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6904422 tn?1385950110 My period is always different but I took a pregnancy test today to explain my symptoms but the no pregnant line showed up. I am so upset :(( why would I have these symptoms. This is so discouraging. Why does it say negative when I feel I am...
Avatar f tn I have not missed my period, it's not for a few more days. All the test I've taken say negative but I have significant swelling and pain on the sides of both breast and other signs. I don't have pain there before my period. I just don't know if I'm pregnant and its too soon or if something else is going on. Can someone please give me some advice?
Avatar f tn I am emotional (crying at anything and everything), with a missed period (coming up to 2 weeks), urinating more often, sore breasts, tummy enlarging, backache and more frequent headaches - did I mention I'm extremely emotional?! I took a test last Tuesday, but not one since and my last period began on 16th October. Is it too early to tell whether I am pregnant, or not? I know that I have polycystic ovaries, but have been regualr since coming off depo provera injections about 2 years ago; ie.
439682 tn?1207682978 I had symptoms and just "knew" I was pregnant, but I got negative HPTs for almost two whole weeks! I was beginning to think I was crazy, lol.
412242 tn?1202364281 hi i also have miss my period and have some of pregnancy symptoms but not tired like i was with my first baby.however lots of vaginal discharge. but they say that hpt are rarely wrong though i don't know what to think.
448460 tn?1205605486 well today i noticed brownish pink discharge (not much), i thought maybe im about to get my period finally but i always get real bad cramps the 2 days before my period and i didnt get those. is it possible that i got pregnant so close to my february period that that one doesn't technically count as my missed period and i wont test positive until i miss my march period?? could i be pregnant? i just want to know damn it.
Avatar f tn So I've recently been cured of Hyperthyroidism and I now have Hypothyroidism that has been regulated and treated with synthetic thyroxine and my doctor told me that I should be capable of having children now. My Bf and I are not trying but we are not using protection, only the pullout method so it's slightly possible that I am pregnant. Before my most recent period I was having severe symptoms of dehydration, nausea, vertigo, and my blood pressure was reading very low, 99/59.
Avatar f tn Many pregnancy symptoms are that of symptoms you would get before your period so it's really hard to go by. You could also have yourself so worked up that your period is late. Wait a few more days and maybe test again.
Avatar f tn And i read next choice can make your period up to a week late. My period wa due today and i didnt get it but ive been having my period symptoms fot days and i have the feeling like its about to come and it doesnt. I took two first response pregnancy tess and both were a solid negitive, i havent had any early pregnancy symptoms that i can think of. And if i took next choice that soon there was a greater chance of me not becoming pregnant then there was of me getting pregnant.
Avatar m tn hi im over 35 - my boyfriend and i are trying for a baby. we had sex one day before ovulation. i was supposed to get my period a week ago, but it hasn't come - and i am never ever late. but the day my period was supposed to come i took a EPT brand hpt but it was negative. They are supposed to be 99 percent acccurate so I accepted that it didn't happend for me.
Avatar f tn You can't be pregnant AND have a period. Not possible - light bleeding yes, but not a period. PMS symptoms, or even illness, mimic the symptoms of pregnancy. Also, do you periods normally last for 2 weeeks? That's a long time.
Avatar f tn I had my period February 1st -6th . like a Norman period. Then march came no period. The doctor said I was a month & 3 days. Is it possible to start your period if your pregnant? I'm due Nov 8th I'm now 13 weeks. I think I conceived February 12-19 .
Avatar m tn is it possible, if you got your period, but you were delayed by a month to still be pregnant? just wondering!
Avatar m tn For the past 3 weeks I've been having annoying symptoms that were very similar to the "morning sickness" I had during my first pregnancy- all day nausea, dizziness, forgetfulness, moodiness, taste changes (stop liking meat, start craving tomato sauce), breast tenderness, fatigue, maybe more, I forget. Also I've been short of breath a lot and having a LOT of hot flashes- and I don't remember them being this severe the first time around.
Avatar m tn It gradually turned light pink as the day went on. Some cramping like the period was in full swing, but nothing. Today the blood became red. But still only there when I wipe. As the day has gone on it started to get worse in amount, but only again when urinating and nothing but a few drops in the pad. My periods are very regular, very heavy at first and then lighter towards the end. Usually last 3-4 days. As of this moment I am barely bleeding at all. 1 day period is so not me!!!