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Avatar n tn My son had surgery on his index finger a d now bas a staph infection .he has had it since November. His finger is still red and swollen . How long does it take to clear up?
Avatar n tn can a recurrent staph infection caused by a foreign body left from surgery cause permanent nerve damge?
Avatar n tn My 81-year old father (an insulin-dependent diabetic) recently had quadruple bypass surgery. He seemed to tolerate the operation quite well, but developed a staph infection at the chest incision about a week after surgery. An intensive 5 or 6 week antibiotics regime did not eliminate the infection, so the affected area was surgically removed yesterday. His sternum was also removed due to the infection, but his chest muscles were not reworked as a part of this process.
Avatar n tn Dear Dr. My friend has been diagnosed with a staph infection in her throat. She had gallbladder surgery a week ago and now she can't swallow anything, not even liquid. How serious is this? She has lost 20 pounds in one week.
Avatar f tn I am a carrier of Mrsa. However I'm seeing a new dr who doesn't know my past "staph" history. I've had to be hospitalized and have had mrsa surgery. I have a huge hard lump right on the ridge at bottom of nose filled with pus. Started bactrim 3 days ago. It's getting worse. It has now spread under the skin I thonk, under top lip. I have a very long skateboard shape hard lump develop.
Avatar m tn I need someone to help me out so bad, Staph infection is ruining my life. I am a male 22 years old and I started to have a staph infection since I was 19 years old. It's getting to the point that I'm embarrass to wear shorts and short sleeves shirts because I have scars (dark marks under my skin). I first started experiencing Staph infection on my legs and in my arms, they looked like pimples with pus. I drained them and removed the pus, that started to leave marks like dark spots under my skin.
Avatar n tn I have had a nasal staph infection for 3 is now confined to each side of the septum. Have done courses of Bactrim, Augmentin, dicloxacillin along with bactroban cream. The initial course of bactrim and bactroban cleared it up in 8 days. Was told to stop taking medication...infection returned in 5 days. Am now on another round of Bactrim (completed 10 of 14 days) & it does not seem to be working. Have had CT scan and sinuses ok. What do you suggest I try next? Thanks!
721523 tn?1331585402 It turns out that I have been hosting a nasty Staph aurius infection in my sinuses and elsewhere. It is not technically MRSA, but it has become resistant against every oral antibiotic. We first tried Vancomycin. after a week, still had a feaver. Beginning the second week of the new combo of cubusin and Invanze. I am seeing an infectious disease doc. I finally called and left a message for my neuro about it yesterday. (He was in another town yesterday.
Avatar n tn Can you tell me what I’ve described around my face could be symptoms of Herpes or is it possible that some kind of Staph infection can be the cause of either the mouth lesions, the chemical smell, or the itch and the cuts on my face. 4. What is the best medication to take (Valtrex, Famciclovir, Acyclovir) and what dosage to take when one is having an actual outbreak vise suppressive therapy. 5.
Avatar m tn Hello Matt1515, It is likely that you are having some serious form of infection which has to be managed immediately. Any swab culture infection has been done to assess the organism causing the infection? Discuss with the urologist to rule out Necrotizing fasciitis, which is a surgical emergency. S. aureus is part of the normal human flora (bacteria that normally reside in or on humans) and does not usually cause infection. You need to be on new generation antibiotics like ceftriaaxone etc.
Avatar f tn (I can't recall if it's flagellated or not, which lends to the possibility of build-up and other things moving the colonies for you.) I'm confused why this is in the hysterectomy section, however? Did you develop a staph infection following a surgery? Knowing exactly what was infected and what sort of surgery/when had would also help me figure out if it's a nosocomial infection and could change how it possibly happened.
Avatar f tn My daughter had a staph infection after having a c-section. At the time she had the infection and before it was diagonised, she was unable to stand or walk. Seems it settled in her hip. This was a year ago, and she still complains every once in a while of pain in the hip. Could this be long term effects from the infection? Will this disease cause long term effects?
