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Avatar f tn Suddenly oily forehead & rash JazmineBabe I am 52 yes young & I have always had normal skin not dry or oily but about 3 weeks ago my forehead & hair was getting oily. After about a week I broke out in a rash on 1/2 of my forehead it's red with white bumps no drainage or heads on the bumps. The oilyness is the same but the rash is getting worse and now the bumps have spread to the front of my scalp and they are very itchy and hurt.
Avatar n tn I have an oily nose and forehead, how should i treat it? i am currently using apricot scrub, is that bad?
Avatar f tn I have got oily skin and its really starting to get me down. Its especially oily on my nose and forehead. My make-up ends up very shiny!! After clensing and moisturising, my face just gets oily after around 20 mins! If anyone knows a way of stopping or helping reduce some of the oil please let me know!!
Avatar f tn Usually a product will start to work but my acne never fully clears and I suppose my skin becomes immune to it because I just go back to normal within about a month. My skin is always very oily, especially my forehead, even after I use products meant to prevent oil... What do I do? By the way, I have very oily hair (bangs always on forehead) recently as well, if that makes a dIfference.
Avatar n tn I sometimes moisturize the rest of my face, except my forehead when it feels dry. The oiliness is decreasing, I don't wake up with oily shiny skin. However, the bumps/clogged pores on my forehead and post acne marks (hyperpigmentation) aren't really improving. I've been using cleansers/exfoliants with salycylic acid for around 3 weeks now because I researched that it's great for men's tough and thick skin.
Avatar n tn Hey Everyone, Well I have Acne on my Face (I am a Teen) but I am trying to find something that may help me fight it. I have tried Proactiv and other types of Acne Medication, but I think I may know what is not helping… A few hours into the day, around 11am, my forehead (where the majority of my Acne is) begins to be very oily… I think if I was to able to keep the oil from my forehead throughout the day, this would reduce my acne.
Avatar f tn Hello, For the past couple of weeks, the skin on my forehead has been getting consistently itchier. I used a moisturizing cream when it got unbearable. For the past week, however, my face has been extremely oily and yesterday morning my whole face was flaking. I don't know how to go about treating my skin. I've had eczema outbreaks on my face before, but never anything like this mix of flake and oil concoction now brewing on my forehead.
Avatar f tn I usually wash my face with a mild soap twice a day, then moisturize but that doesnt help at all. My skin is always dry and flaky, but very oily on my nose, chin and forehead, and also I get an occasional breakout. I've tried using face lotions that dont contain any oil but they doesn't seem to do the job...advice anyone??
Avatar f tn I am a 25 year old normal healthy person. I have suddenly gotten oily hair on the crown of my head even right after showering, and no matter how much I was my hair it will not go away. It has lasted about 2 weeks now, and seems to be getting worse. I have never had extremely oily hair, and I know it is not because I am washing my hair incorrectly. Has any one else had this happen, and how long does it usually last. This discussion is related to <a href='http://www.medhelp.
Avatar n tn I still have combination skin ( oily/normal). How and who would be able to get rid of these? They are not red or black but just raised pores. I also would like to know how to prevent them.
Avatar n tn Combination skin is mostly normal skin type with oily areas over the forehead-nose region. Hope this is helpful. Take care!
Avatar m tn If your skin is a bit oily anyway, you might try diluting a little white vinegar and placing it on the skin to see if it bleaches it. One disease that can cause hyperpigmentation in skin creases is Addison's disease, but usually that's noticed more on the hands I think.
Avatar n tn I am a 38 years old female. I have an itchy and oily scalp and red and itchy spots on the forehead. Can u suggest me some remedies?
Avatar n tn I am a 38 years old female. I have an itchy and oily scalp and red and itchy spots on the forehead. Can u suggest me some remedies?
Avatar n tn I am a 38 years old female. I have an itchy and oily scalp and red and itchy spots on the forehead. Can u suggest me some remedies?
Avatar n tn I am a 65 year old male that has oily skin with large hardened sebum on forehead, and cheek area. Nose has white stuff that comes out of the pores when squeezed. I wash twice a day and have used everything on the market. I have been to a dermatologist and they recommend surgically removing them. Help.
