Sore nipples not pregnancy related

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Avatar n tn Symptoms alone can't diagnose you, and I just found out I was pregnant about 4 days before my period was due, and had no symptoms at all, so the month you think there's no way, because you have no symptoms, will be the month you're pregnant! I had only fatigue and sore nipples, not sore breasts! Good luck!
Avatar n tn I was also wondering if anyone could explain why I might have sore nipples other than pregnancy because I am 25 and I have not had sex with anyone. It isn't all the time it just happens once in a while usually when I seem to be on my period I think even though my periods extremely light right now. I think 90% of the time my nipples have been sore the last few months was while on my period but if I am not pregnant is it just because of my period?
Avatar n tn I have two problems. One is that I have very sore breast and nipples. There are times when I would break down and cry because they would hurt so bad.There are no bruses or lumps on or in my breast.If I had to discribe the pain i would say it feels like a bat hitting me in my chest. On a scale of 1-10 ,10 being the worst i would have to give it a 10.I have never been pregnant so i don't breast feed so my question is why do they hurt so bad? My second question is about fertility.
Avatar f tn My last period was due around May 25th but it didnt arrive. My nipples were very sore for a week. I was 11 days late on June 4th when I started to get really bad cramping (like period pain) and I started bleeding. This continued for 3 days (until last night). The bleeding was red with clotting and the flow got lighter over the 3 days and finally stopped last night. I dont know if this was my period or if this bleeding was related to pregnancy.
Avatar n tn Could my breasts be growing? My breasts (not nipples) had been really sore a few weeks ago and I chalked it up to a new sign before my period. But now they are sore again, and it gets worse when I take my bra off, and I'm only an A cup. But I am now two weeks away from having my next period and they are really sore again. And I know that I am not pregnant, tested earlier today because my ankles were also swelling. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn it is very normal to have your cycle change at times. longer, shorter, more painful, less painful, boobs sore, boobs not sore. see what im getting at? lol yes lots of us women who want to be pg can , and do, take normal af symptoms and relate them to the WHAT IF....... if you find that you are just sure you are, take a test.
Avatar f tn For the past week, I my breasts have been SOOO sore! And my nipples are killing me! I was bra shopping yesterday and by the time I took the fifth one off my breasts were in so much pain it was really weird (not to mention that I was overflowing a little from my usual size now...). I know there are multiple causes for this, but I am just a little concerned. I take yasmine consistantly, and don't usually get pms like symptoms.
Avatar f tn I got a BFP with my first child right around 10-11dpo and the only symptom I was experiencing was sore nipples. Morning sickness and other symptoms didn't kick in until closer to 7-8 weeks.
Avatar f tn If you think your pregnant your body can actually make symptoms of being pregnant when your not. So try not to stress out as hard as that is and wait it out. If you get another negative then and still have symptoms I would go get a blood test done.
Avatar m tn And yes sore breasts are a sign of pregnancy.
Avatar f tn And today they still hurt. It's not bad...just sore around the front and nipples. Plus they are a bit heavier. I'm getting a negative on the OPK (took one 4 days ago and one yesterday and one today) I don't ever remember sore breasts b/4 I ovulate. So that's why I'm most ppl get sore breasts b/4 they ovualte and b/4 the OPKs even turn positive?
Avatar f tn Thanks for your answer I'm experiencing typical symptoms of pregnancy like tired and sore breast ect ...but i know it could be pms related???... But what threw me off was I had my oct period on the 21 then I had what seemed to be my November period on the 12??? Wayyy early then I spotted for about 4 days about 5 days after my period ended took a test a lil over a week ago negative...
2020005 tn?1476662562 I just got off the pill and am 90% sure I ovulated right after I stopped them, incase I did me and DH had sex every other day for a week, and that was starting the 17th, the past couple of days I've had extremely sore nipples, watery discharge, AF like cramping and bloating, and this morning there was some brown spotting in my underwear, but I'm not due to start my period until the 6th, and I haven't had any since.
Avatar f tn I felt normal except this pain I have with my nipples and areola. The doctor could not say what this could be so she suggested me to have swab test on these bumps by breaking them. (Man, it hurt! I thought I have to undergo mammogram/MRI screening, etc. But nope!) One for herpes through viral culture test and the other one is for bacterial infection. Then, she gave me a prescription for a 4-mix cream, which includes anti-bacterial cream, desitin, chlotrimazole and hydrocortisone.
