulate at any given moment in your cycle. If your period does not come by the end of the week you may want to go to the doctor to make sure.
Avatar n tn I had menstrual period for the month of May, 5 days before my menses starts. I had menstrual period last June 2011, 2 days earlier than before. On both may and june, I did not feel anything werid, nor the color, duration of the menses and how heavy it was, Now, for the month of July, I am 8 days delayed. I never had missed periods this long. and as far as i remember that May 2011 was the last time we did that.
Avatar n tn I still have not gotten my period. My milk is completely gone. I made an appt with my dr last week and they basically didn't have much to say or much help. They gave me a prescription for BC but told me I couldn't use it until I got my period. I have not been using any type of BC since Christmas. The low dose BC I was taking began causing me to have severe headaches so I quit taking it. Now I am worried that I might be pregnant again. Some days I feel nasuated, bloated, etc.
Avatar n tn I've just come across this thread... I'm going through the same thing. First 2 months on clomid brilliant. And now it seems to have stopped. Not pregnant and the doctors don't know what to say other than "take anther test, you're probably pregnant" do they know how expensive they are?? Kats09 did it work out for you in the end?
118884 tn?1270478379 said this will make me regular well March has came and no period again !My husband and I are working on baby # 3 . I don't feel pregnant! Was wondering if anyone knows what might be going on I am 23 year's old not sure about how long my menstrual Cycle is some have 28 days and some people may have up to 45 I have no clue what mine is!