Avatar n tn I also have been using methanphetamine heavily. When i stop for a few days the staph infection starts to clear up, but as soon as i do it, it comes back full force. I know other people who do it and they dont get the sores on there face like i do. Is this because of my hep c that i am getting the staph infections? If so what should I do,(besides stop using drugs of course)I dont have any medical insurance and i think that this could be a serious problem.
Avatar n tn Up until November I could not tell you when I had been sick last. I then got a MRSA infection on my hand which was treated with Bactrim 2 per day for 10 days. All was fine until two weeks ago when it came back in my nostril. It started with something the size of a pea and grew to half my check within what seemed to be 24 hours. Unfortunately this could not have happened at a worse time. Our beloved family doctor of 12 years is no longer in practice.
Avatar n tn I have been treated for a staph infection following open heart surgery for 11 months. I had a huge cavity in my chest from the infection. I was treated with two antibiotics intravenoudly for three months while a nurse treated the wound wth medication. I was then put on oral antibiotics as the wound medications continued. The surgeon said it would never close up and I should have another surgery to remove the wires and scrape the sternum. That part wasn't scary.
Avatar m tn During this time my eye doctor has had me on Pred Forte for Blepharitis(all the other steroids did not work). A staph and strep infection was discoverd in my nose. I thennoticed the Pred Forte did not really work until I took a 10 day cycle of Cipro. Can these infections have an effect on the eye(Red eyes?
Avatar m tn 14 months ago (March 2011), a podiatrist injected steroids into my staph infection, assuming without a blood test, that it was gout. Then he sent me for a blood test, no gout/uric acid, was a staph infection. 29 hours after the injection, I was in emergency and had 3 operations over 10 days to stop the raging, steroid infused staph infection.
Avatar n tn She just looked inside my nose and said that it's a sinus/staph infection. She said it's not the serious staph and that everyone has staph in their nose. She put me on a second round of antibiotic right away instead of messing around with the first round because she thought that they swelling was unusual. The antibiotic I'm on is called "Avelox" and I saw improvement with the swelling in <24 hrs. The swelling and paint is almost completely gone! What a relief!
Avatar f tn I am a home health nurse, so naturally I am very worried about infection, I go back to work on 12/24. I have been off since the injury. Thanks for your help!
Avatar m tn Hello, i need help im very desperate ive been suffering of staph infection on my scalp for about 3 years and i have now about 4 different lumps due to staph on my scalp all over my head. I went to see a dermatologist about 1 year ago he gave me bactrim (sp?) and didnt do anything for me and also gave me a shampoo but didnt do anything for me. I selfmedicated myself with doxixycline (sp?
Avatar f tn Many online sites, and acquaintences, warn about infection in the knee after knee replacement. Although the doctor uses a pre-surgery antibiotic and tests for MRSA (staph) and treats if needed, the threat of infection still seems to hover over such surgeries. The hospital has given me a special cleanser to use the week before surgery. I have had my teeth cleaned. And, I do understand that if I get sick, surgery will be rescheduled.
Avatar n tn Her surgery placed her in ICU with a MRSA staff infection that has led to staph in her lungs and bloodstream. She is on a ventilator at 80 to 100%. She is in a drug induced comma. What are her chances for recovery?
Avatar f tn My world was rocked on December 24, 2007 when I was told that I had a staph infection called MRSA. Since then I have been trying to get rid of this skin infection by taking two antibiotics, taking bleach bathes, getting lots of rest, eating right, drinking lots of water.
Avatar n tn The first Doctor should never have given the steroid injection if there was any possibility of infection .... it can very easily spread the infection. The staph was present before your visit to the hospital. and Keflex 500mg every 6 hours for ten days should have taken care of the infection. Two aspirations of the bursa is what it usually takes. over the counter pain pills and advil should be enough to reduce the pain and swelling ...