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Avatar f tn 10 and the doctor has more work to do inside than he had planned. But after the surgery, the doctor felt it was a success. However, I had complication after complication. This included bleeding, clot in the nose that had to be suctioned out and not to mention my continued ongoing sinus infections. The problem I have is that 2 months after the surgery, I have a foul smell that is coming from the nose. I just can't get rid of it even after all of the anitbiotics, sprays, oils I am on.
Avatar m tn My son had a septum surgery, after 7 weeks he had a fever with sinus and sore throat (Is this a matter of concern? as I doubt in the hygiene level of the hospital) frequently he has a back discharge from nose to throat (thick mucus) with headache. are there any specific advice?
Avatar m tn After having dcr surgery there was problems with the recovery after local anaesthetic. After 6 weeks it was decided to take tube out. Unfortunately it had to be tried without local anaesthetic. Thed opthalmologist was unable to remove tube. It was released from the eyelid. I have been told to blow my nose repeatedly and hope the tube comes down..Also he said I may have swallowed it. I feel I would know if it had gone down tghe back of the throat. Has anyone any experience of this situation.
894112 tn?1241554104 I had a broken nose that i had to have surgery for. A few days after my surgery I hit my nose on the head board of my bed. It has been about 3 weeks since and I and in so much pain and there is a bump on the out side of my nose on the left side. Does any one know what is going on?
Avatar f tn Hello everyone, after catching a cold in early January that led to a severe sinus infection, I went to a GP and then to an ENT after the gp's antibiotic and cough syrup didn't work. The ENT gave me clarithromycin 500mg (10 day) and methylprednisolone 4mg (6day) which has helped I believe get rid of the infection. During the treatment I also used a neti pot once in the morning for three days after reading how it helps and also because I was desperate for relief.
Avatar n tn My biggest complaint was resisting the urge to blow my nose the first week after surgery. The congestion from all of the debris/dried blood and mucous is terribly uncomfortable. My stents were removed the very next day after my surgery. I had a follow up appt. 10 days later. At that appointment, my doc told me to use a nasal irrigation bottle (Neil Med...found in any drug store) twice a day. It sounds bad but that thing was great...8 oz's of warm saline water shot up both notrils.
Avatar n tn Hi all. Im a 29 year old female and I have been recommended to undergo FESS and septoplasty. I am wondering if this seems reasonable based on the information below? Or should I get a second opinion? I would like my symptoms gone and am relieved to have finally had an ENT take me seriously but the surgery seems like a big deal. Thanks! Frances.
1090601 tn?1257512779 Have you seen an ENT after the pituitary surgery? You could have an infection at the surgery site. I had one. This is not allergies - but infections. Usually is is accompanied by a terrible smell that one cannot get rid of. I did not have an elevated WBC or fever, but I had a bad infection and had to have a surgery to cut it back out.
Avatar f tn I've had a sinus infection for about 4 weeks now. After the second week I thought it had disapeared but i woke up one morning and it hit me like a truck. I feel very worn out, facial pressure, espically right under the eyes and around the nose. Within the past few days, I have not been able to breath out the left side of my nose. It feels plugged up and needing blown, but when I do blow my nose, nothing comes out.
Avatar n tn Three years ago I had a surgery for intestinal obstruction. Everything was fine but after six months from surgery, a foul smell started emanating from my nose. I consulted the ENT and a surgery for sinusitis was performed but still the problem persisted. Again, after three months I consulted another ENT specialist and again a surgery was performed but even after this second nasal surgery, the foul smell didn't go away.
894112 tn?1241554104 I invented the most effective saline flush for a chronic infection, but to be honest, I do not know how long you would have to wait after surgery to do it, if ever, so I cannot recommend it to you. I believe your best alternative would be Dr. Murray Grossan's Hydropulse Irrigator, which you can research online, and if you get enough of the infected mucus out of your sinuses, the antibiotics may work better, unless the power and glory of evolution have made the microbes resistant.
Avatar n tn and I always get that pungent odor when it needs debridement. Most of the time when the ENT looks with an endoscope after emptying my nose I have an active sinuse infection. My family does smell it. It is just so embarassing, and there is nothing I can do about it. I would have the ENT look down your nose with an endoscope. That may give you a hint. Good luck!
