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Avatar f tn Does anyone know roughly how long breastfeeding classes take? My WIC office signed me up for them starting next month, but they are at 1130a and I have to be in class by 1230p which I live roughly a half hour to 45 mins from school.
Avatar f tn I have to see a nutritionist, a social worker, the main doc.. And breastfeeding classes, and labor classes.. That's all I can remember for right now!
1612312 tn?1324791860 If you are worried about your recovery keep it limited to classes you enjoy. I like to attend hour long zumba classes 2-3x a week. I try and focus on making exercise fun and social so my eating disorder doesn't take over. I hope this helps. How your feeling is pretty typical for anyone who has struggled with eating. Be proactive. Are you currently seeing a therapist?
Avatar f tn I'm having a very tough time at college. I have been trying to recover from Anorexia for over a year. I was doing well at home. I was making my own foods and increasing my calories. I moved away for college and I want to go home. I'm doing much worse than before. I cannot make my own food since I live in a dorm and I always feel tired because I can't sleep right, my bones and joints ache, I get dizzy, urinate frequently, and feel very full after I eat anything.
Avatar f tn 4kg and my parents think i am obsessed with it all now and that i need help but i am not i am not like anorexic or anything like, that i just want to be happy and healthy with my body all i do is train with a trainer 3 times a week and 3 day by myself and 6 gym classes a week as well as i might exercise during the day depending on what i eat.
Avatar f tn I am heavy as well and my doctor said ok to lose weight from exercise and healthy eating as long as you dont overdo it and baby gets what it needs. I saw a nutritionist somewhere around 10 weeks or so. Currently at 19wks 4days. Eat alot of fruit and veggies, lean protein, and dairy. I also just joined the YMCA, do whatever you can comfortably do for exercise, swimming is highly recommended for heavier and pregnant women cause it takes stress off your joints.
Avatar f tn Thanks for the suggestions and advise you see I have arthritis in my both knees and osrtharthritis in lower back type 2 diabetes. Sorry for giving this info straight away new to site not real sure how it worked still learning. Inrelation to the exercise do you still recommend.
Avatar f tn I am also on a diet plan and take supplemental weight loss pills recommended by a nutritionist. I have not shed a single pound. I am in school going into the medical field. I know all about muscle weighing more than fat. I have taken many health and nutrition classes and know the difference between good and bad. But this problem has clearly stumped me. I like to mix up my exercise routines from yoga to swimming. Anyone have any really awesome tips?
471222 tn?1207401667 i have a question about lamaze classes. how important are these prenatal classes? and where can i find a good place in Toronto,North York? thx for any reply.
Avatar f tn WIC is an income based program that pesticides supplemental food to pregnant/breastfeeding mom's, infant and children. If you qualify income wise they'll check your height, weight, and iron and speak with a nutritionist. They'll give you vouchers or a card (depending on your state) with the benefits you can use.
Avatar f tn Just fill out some paper work,when they call you back they check your weight and iron level and iffer you to go to different programs (like breastfeeding classes), you see a nutritionist, and then you get your card
Avatar f tn So everyone I know (pretty much) that has a child has told me that while they were prego they took lamaz classes or parenting classes or just some kind of classes u can do with ur partner. This is my first pregnancy and me and the babys father r not together at the moment. So id feel dumb going to classes alone. But my question is r the classes good to go to? R they expensive? And r any mandatory or does anyone recommend a class that really helped them out?
Avatar f tn hi just wondering at what stage of pregnancy are u offered antenatal classes/ birthing classes? I'm 30+5 and have not heard anything about them? And do all hospitals offer a tour? I'm from Milton Keynes if anyone knows specifically about mk hospital?
11988597 tn?1438629414 I am a FTM and my doctor gave me a long list of classes that are available. I was wondering what classes did you feel were well worth it and which ones to skip?
Avatar f tn Has anyone taken or signed up for childbirth classes? I just signed up and am pretty excited :) its in 3 weeks and they go over everything from labor to breastfeeding and even do a tour of the hospital. I hope this will make me feel more prepared!
Avatar f tn I am just now looking to register (at 24 weeks.) I never realized how few classes there are, I assumed that the local area would have classes going on all day long and new groups every week or two. I can only find new groups starting about every 6 weeks, and always at night. Which is a problem because husband and I both work nights. At the same place. Its going to be very hard to be able to get the time away from work a day every week for both of us.
Avatar f tn I am a FTM in my 9th week. I have recently met with the nurse at my doctor's office and she provided me with a lot of information. Some of the information given could be very helpful to someone younger than myself. Being a woman I think it's silly to take classes for first time parents (I am 31 and the last of everyone I know to have kids). I have changed, bathed, fed, you name it I've done it.
Avatar f tn Anybody taking birthing classes or have taken birthing classes?
Avatar f tn did any of u ladies attend parenting classes? my mom has suggested that I go to one for young mothers so I have someone to talk to u who is going through similar things. I don't think for any reason I need to go to learn how to be a good parent but maybe to be able to connect with someone and maybe make a friend (I don't have ANY in real life). has anyone gone for this reason and enjoyed themselves? just curious as to if I should give it a try.
Avatar f tn m a ftm and through out my pregnancy I have been attending parenting classes and I had my first tour of the maternity ward at the hospital I will be delivering at I was soooo emotional and excited at the same time I just can't believe I will be having my baby girl soon do any of you guys attend parenting classes????
4676259 tn?1364758061 I'm a ftm, and I really want to take breast feeding classes, and the child birth classes.
Avatar f tn When should you start attending classes? I have so many I want to take like birthing, slings, cloth diapering etc. I'm 16w2d right now.
Avatar f tn i had a health problem last year rested at home for about 7 months,and as a result i gained 10 kg going from 95 kg to my current weight, again i started to go to the gym with all my power to loss extra weight, used spinning pikes and orbitracks, after 3 classes of spinning,i had a backache which begun to increase and lastly get worse radiating to my left buttocks and leg laterally, first i handelled the matter by myself taking oral analgesics which became useless after 10 days, then i went to o
Avatar f tn m on a low dose of glyburide at bedtime and just making sure I eat the right amount of carbs at the right times. Are you going to see a nutritionist or a maternal fetal medicine specialist? Seeing the nutritionist helped me a lot.
Avatar f tn I was taking 4), and I was unable to stay in... well, a good deal of classes. I missed a ton of classes, and in some I was physically present, but my mind was simply not there. I would have failed all 4 of them, except one was languages, and I'd already taken some of that language and thus I got away with a mediocre grade. The other? It was bad enough that I had to get 90% on the exam to BARELY pass. I asked the teacher for a review before the exam and managed a 92% somehow. That was close.