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Avatar m tn 14 months ago (March 2011), a podiatrist injected steroids into my staph infection, assuming without a blood test, that it was gout. Then he sent me for a blood test, no gout/uric acid, was a staph infection. 29 hours after the injection, I was in emergency and had 3 operations over 10 days to stop the raging, steroid infused staph infection.
Avatar n tn i had a knee surgery in oct25th 2007 and i acquired a staph infection . i took 3 rounds of anibiotics and finally got rid of the infection but now i have i a goose egg size knot on my knee .
Avatar n tn Should have known with my luck with the back surgeries..Got meningitis urine staph infection and staph infection of the blood..sick,sick boy..Wife thought I was a goner for sure..Didn't remember nothing for about 5 days..Had a lumbar puncture but dont remember it..was supposed to be in for 2 days..but that went to 10 days..Just finishing up tomorrow with the home nursing a piic line in had to do 2 weeks on the antibiotics.they taught me to do them myself..
Avatar n tn Florida have said its possible to put an artificial joint in a fused knee. But the looming Staph infection in the distal femur deters them from recommending the procedure. Due to the amount of pain I'm in from the infection and the RSD, I'm willing to roll the dice.
Avatar n tn Yes well cellultis is an infection and can most commonly be caused by a staph or strep bacteria. Did you start the antibiotics and then start itching all over? If so you may be allergic to the sulfa drug. If this is the case you should call the doctor. Do you have a rash from it? Good that she is getting a stool culture for parasites too. I think the rash is probably the same infection that is on your arm that spread. Don't scratch any of it as it will spread it and make it worse.
Avatar n tn Last October I had knee surgery and got a staph infection. The infection got into my blood and was spread to my kidneys, liver, lungs, and brain. I am recovered now from the infection but now have shortness of breath. My family doctor wants to blame it on my weight (I am 6'2" and weigh 300 pounds). I have been at this weight for some time before the infection and did not have any trouble with shortness of breath. I exercise regularly and have done so since 1977.
Avatar f tn Anyway, to make this shorter, I can't help but worry that maybe there is a connection. She did possibly get the staph infection again 1yr. after the treatment. It did not show up but that may be from the quick action of administered meds at doctors office and admittance to hospital for 3 days. Any thoughts on this knee pain?
Avatar n tn The catheter pierced femoral blood vessels and I developed a left hip/thigh hematoma which was originally thought to be the cause of this pain. I also suffered a post operative staph infection. Can any of these post operative complications have resulted in this disabling hip/groin pain? What is the best method of appropriate diagnosis and course of treatment? It is very frustrating as the hip pain is much more debilitating than the post operative knee pain and has hampered my overall recovery.
Avatar n tn I am a 28 year old female who has lower staff infection constantly. I have been to the doctor several times to have surgery to remove this problem but the condition keeps getting worse. The doctors tell me that there is nothing they can do to treat this infection. It has affected me mentaly and physically and I started showing tell tale signs when I found out that I was pregnant with my daughter.
Avatar n tn Anyways, he was admitted into the hospital 2 weeks after his surgery with a staph infection. He almost died from it. His chances are looking better. When he first was admitted, it looked like he would either die or never walk again. He is walking very little right now but is making progress after about1.5 on antibiotics. Another 8 weeks of antibiotics and they think her will pull through. Moral of the story: If you have the surgery, listen to your body.
Avatar n tn These boils were originally from a staph infection and have just gotten worse. Everytime I go to my general practioner he tests me for MRSA which never comes up positive. I also was reading that vits A^E are good for future boils.
Avatar f tn oh yeah all 3 plus years they have had him on steroids I believe it has all happened because of the staph during the knee surgery. does anybody know what we can do or tell his ortho Dr. they act like theres nothing they can do and that they don't believe he has a knee infection.
Avatar n tn I had just switched allergy medications, from Nasonex to generic Flonase, right at the time my symptoms returned. Could allergies have led to a sinus infection? Can the sinus infection cause dizziness and fatigue? Due to the holiday weekend I haven't been able to call my doctor, but after 3 prior visits he's never suggested sinuses to be a cause.
Avatar n tn In a total knee replacement surgery: I can sum up like this, it is 40% surgery and 60% physiotherapy, so lot of motivation for physiotherapy and counselling should be done before the surgery and if you are not ready then you have to think for the surgery. Always remember the operative pain will be present for 1 weeks to 3 weeks and later there should be no pain and Physiotherapy will help this.
Avatar n tn When i arrived he dicovered that i has a major staph infection, he put me in the hopital that day and i had 3 more surgeries in the next 5 day's to clean the infection out, it was so deep they called it a bone infection,all told i was in the hospital 10 day's on this visit. After going home i was placed in the care of a home health agency(which i cannot name at this time) they came to my house and showed me how to do my anti-biotic infusions thru my pic-line.
