Period symptoms but pregnant

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Avatar f tn i have been feeling really tired having headaches feeling sick and have lose of apitite for the past few weeks. now my belly isnt aching and having cramps. i have just finish my period but normally i am on for 6 days but it only lasted 3 days. i am also feeling light headed and dizzy most days. any ideas of what is wrong?
Avatar f tn You have gotten a period, that you say was deffintaley a period, so you cannot get a period whilst pregnant honey. I think you can set your mind at ease, but if you really feel that you need to know for sure, then go to the doctor, but they will probably tell you the same as I have.
Avatar n tn they are still very sore but just no as intense. today i REALLY feel pregnant.
Avatar f tn You can't be pregnant AND have a period. Not possible - light bleeding yes, but not a period. PMS symptoms, or even illness, mimic the symptoms of pregnancy. Also, do you periods normally last for 2 weeeks? That's a long time.
Avatar f tn Last wednesday I was supossed to get my period but didnt. I have taken 2 home tests to see if I may be pregnant and both came back negative. Since then I have been very tired and feel bloated. I have been feeling sick on and off through out the entire day to the point where I cant eat cuz it makes me sick. I am wondering what this would be if the tests tell me that im not pregnant.
Avatar f tn my man and i are trying to start a family but everytime we try i end up not having a period for 2 month but not pregnant. what is wrong with me can i not have kids or am i doing something wrong? i have some of the symptoms of being pregnant like urinating alot and tender breasts and eating more than normal. what is going on with me?
Avatar f tn Because of them I have been taking muscle relaxants and a short 5 day cycle of a steroid. I’m having all the symptoms of my period, but had no bleeding. I have yet to take a pregnancy test. Could I really be pregnant?? Or are their other concerns??
Avatar f tn I know these pregnancy symptoms are the same as pregnancy but k never get these symptoms when my period is coming so could I possibly b pregnant? I kinda want to be :) anybody can help?
Avatar n tn a week and a half before that i was getting headaches and light headedness. My period came a day later but not as a period but dark brown spotting only when i wiped. Its 3 days past and the spotting has somewhat ended and there is still no sign of my period. my period is regular. my last one was one feb 16th. This past week i could fall asleep at my desk if i allowed it.
468864 tn?1245254117 Well, I have officially missed my period for the month of March. I still had all the symptoms such as sore breasts, spotting, and cramps. I usually get my cramps unbearably all in one day, but this time it was spread out over the couse of a few days. I did get a migrane and was nauseated, but I get migranes at least twice a month anyway and their allways accompanied by nausea. So nothing really different has happened except for no period.