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12584065 tn?1436320514 So im considering taking online classes so I can get some type of degree to where I can work from home. I have endometriosis, and Crohns disease. Soon ill have 3 babies to care for. I was looking into medical billing and coding but idk how easy it will be to get a job working from home right away? I want to be sure that I study something that I will be able to find work at home with. Anyone done this and found work from home?
Avatar f tn I teach both online classes and in person classes, and I can tell you that online classes are much harder. Also, it's not a good idea to just enroll in an online program for something if you're not sure what you want to do. My suggestion is to look into enrolling in just a couple online classes through your local community college. Start with the ones everyone has to take and see if there's anything that you enjoy.
Avatar f tn I'm taking my classes online and I'm overdue with my first baby. My professor also advised me to drop her class but I won't. I'm too close to graduation.
Avatar f tn I was wondering if anyone has experience with some online lamaze classes and what they thought of them? I am very nervous to say this, but I think I have realized that I want to have a natural delivery. Anyway, online lamaze? Good idea or not? I guess since its so late in the game, actual classes aren't an option! Thanks in advance for anyone with advice, comments, and suggestions!
Avatar f tn I went to colorado technical university was soooooo convenient.
Avatar f tn I'm registered for a childbirth class at my hospital. However, the class doesn't take place until the two Saturdays before my due date. Since I'm now on bedrest with an already thinned cervix, I don't think I'm going to make it that far. If so, great; if not, I want to be a little bit prepared. All of the online classes I've found so far want you to register and/or purchase books/videos. Does anyone know of a good online class?
13864745 tn?1443685231 But do you get a refund check from online classes as you do in going to classes? I paid my bills up for several months & saved for monthly cost & emergencies but anything will always help. Do you receive a refund from the online classes?
Avatar f tn Does anyone know roughly how long breastfeeding classes take? My WIC office signed me up for them starting next month, but they are at 1130a and I have to be in class by 1230p which I live roughly a half hour to 45 mins from school.
Avatar f tn So everyone I know (pretty much) that has a child has told me that while they were prego they took lamaz classes or parenting classes or just some kind of classes u can do with ur partner. This is my first pregnancy and me and the babys father r not together at the moment. So id feel dumb going to classes alone. But my question is r the classes good to go to? R they expensive? And r any mandatory or does anyone recommend a class that really helped them out?
10289679 tn?1419123337 8 hour class? What the hell do they teach all those hours? I prefer relaxing at home, but that's just me. I don't know any online classes, but check hospitals near you. They usually have classes.
Avatar f tn What is the online na program called? I want to do it in addition to my other classes.
Avatar f tn did any of u ladies attend parenting classes? my mom has suggested that I go to one for young mothers so I have someone to talk to u who is going through similar things. I don't think for any reason I need to go to learn how to be a good parent but maybe to be able to connect with someone and maybe make a friend (I don't have ANY in real life). has anyone gone for this reason and enjoyed themselves? just curious as to if I should give it a try.
Avatar f tn I watch a video online. I wad going for an epidural so I wasn't too worried. Turned out great. You can't plan for anything so as long as your going to just go with whatever happens gig should be OK. If nervous or have anxiety I'd take one.
Avatar f tn We did the class in a different hospital, all hospitals offer tours. Our hospital was all booked with classes, so I searched online all the neighboring hospitals to find our class.
Avatar f tn re going to help a lot after I finish my parenting classes with them bc they offer full support after 7 classes, and I have a social worker that hopefully will help me wwith information and resources as well. I'm just gettin more anxious as my due date gets closer and didn't know if I could set something up online. But I would hate for people to think that I'm just trying to get free stuff out of them.
Avatar f tn I'm due October 16th, right in the middle of the semester! I'm already behind (due to family death) so i don't wanna get more behind. At first i thought about just online classes so absences don't affect me. Then i thought about going to classes, just taking a week or two off (i have 3 hour classes so that'll only be 2 absences). I'm thinking i wanna just take a semester off. School will always be there but my baby won't be a baby forever.
2515342 tn?1347080637 i have two semesters left bt my baby is due in july, right b4 the fall semester starts so i just enrolled n online classes..never took an online class b4 so hopefully it works out..gud luck to you!
9030182 tn?1405387562 Having a new born and a toddler and doing online college classes because I'm.
Avatar f tn Do any of you ladies know of any good parenting classes and how far along I should b before I enroll I'm 14 weeks ....
Avatar f tn t be home in time or feel like going and taking the exam. You could see if any online classes do the final online. Or talk to a few teachers about your situation and see ahead of time if they will allow you to take it early or late. Whichever is needed.
Avatar f tn did not cast a vote, I got to class in college however caution beware of someone line colleges, IMHO your best bet is to go to local community college, most have online classes,,the deal is you must go in 2 or 3 or 4 times per semester for in class testing..not so bad perhaps you couldmget a babysitter for those few times...
Avatar f tn I plan on doing online classes so I don't have to worry about missing too much and most of the classes I can do the work for the week in a couple days and not have to worry about it for the rest of the week.
5615074 tn?1378316840 Thank you everybody! Yes, I will be taking online classes. At the college I am enrolled in they pretty much offer only online classes. I took the CNA class last spring and that has been the only class on campus. @shortimama I just graduated high school in May. I have taken 6 classes so far, and I just started another 4 classes this week. I have a 3 and a half year old daughter that I had my freshman year, but was supposed to be my 8th grade year.
Avatar f tn Oh okay thank you!