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Avatar f tn I have had a MRSA infection inside of my nose, your nose is the most sensitive part, I had to see a ear, nose, thorat doctor for, mine, they actually went inside my nose to drain the sore, I was also under the care of an infectious doctor, but if were me, just because I know how nasty MRSA is, I wouldn't wait, I would go to my doctor and tell him what I was experincing.
Avatar f tn Hello, Staph infection on the nose is caused by infected hair follicles or boils. In case of boil inside the nose which is infection of the hair follicle inside the nose, it takes its own course for a week or so in healing and no treatment may be required. Apply warm moist compresses three or four times a day over the tender area. This will help to bring the boil to a head and encourage easy drainage. Along with the warm compresses, you can take OTC pain killers and a course of antibiotics.
Avatar f tn e avoid using finger tips to remove the crusts, as they harbor infection causing bacteria. The nose ulcers described could also be due to blowing too much or if the air is too dry. Try using an OTC saline spray. Avoid blowing your nose too hard till the sores heal and use a soft Kleenex. If you don’t already have one get a humidifier for your bedroom. Hope these help Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn For the last 4 years i have had sores on the inside of my nose. They come on very suddenly (only takes half an hour for one to form) and they are very very tender. They are usually on the inside, upper corner of my nostril, close to the front. But i have had them other places too. Always close to the front, not in the back of my nose.They usually start as a tender red spot and then grow into a small, white, pus-filled blister.
Avatar f tn She thought it was a clogged pore but when she and the nurse took a look with a pen light, they noticed a bright red rash inside my nose. They referred me to an ENT doctor. I do not have symptoms of pain, itching other than the recurring sore. When I showed the sore to my GP a couple of years ago, he told me it looked like a skin tag and he said he would freeze it off. That didn't sound right to me but now I'm a little freaked out that I might have staph inside my nose.
Avatar f tn This lump cannot be seen inside my nose. But I can feel it easily with the tip of my finger. It has gotten bigger now and I am still waiting to see an ENT. Primary care and Urgent Care will no longer help me as they don’t think they are the right people to ask. This hard lump is on the wall that is between my nasal cavity and nostril. It feels like a round ball inside my nose and it’s causing great discomfort.
Avatar f tn Could be a zit growing on the inside of the nostril. I had them before. They hurt pretty good but will go away in a few days.
Avatar n tn Usually, I would not let this bother me. However, it has been on my mind for sometime now. I was out shopping (the mall was very crowded) and I touched a hanger. Without thinking, I sort of "picked my nose" and felt something wet(my finger was NOT wet before i entered the store). I sort of freaked out because I remember learning that HIV can be transmitted nasally. It literally only got on the lower part of my inside nose.
Avatar f tn Your symptoms could be due to a post nasal drip, which can cause a chronic irritation in the throat. This could be due to a sinus infection, a cold or a chronic allergy. It could be sinusitis, if it is accompanied by nasal stuffiness and facial pain or pressure. Post nasal drip could also be due to allergens. These are substances like pollen, dust, animal dander, certain foods, insect venoms and certain medications.
Avatar n tn it could also be an infection of some sort if it smells bad inside ur to go have it checked..also if u continue to snort while ur membrames are irritated..u could be making things worse..ur septum could be damaged..
Avatar f tn I started getting sick on Sunday (Oct. 26th). It was just a cold with stuffy nose and drowsiness. When I would blow my nose, the mucus was bright orange with blood in it. 4 days later I am starting to get headaches and even if I just sit there, my nose will pour. It's not orange anymore, it's flourescent yellow with blood. I also this morning started getting some shooting pains in my lungs. This kind of worries me. Any help, even guesses, would be awesome!
Avatar f tn Usually at the same time, I seem to get pimples inside my ears that are very painful. What causes my nose to hurt so bad? I have not been hit in the nose.
Avatar f tn 00pm everyday. It seems it is better at home than at work. All weekend it felt so much better but now back at work and it is just as bad as when I went to the Doctor. Does anyone have this?
Avatar m tn Hi, i don't have a doctor here in town and i don't qualify for our low income facility and I'm a bit worried about my nose since i don't have the money to get it checked out at the emergency room. There is a large (a little larger than the eraser on a pencil) blister or bubble about half a centimeter inside my left nostril. It isn't very painful unless i put a lot of pressure on it and the outside of my face isn't red or swollen.
Avatar f tn The sinus rinse has helped the mucus in my nose but still it’s so irritated inside! I swear it’s staph but maybe I am wrong. I am not looking for trouble. I hope I am wrong & it’s something stupid. Again did creams & some antibiotics. Maybe it’s a fungal thing. Been using Xylitol which is antifungal. The side of nose is tender too. But again had scans inflammation & cyst/polyp. Ideas???
Avatar m tn Lately, I've been experiencing some headaches and pressure inside my head. I'm a 27 year old male and have worked in front of a computer for many years now. I related the headaches and pain to eye strain and tension headaches. I had an eye exam, my vision was still great but the doctor did prescribe me some computer glasses. So far, this hasnt seemed to help much.
Avatar f tn About three days ago I noticed a small redish sore inside of my lip. On the second day, it developed a translucent bubble, but went away the same day. Now it's virtually not visible. I only know it's there because I can feel it with my tongue. It hasn't grown in size, changed in color, or been painful at all. I also have a sore throat and runny nose, but no fever. Is it a cold sore, or herpes, or something I should be seriously concerned with?
Avatar m tn I have really bad pain inside my ear and nose. Also feeling really dizzy. Is this an ear infection or a sinus infection?
Avatar n tn moved up to the middle part between my lip and nose, then moved the middle section that separates the nostrils and now I get them inside my nose. The are always on the inside part of my nose. I hope that makes sense. It's been a crazy ride with this damn virus.
Avatar m tn Because I touched that with my finger and kept that finger immediately inside my nose and eyes…because HIV can pass though membranes inside nose ad eyes so I am so tensed ,,should I go for testing for this??????
Avatar m tn Hi, Your symptoms seem to be of ethmoid sinusitis, which manifests with pain around the eyes and the sides of your nose. Bleeding from nose could be due to trauma to the nasal mucosa or nasal polyps or bleeding disorders. It is difficult to confirm the cause without direct examination, x-ray or if required nasal endoscopy.
Avatar n tn s not in the nasal cavity, but where the nose cartilage connects to the bone, inside of the flesh. It feels like I ran into a wall, or like someone punched me in the nose, but I had no nose trauma. I'm pretty sure it's an infection on the inside, but not sure how to go about this... I'm not congested at all, no viral symptoms, just a sore nose...
Avatar f tn I had the cut 1hour before I still my finger inside her bloody nose. THe cut was still fresh. So do I need to test?
Avatar m tn He checked my nose thoroughly and said there is no infection of any kind and everything inside the nose looks good, so he does not know why I feel this smell. Question. Could this be due to anxiety? I am so worried about this smell, I am driving myself crazy. Any input would be appreciated. Thanks.