Avatar m tn This is causing alot of pain and pressure above and between my eyes and it is 3 months on and it is still not getting any better....before the skin round my forehead was tight now it is raised nearly twice as much, if I press on the swelling my finger sinks into the skin then the skin slowly pops back up (sometimes it feels like this area is pulsing).
Avatar n tn My acne is only located on my forehead, and I usually don't have more than 5 or 6 ranging in size. Just when I think I have figured out a method to prevent my acne and it clears up, a couple more pop up. My diet is not bad, I drink lots of water, and I take vitamins. When I use facial cleansers, my forehead usually becomes to dry. If I use lotions or moisturizers for my skin, my breakouts are usually worse. It takes along time for my acne to heal when it does appear also.
Avatar n tn I am a 65 year old male that has oily skin with large hardened sebum on forehead, and cheek area. Nose has white stuff that comes out of the pores when squeezed. I wash twice a day and have used everything on the market. Help.
Avatar f tn I also have very oily and dry skin. My face produces a lot of oil in a day; by midday my face is very oily and shiny, and I’ll need to wipe off the excess oil. And I notice a lot of dry flakey bits (skin or sebum) that will rub off at my problem areas. I have provided some pictures, here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1rG2hdGbWoBq1pwGL6t5XTxQgfAsLyzsd?
Avatar n tn It's just skin type. But also diet and nervousness can make your skin oily even faster. Wash your face with lukewarm water.
Avatar n tn Hi These black spots when have you noted these ? Did they occur at about the same time as that of the acne or is it present after the acne has resolved? Black spots associated with acne, may be due to a postinflammatory skin reaction secondary to the acne. Acne may cause scarring and darkening of the affected areas. This may be readily managed using vitamin E creams and bleaching creams given that the acne has resolved and there are no breaks on the skin. Does this apply to what you have?
Avatar f tn After doing some research, I believe it is an over production and build up of sebum on the scalp. I have had acne problems, have rosacea, and my skin and hair is very oily. I found balancing shampoos on line that are supposed to prevent sebum build up. Aveda is one of them, but I haven't tried it. Sebum: substance with an oily consistency produced by the sebaceous glands. It lubricates hair, is an antifungal/antibacterial, and imparts waterproofing properties to the skin.
Avatar f tn Hi. I'm having trouble with my skin in my face. I have no idea if they are acne or pimple. But I think they are pimples. They're like dark blemishes/spots on my forehead and they keep on messing around my face. I have used lots of facial masks and facial washes but they never really worked instead it got worse. Clean n clear and Netrogena are two of the brands I used they say are effective but they just made it worse.
Avatar m tn To provide some context, this all started after seeking treatment for mild acne (whiteheads on my forehead and extremely oily skin) about 3 years ago. The dermatologist I saw then prescribed Ziana gel, which worked relatively well (never completely cleared the whitehead problem, though it helped).
Avatar m tn Hello, my cheeks began to become red a few weeks ago, then a rash began to appear(only on my right cheek first however it soon started to happen on my left), I tried fucidin cream on it because it was similar to a rash I had on my hand a while back, now it would somewhat go away but then it would come back again, now it's worse as my forehead has become extremely irritant, I've tried DiproBase cream on both my cheeks and forehead however they just become scaly. In the morning it is crusty.
Avatar f tn that were on my forehead, have spread to the back of my ears, and its not only the skin peeling off but ists increadibly itch and the ones behing my ears really hurt. I seriously need help can someone help please. Or atleast let me know what doctor i should go to.
Avatar n tn For the last 5-6 years I have had a problem with bumps apearing on my forehead. I have tried several creams and facial washes but nothing seems to help. It seems to get worse when I sweat but I always wash my face immediately after exercise. The bumps look as if someone has hit me with a golf ball and they are quite painful. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn About 4 months ago I started taking allergy shots. Then I noticed an increase in the oily feeling on my forehead. Then I started getting breakouts. They actually look like a red rash with some more definied bumps. No heads or drainage. I have never had any type of breakouts. Has anyone else had this after taking allergy injections.