Avatar n tn The staph(MRSA) infection that you have appears to have continued growth and the tunneling is the path that it has taken. They will have to go in and do something that I have heard it called as debridment. That is to go in and clean out all the infection so that it does not spread any further. They will pack the site full of gauze until it begins to heal. Make sure before any person on staff at the hospital you are in WASHES THEIR HANDS!!! Demand it!! Staph is spread patient to patient.
606696 tn?1268741068 They gave me some really strong antibiotics to take here at home...They said it was a staph infection so I had to be really careful because of MRSA. They said if it doesn't improve within about 4 days...Or starts getting worse at any point I would need to come back imm. I woke up this morning in agony because the thing hurt so bad and when I removed the gauze it is red and swollen and very hot to the touch. This has scared the hell out of me.
Avatar f tn several years ago I contracted a staph infection from knee surgery resulting in multiple surgeries and long term pain. A couple of years ago my infectious disease dr found a dr to replace this knee and then the next year I had the other knee replaced due to long term osteo arthritis and over use from the staph for 3 yrs. During all this time I took vicoden regularly..up to 4 a day at times. Since the last knee replacment almost 2 yrs ago, I continue to take at least one vicoden a day.
Avatar n tn Knee swelled on Sunday nite rheumatologist tapped on Monday and stated blood infection was a staff infection and discontinued steroids and restarted antibiotics.We are confused, could staff infection (initially undetected)cause loss of use of hands,swelling knee and weakness or could extended table time still be the culprit? Why start steroids when infection still present? Risk of start/stop/steroids of this level?Is this only treatment of hand useloss?
Avatar n tn They placed a rod in the tibia and did nothing with the fibula. Now I have a staph infection. I was put on augmentin and now the doctor says the results of the culture will not be accurate. Is there any way I can find out for sure if the infection is in the bone or has contaminated the rod? My doctor wants to do surgery to replace the rod.
Avatar f tn I have been on fentanyl, embeda and opana, Right now I have a spacer in my right knee because the staph infection was so severe they could not put in a knee yet so I still have one more surgery to go. My problem is the morphine er is not working or lasting so I have started taking 30mg of morphine with still no relief. My pain management doctor scared the crap out of me when he gave me narcon in case I overdose. I want to take 60mg of morphine to see if it will work but I am so scared.
457721 tn?1256644398 I had this surgery done following an injury on my right knee approximately 2 years ago. Apparently I have a congenital defect that causes my kneecaps to dislocate just stepping off a curb has caused dislocation. I wait tables and a week ago I dislocated my left knee. (our floors are uneven...and I just happened to step on it wrong) This is a WHOLE other issue because I am having to file workers comp...and my employer is being a real *** about the situation.
1710955 tn?1309450073 I have a horrible rash on my knee and up my outer thigh, and my leg is swollen. I recently had knee surgery of the same leg that is swollen and with a rash. I find out that I have a staph infection cellulitis. Now I'm on 3 more meds and I'm not suppose to walk around much for the next couple of days! I just feel like screaming, are you kidding me?! Idk how much more I can take! Not to mention, these new drugs make me sleepy and blah. Lord, can I seriously catch a break?
Avatar f tn I wasn't having a great summer but I got off of it and was starting to feel pretty good when, out of no where, I got a staph infection that went to my knee replacements and was hospitalized in fear of losing my life within hours. They did a partial knee repalacement, hospital for 10 days and IV antibiotics for 6 weeks. In the emergency room I kept refusing pain meds because I didn't want to go back on them. I was in agony with my knees fixin to explode and fever of 104.
Avatar f tn It does scab and bleed if the scabs are broken. I was recently admitted to the hospital for a severe kidney infection at which time they found yeast (candida) in my blood system. I was treated with IV antibitocs and some type of yeast med. which really cleared my back up. I was treated for about 6 days in the hospital. The rash remains on my arms and shins. The hospital is noted for MERSA (?) staph infections that have been circulating around the OR for a while now.
Avatar n tn I'm a year past lateral meniscus w/ optional Zimmer Subchondralplasty. 17 weeks after the surgery they finally diagnosed my pain as a staph infection. PiCC line and 6 weeks of antibiotics with tests of blood counts deemed a qualified success. The area is still warmer to the touch than the other leg and my recovery is such that I wish that I had never done it. I had more cartilage than before the operation and I definitely was in less pain than before the operation.
Avatar m tn I had the ones in my neck, under my arms, and in my groin swollen badly for the duration of my staph infection. Perfectly fine now (except for the 40 ulcers scars that is.) It would be a lot more likely to be something else too, since the swelling increases reather than comes suddenly. And certainly no reason for the lumps in the legs!