Avatar f tn I had a LOT of bloody discharge after the surgery for close to two weeks, which the surgeons assured me was normal. Headaches went away a week after surgery but resumed, along with nose pain, after I started to sneeze about two weeks after surgery. I'm now almost three weeks out and sneeze (cannot stop it, no matter how much I try) 2-3 times a day.
Avatar m tn you really need to see a doctor,,you could have ulcers in your nose/nares and possibly an infection brewing. The lining of your nares is a thin mucosa and very sensitive. snorting pills is abrasive to the lining. so its like scratching that skin each time you snort a pilland its eating the lining. You are at risk for a potentially serious infection in your sinuses,,,keep in mind that can spread,,,to your brain.
Avatar f tn Sometime around last October, I developed an obsessive nose picking habit. It was so bad that it resulted in a nasal polyp that I had to have surgically removed. Even after the surgery, I couldn't stop picking my nose and I'm still doing it. My nose has mostly healed, but I still get a lot of crustiness which drives me crazy and makes me pick more. Now I have another bump toward the front of my nose.
Avatar n tn I had Turbinate reduction sinus surgery two months ago, my nose is sensitive when I breath, the colder the air the more it hurts, I don't have any other issues, other than this burning sensation/pain I'm breathing fine, Do I have Empty nose Syndrome or will this pain eventually go away?
1336904 tn?1275747464 In general, I am pleased with the results of reshaping (the nose appears straight), but I am very concerned about the bridge becoming significantly wider post-surgery despite the fact that the doctor moved the bones closer by about 1mm on either side. Is it possible that the bones shifted after surgery, due to edema, because I was not fitted with the cast?
Avatar m tn I had nose surgery about a month ago and have had some sinus infections. Now I have this horrible odor that my wife can even smell coming from sinuses. My doctor says just keep using saline rinses. Anyone have this problem?
1485281 tn?1287948392 My sinus dilemma (any advice appreciated) I've never posted regarding my health before- but this forum seemed to contain a lot of stories similar to mine so I thought maybe someone can assist me... I'm going to try make this as thorough as possible so I can receive the best feedback possible. It isn't perfect, but I have edited it a few times for your convenience. MEDICAL HISTORY I am overall healthy, 180, 6'0” Male 28 years German/Polish/Slovak/Hungarian/American.
Avatar m tn from the e-collar she wore after surgery. The skin on the front of her neck had worn raw and had a Staph infection. They shaved that spot and treated it and sent me home with antibiotics and Benedryl for the itching. This morning, the old girl is already acting more like herself. Thanks again for your comments.
Avatar f tn Hi there, It is common to have some discomfort after surgery. A follow up visit is important after any surgery. In this visit the doctor will clean and examine the operative site. It is possible that there was packing left in your nose which is causing bad taste in mouth and nose. This is merely an advice and not a substitute for clinical examination. For more queries and assistance visit an ENT specialist. I hope it helps. Best luck ad regards!
Avatar n tn I had turbinate reduction surgery over a year and a half ago due to repeat sinus infections, stuffiness at night, trouble with nasal congestion. Things went beautifully after surgery and I had no infections, was able to breathe easily. During the past 3-4 months I have been having multiple sinus infections, constant nasal drainage, and at night when I lay down I am unable to breathe through my nose.
Avatar f tn He also fixed my deviated septum and cleared out some polyps. After the surgery I had many complications and was unable to breathe out of my nose for quite some time. The doctor said it was due to my nasal passages being super sensitive (I couldn't even use a saline solution without them swelling up.) Also, my nose creates a mucus that is the consistancy of egg whites. Meanwhile, I have been able to breathe for about three weeks now, and off and on before that.
Avatar f tn Not to detract from your situation though.. I once had a too runny nose also - then had surgery to staighten a deviated septum and open the nose some without removing turbinates. I was good for a few years, then started getting beat-up by the dryness condition. -But the point is I know where you're at, and it is annoying. In my present condition, I see some improvement when eating - apparently because the salivary glands are stimulated and the nose-throat are better moisturized.