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Avatar m tn I would seek the advice of a very reputable nutritionist to help design a customized low carb elemental diet for you. Elemental diets have at least 30% higher success rates for SIBO, compared to antibiotics, but they are bland and hard to adhere to for the duration of the suggested treatment. Bone broth (pastured), full spectrum digestive enzymes and preventive measures could be vital considerations as well .
Avatar f tn Yeah baby's heart rate tend to be much higher. Nothing to worry about unless your doctor tells you.
Avatar n tn teak/mikey - I was wondering what your thoughts are on incidence rates of infection. Now I know the virus does not discriminate and anyone can get it but was wondering what the prevalence of it is in the various groups. I guess you can categorize by MSM, IDU, hetero, endemic (any others?) - this is not to say that the infection cant cross into other categories. Say if you live in Chicago - roughly 2.
Avatar n tn Does anyone know the transmission rates for Hep B? I am unsure if I was ever vaccinated, but what are the chances that a one time unprotected encounter (vaginal sex) could bring Hep B? It has been 6 months since a possible exposure and have had no symptoms. I tested for all STDS (including HIV) at 3 and 6 mo and all were negative? If the female was vaccinated for Hep B, can still be a carrier if she was exposed before me? Stupid question, just asking.
Avatar f tn All kinds of numbers and miscarriage rates are running around out there after a heart beat is seen, I have seen from 5 to 10% quoted. It sounds like you are doing all the right things and things are going great. Hope this helps, not sure there is an answer.
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Avatar n tn I have heard that it is more difficult for a man to contract the virus from an infected female, is this correct? I have tried to find transmittal rates, but the only ones I have found are when suppressive therapy is involved. Can anyone shed any light on this for me? I am close to having sex with her, but still feel a little uneasy. Whenever we do, I will use condoms, but I understand that this is only 30-40% effective. Any advice anyone can give is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
Avatar f tn I have a copy of this ultrasound showing the four chamber view of the heart. I have done much research on the detection rates, however research does not really break down into these defects that she had. I am not a professional, but to me it seems clear in the ultrasound that these defects do show, and it also appears that her heart is in the middle of her chest instead of towards the left.
5915949 tn?1396188227 My sons started out high and now stays in the 140's