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Avatar m tn You don't want to get hooked on taking a pill to sleep -- eventually the insomnia will just get worse. There are some natural sleep remedies that don't do this -- melatonin about 1mg or so is probably the best -- but obviously, you have to find one that works. What you want to ideally, though, is figure out why you can't sleep and fix it. As for eating when you get up, that's just discipline. We can't supply that for you.
Avatar f tn A completely different experience than before. Actually its one of the easier online schools. I have friends who do community college online and the requirements are much tougher and time consuming. Also how old are you?
Avatar f tn Tell her to put you back in school public schools have a 87% STUDENT HEAD RARE WHILE ONLINE SCHOOLS ONLY HAVE A 49% SUCSESS RATE she is putting you future at risk
Avatar f tn I start spring semester jan 13 and im due jan 24.....i am taking one class online and 2 regular...but the schools close to me and my moms guna be here after shes born to help. I emailed my professors tho and for my online one hes guna let me start early. I would just get in contact with them.
Avatar m tn I know what I would do if I were you. I would put everything I have into a consultation with a veterinary nutritionist -if you possibly can, And work out a home-cooked diet based on advice from him/her. Some intensive research online may help... It will be hard work I am sure and may be confusing sometimes, but I think that is the way I would go. Sorry to project my own opinions....
Avatar n tn Hi all, hope all you mummies to be are doing well. I'm 8 and a half week pregnant and so still being very cautious. I was wondering if any of you have any advice regarding probiotic yogurts? My midwife was a little vague and I've seen mixed views online. If anyone could help me out please I's appreciate it.
Avatar m tn m a 15 year old male, I go to an online schooling for 9th grade. This was my first year of online schooling. From grades 5th until now (9th grade) I've always been in and out of failing school, It's not even because I'm not capable. I just can't. Like I know it sounds weird. But for the past 3 years I've felt empty and just full of "I don't knows" I do nothing but shut myself into my bedroom, Letting my school days slowly go down the drain.
Avatar m tn Perhaps nutritional drinks can temporarily help you maintain your weight until you figure out what's causing this. Also, I would make an appointment with a nutritionist in order to find a way to get proper nutrition in spite of the lack of appetite. Also, your primary care doctor may be able to help. Here is a list of nutritional shakes: * * *http://www.nestlenutritionstore.
Avatar f tn In order for a patient to receive good health care, I believe the Medical Schools need to change or add to what is being taught. Western Medicine needs to incorporate some of the Eastern - and this would need to be taught at the Med Schools. Conventional doctors diagnose a disease and or symptoms and ask "what" am I going to give to help with these symptoms. Eastern medicine looks more at the "Why" is the body having this problem.
Avatar f tn “Cashing In On Kids” notes that Wisconsin taxpayers have sent nearly two billion dollars to for-profit, religious, and online schools since Milwaukee became the nation’s first school vouchers city in 1990. School voucher programs in Florida, Georgia, and Oklahoma have sent taxpayer money to schools that teach creationism.
Avatar n tn My daughter makes terrible choices. She made a death threat to her whole highschool and got expelled.She wanted everyone to blow up and video taped it and posted it on face book. There we other kids involved. Expelled from all schools in WA state. I don't know what's wrong with her. What do we do?
Avatar f tn I slowly started to develope an itchy rash over 3 months ago. It started on my back and has spread around almost my entire torso. After investigating all the possible causes (yeast infection, food allergy, etc..). I finally checked the material tag on my nightgown and read that it is make of 95% "modal". I never heard of it before now. I found online that I am not the only one with these symptoms from Modal.I stopped wearing the nightgown immediately.
Avatar f tn To be on the safe side, I think I would avoid them and then I would call the local hospital and talk to their nutritionist, maybe then can give you some more insight.
Avatar f tn Nationwide there is a curriculum program that qualifies as a public school online in several states. Most were introduced initially for rural students, but have caught on because of a variety of issues within the school systems nationally. We had actually considered it for my oldest. He would have a certified teacher working with him through the program and at his age, he would have about 30% of his work online and the rest offline doing hands on work. I am actually really excited about it.
Avatar f tn I enrolled my son at 4 weeks old to pre school and primary school because we have a boom of kids born in his year and not many preschools and schools in our town.
266539 tn?1281402152 what happened to going to school to become a nurse? I dont know of any but I'd like to know myself. I believe Quinns momma does coding, not sure though.
Avatar f tn There is free online public schools. One is K12, they send you all your books, most materials, a computer, printer (if you don't have one), art supplies, just have to have an internet connection pretty much. You work at your pace and can actually be ahead. Look it up, very good program.
Avatar f tn ^^ not area wise. Just housing wise.
Avatar f tn You're probably not putting it in right, it used to be extremely painful for me too with my first until I went back in to see a nutritionist and she showed me the right way and it actually didn't hurt anymore
535822 tn?1443976780 It seems to be worse somehow ,maybe because of the internet I actaully have seen some of it go on amongst the teens on Facebook ,but most seem to cope with it, years ago at least in UK you wre able to stand up and yell or bash back, its not allowed now here or in the UK I think the schools must take more responsibility if they see Physical or verbal abuse ,more supervision and hey the parents at home should take the Internet away .