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Avatar f tn Okay hello , Well I recently got my period (5/15/13) and lately I have been experiencing the worst headaches , even before my period . And today (5/16/13) I went running but I ran out of breath quickly . I'm wondering , is this normal ?. Could something be wrong ?. Could I be dehydrated ?. I'm sexually active and the last time I've had sex was last week (5/9/13) but we used a condom and more times prior without one . Answers please .
Avatar f tn After delievery, i had my first menstural period 22nd May and it continued for three to four days. Now, second time period was due on around 22 to 25th June-08, and till 4th July the period is not oberved and in between there was a relationship only once and that is with proper precaution. Whether it is possible to get pregnant or i have to wait further some days? Is it possible to have pregnancy during feeding time? Please guide how to proceed further.
Avatar f tn On 24th FEB i started bleeding,it was a bit brownish that day. On 25th and 26th it was like normal menstrual bleeding. on 27th again it was like 24th. Is this "vaginal Bleeding"?. If it is so,for how long will it last and is it dangerous. Are their any chances of getting pregnant ? my periods are generally irregular. please help............
Avatar f tn Look up clomid! Its an awesome drug to booste hormons and help get pregnant and regulate periods. Very successfull !
Avatar m tn Hi! If you feel that you are pregnant, then take a pregnancy test and see. At times women do bleed on their period days for a few months. However breast engorgement and food craving can be a part of pre-menstrual phase. Please take a urine pregnancy test, and if negative, take a blood test for HCG estimation. Take care!
Avatar f tn For the past seven months I haven't been flowing normal, I have been to so many hospitals but they said am ok but I don't feel ok.
Avatar n tn I had menstrual period for the month of May, 5 days before my menses starts. I had menstrual period last June 2011, 2 days earlier than before. On both may and june, I did not feel anything werid, nor the color, duration of the menses and how heavy it was, Now, for the month of July, I am 8 days delayed. I never had missed periods this long. and as far as i remember that May 2011 was the last time we did that.
3166367 tn?1343916534 i am 26 yrs and i am married ,i had no child , i didnt even prevent even a day ,butmy menstruation sometimes comes twice nor 3 times a month and i want to have a child and i am not falling pregnant ,i did papsmear test ,and many things but when i went to doctors they dont find the problem they just say everything is ok and this problem is reapiting ,i got sick 2003,2005,2008, now is 2012 this is too much am i going to fall pregnant i need a child serias pls help me.
Avatar n tn Okay here is the timeline. SinceI'm not sure of my menstrual cycle OR my ovulation cycle, me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex. I want a baby, he's neither here nor there. (But he would be thrilled because he loves kids so I'm making the decision for US) My period was over Nov. 31, we had UPS Dec. 1 and since then I've been getting these abnormal signals and symptoms. Since I've been through this before I try not to worry or over exert these symptoms because they just end in disappointment.
Avatar f tn It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care and please do keep me posted on how you are doing.
Avatar n tn i had history of ruptured ectopic with surgery of my fallopian tube in 2002 and miscarriaged in 2005. my question is, is it possible to skip a menstrual period after taking a contraceptive pills? and if ever you have assymptomatic ectopic pregnancy at an early weeks, is the result of the pregtest will be negative? thanks pls email me the answer as i am anxious and worried of my status. thanks again. gerliz ann...
Avatar f tn So I had my menstrual period n finished Wednesday ..n I had relationship yesterday wht r the. Chances of u gttn pregnant???
Avatar n tn It is important to have fairly regular periods, because years and years of irregular periods can eventually lead to cancer of the uterine lining. When and if you do want a baby, I would suggest Metformin and Femara to help you ovulate--you are not ovulating regularly which is why your cycles are irregular. You also need to ovulate in order to conceive. Hope this helps!
Avatar f tn I was also underweight before i got pregnant (99 lbs and 5'0- I'm 37 weeks now and almost weigh 140,if not exactly) So with all that said does this mean I'll deliver on time or should i expect an early delivery? I've been experiencing Braxton hicks since April and have been having cramping for the post few weeks now and had some mucus the other day along with looser stool. Help?
308148 tn?1225037958 Hello Ladies, Can some one shed some light on the best way to keep track of an irregular menstrual period. I have the hardest time keeping up with it. I was getting every 28 to 33 day for a long time, now I'm getting it on day 16 or 19 and most recently a week after it had stop? I dont get it. the nurse says its normal since I'm taking medication for PCOS. I still don't get it. help please!!!
Avatar n tn I do. i'm 18 and haven't had a period for over 4 months. Sharp consistant pain in my lower stomach everyday. I have also went and had blood tests done and a pregnancy test. I believe its been going on for more than 4 years but I didn't exactly pinpoint the problem until now.
Avatar n tn I still have not gotten my period. My milk is completely gone. I made an appt with my dr last week and they basically didn't have much to say or much help. They gave me a prescription for BC but told me I couldn't use it until I got my period. I have not been using any type of BC since Christmas. The low dose BC I was taking began causing me to have severe headaches so I quit taking it. Now I am worried that I might be pregnant again. Some days I feel nasuated, bloated, etc.
Avatar n tn tarajanes is definitely right. You can think you're pregnant and your body will even put off your period and start to make you believe you are. Phantom symptoms is what I call them. You start to feel nauseaous, sore breasts, etc.
203342 tn?1328740807 I know for a fact that I'm not pregnant and again, my period ended just a few days ago. Yet this pain is worse than any menstrual pain I've experienced during a period. I have no bleeding or spotting going on. I don't know if this is related or not but I've also had the urge to urinate more often. Every store I go to anymore when I'm out running errands I have to go. I have to go at least once or twice at night.
Avatar f tn So, you can test up to 5 days before your period but, if it comes up negative, I would test again if you don't get your period...goodluck!!
Avatar f tn As of a few days, the blood has gotten a little worst and im still not hurting. Tiny bits of clots every now and again and I dont want to panic if its normal. I have an ultrasound on tuesday and wondering if i should wait or go to the Er. This question is mainly aimed for women whom had their period during pregnancy..
Avatar f tn I normally have quite a heavy and painful period but I recently had spotting for one day and on the second day a pinkish/redish clot came out and bleeding and then it all stopped. Not sure what this mean googling only leads to miscarriage or pregnant and it's making me worry abit?
Avatar f tn If you have sex before the period is due, and the period comes as usual, then you are probably not pregnant. But having sex right after your period does not reduce the chances of getting pregnant, in fact, that's some pretty good timing for getting pregnant.
Avatar f tn If you started your period on the 14th i would say your probably not pregnant and your period just came a couple days early. If your spotting and the bleeding is very light and not like a normal period, it could be implantation bleeding which happens around the time of your normal period. Id start by taking a pregnancy test. If it comes up negative and your still unsure, wait a week and take another one. If its negative again and your still concerned, call your doctor and request a blood test.