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Avatar n tn It just sounds like your hormones might be out of whack. If you got your period, then there is no way you got pregnant. Did you have a normal period (even though it was early)?
638080 tn?1319850343 ok so i had thought i was pregnant a few weeks ago my period was 5 days late, anyways my boobs were sore then and they are still sore now havent stoped hurting any ideas as to why?
Avatar f tn im 14 Weeks Pregnant With My Third Child and My Nipples Have Never Hurt So Bad At This Point In My Pregnancy! What Can I Do Besides Putting Warm Cloths On Them? Please Help. Thank You In Advance!
Avatar f tn did any of you new moms experience sore nipples b4 baby arrived??? especially wen they get hard???
1888879 tn?1321252776 my nipples and around nipples r very sore could this be a sign of pregnancy?
Avatar f tn Okay so im six weeks pregnant today and i have extremely sore nipples . Is there anything my boyfriend or i can do to subsidise the pain?
Avatar f tn also I've noticed the thing around my nipples have started changing colour around the outside what does this mean.?
Avatar f tn I am 15 weeks pregnant and my nipples are really sore. I am also nursing and my son has a lot of teeth. Are my nipples sore from the pregnancy or nursing? Also what can I do to soothe them?
638080 tn?1319850343 ok so i had thought i was pregnant a few weeks ago my period was 5 days late then came, anyways my boobs were sore then, and they are still sore now havent stopped hurting any ideas as to why?
1783159 tn?1450767156 So I took clomid at the beginning of the month and had a few mood swings! Thanksgiving Eve my nipples became real sore and still is and I took a pregnacy test and it came out neg .... Did I test to early or should I give it some more time and then test? Im so confused...
Avatar n tn i am pregnant and i noticed sore nipples about 2 weeks before i got my + hpt. i think its a good sign but too early to know for sure. best of luck - ill keep my fingers crossed!
Avatar f tn 5 weeks pregnant & can't stand how sensitive my nipples are. Does that go away eventually or not?
Avatar n tn I have really sore nipples- neither my breast no areola are tender- but my nipples are incredibly sore to touch- even when my bra brushes them. They are also erect a lot more often than usual. Its not linked to getting my period, as im not due yet, its been going on for 2 weeks now, im not pregnant- i tested. im 19-- any ideas what it could be?
Avatar f tn Is there another reason other than pregnancy to explain why they are sore? Also I don't run or jog ( joggers nipples) They're not chafed they are just extremely tender.
Avatar f tn I got trigger shot on cd 12 and did an iui that day and then an iui the day after. I'm currently on cd 23 and have really sore nipples. Could this be from the trigger shot? The clomid? Or am I pregnant? I've also had cramping. Thanks for any info. My beta is on Monday 23rd.
Avatar f tn Am I the only pregnant diva with sore nipples? Or should I say one sore itchy peeling nipple wtheck? Help I have lizard nipples.
644974 tn?1312761670 hi , i am 13 weeks 5 days pregnant and my boobs and nipples have been sore and tender since b4 i took a preg test , i just thought at the time it was me due to have my period lol, they are still sore now but i find if am cold they hurt more, i tent to have a nice warm bath or ( may be to much info lol ) get my fiancee to massage my boobs lol hope it helps and good luck on yr pregnancys
534377 tn?1213296532 hi my name is marie and my question is it has been a month since i havent had sex with my boyfriend but my niples are sore and it hurts most of the time at first i tought i was pregnant but is not that wat could it be.
Avatar f tn Springtec. I've taken it for 8 months now and haven't had any problems like this before. I mean I haven't ovulated because I shouldn't until next week or so I think. Could this be a sign of pregnancy?
Avatar f tn Hi, I'm 6 weeks 2 days pregnant with my 1st and suffering with really sore nipples. Does anyone have any tips to help ease this please.
Avatar f tn My nipples were a little sore when I found out I was pregnant. I knew I was bc my whole breast gets sore before af & this time it was just my nipple.
736293 tn?1316521442 The past week or so my nipples are very sore. It isn't the same kind of pain as when i first started out, but they are very tender. No scabs or sores. My dd is currently teething, but she doesn't bite me so i know it isn't that. Could her latch be changing since she is teething causing my pain. Anyone else have these issues?
1088509 tn?1352239847 So im still peeing alot im getting use to it though but the sore nipples are going away though, nice lol i never got it with my son acually i didnt even get my milk in until like 3 days after he was born. Where is everyone else on symptoms??
1806883 tn?1458324604 I'm breastfeeding my tenth baby, hes 5 1/2 months and all is good, except for the last 3 days my nipples are soooo sore, nothing about his feeding has changed, the only other times my nipples have felt like this when b/fding is when i've fallen pregnant, but i have been using o''sticks and it doesnt look like i've ovulated this month which isnt uncommon as I only had my first period since my son was born on the 20 sept, anyone else had anything like this happen?
Avatar f tn Hey Ladies Have Any Of U Experienced Really Painful Nipples? My Boobs Have Been Sore From The Beginning But This Morning I Woke Up Feeling As If Someone Had Run My Nipples Through A Pencil Sharpener. I've Got To Go Get Some Blood Work Done In A Few Hours But Even The Thought Of A Bra Is Unbearable. Anything In Particular Help U Guys? I Welcome All Suggestions. Otc, Home Remedies Everything!!! @ This Point I'd B Willing To Slather Miracle Whip On Them If It'd Help Lol.