4383850 tn?1353856071 The reason im asking is because when i went to see the endo the other week he diagnosed me to have Chronic fatigue syndrome, but the reason i went was about my leaky boobs, sore breast and nipples and hair fallen out my TSH fluctuating too plus i gave him a few other other symptom too which was related to my hypothyoidism.. I asked him how he got that diagnosis and he he say there related but to be honest i dont think it is because he just wanted me out off the room and wasnt interested..
207106 tn?1189759422 Hey girls...I am currently in my tww (10 dpo) and my nipples are so sore. So sore that when the seatbelt brushed them I wanted to cry. I have also been very tired lately like never before (could be heat related), but I find myself taking mid day naps whenever possible.
Avatar n tn 5 days after ovulation my breast feel fullerand are sore all around and nipples are very sore, I have cramping, wanting to eat just to satisfy a craving very similar to pms but I'm not due for another 7-10 days. Could this be a pregnancy sign?
5647069 tn?1371603195 Sometimes breasts express milk, not related to pregnancy or breast feeding. This can be caused by elevated hormone levels ( specifically prolactin). I would recommend that you see a doctor for the burning in your feet and toes. Some people experience this with nerve or circulation problems. A doctor will be able to properly diagnose the cause and recommend appropriate treatment. .. I hope you feel better.
Avatar f tn they'll do blood work which will determine whether or not you're pregnant.
1027094 tn?1327433332 I think it is too early to be pregnancy related, however as you have had a baby before it may not be. I had my first daughter 11 years ago and have had 4 miscarriages and four healthy babies since then and have always had milk. It has never dried up. With ur spotting it could be signs that you are pregnant.
Avatar n tn I just dont remember a lot of the symptoms of being prego since the first one was SUPER easy... the only problem i had was my bbs being super sore... and they are not right now... BUT today (thursday) I have had some cramping thinking I am about to start... I also had this Sunday and maybe Tuesday... like I will be standing there thinking " I am about to start" and I run to the potty and nothing... Whew ... sorry this is so long...
Avatar f tn I have been a bit dizzy, moody (not knowing whether to cry or laugh), cramping for the past week (now the cramping has left), I'm very thirsty-therefore I stay in the bathroom, had sore nipples for a few days. Now that all the symptoms have died down the only thing that makes me feel like I'm pregnant is -no period- and dizziness. I'm also getting married in 60 days, could this just be stress on all levels?
Avatar n tn I have been having menstrual like cramps for over a week now, my nipples are sooooooooooooo sore and my breasts are tender. I am not expecting my period for like another week, is it possible that I am pregnant ?
377012 tn?1283969035 during this entire time i have had the headache, sinus trouble, and stuffy nose........ and i have had this since my supposed AF was over!!! im not sure if it could be pregnancy related as i still have symptoms and have had them for 4 weeks today! before anyone asks i did take 2 tests on thursday(21st) one was a light BFN and the other was inconclusive!!!
Avatar n tn If it is coming out around the nipple, i'm sure it's not pregnancy related. I'd tell you mom about it and go to the docs. You don't have to mention that you had sex.unless you are comfortable doing so. Just tell her what you have noticed. Then..when you go to the docs...go into the room by yourself and talk to the doc. From reading other seems that this has happened before. I had white discharge coming out of my nipples growing up...come to think of it. I'm sure it's just hormonal.
Avatar n tn There's actually not a great deal of difference in early pregnancy except that the symptoms of pms usually go away when AF arrives or just before/after. Whereas pregnancy symptoms not only continue but increase in intensity. Hope this helps and good luck with finding out!
Avatar n tn For last 2 weeks felt as though preg. Symptoms of tingly sore nipples, headaches, low backaches, increased appetite. AF is due today. I though she arrived now I don't know what is going on. I have had a lot of cm lately even this morning and noticed it turned pinkish. I started moderately bleeding so put in tampon. Within 2 hours bleeding is done and am back to cm with just tinge of pink.
Avatar n tn I mean pregnancy is not the only thing I am worried about. I wonder could I have a tumor or anything? Anybody else have any suggestion. I mean I wanted a baby when I was twelve really bad and never experience these symptom or signs. Until I actually became pregnant at 19. Does the pain go along with the phantom pregnancy? Because I really do not want to hurt for nothing. I really hate pain. I been having really bad pain for two weeks now.