Sore nipples not pregnant

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Avatar n tn I have really sore nipples- neither my breast no areola are tender- but my nipples are incredibly sore to touch- even when my bra brushes them. They are also erect a lot more often than usual. Its not linked to getting my period, as im not due yet, its been going on for 2 weeks now, im not pregnant- i tested. im 19-- any ideas what it could be?
Avatar f tn Hm. Are you trying to get pregnant? If not, then 'not liking condoms' and not wanting to take contraceptive pills probably isn't a good idea. You could get an IUD, you could use sponges, you could go ahead and use condoms. It would be a much smarter way to have sex. Condoms may not be your perfect choice but it's a heck of a lot better than having an unplanned pregnancy. So, you did get a period. You weren't late. It was jut a bit longer than usual.
1888879 tn?1321252776 my nipples and around nipples r very sore could this be a sign of pregnancy?
Avatar f tn Is there another reason other than pregnancy to explain why they are sore? Also I don't run or jog ( joggers nipples) They're not chafed they are just extremely tender.
534377 tn?1213296532 hi my name is marie and my question is it has been a month since i havent had sex with my boyfriend but my niples are sore and it hurts most of the time at first i tought i was pregnant but is not that wat could it be.
1783159 tn?1450767156 So I took clomid at the beginning of the month and had a few mood swings! Thanksgiving Eve my nipples became real sore and still is and I took a pregnacy test and it came out neg .... Did I test to early or should I give it some more time and then test? Im so confused...
Avatar f tn 5 weeks pregnant & can't stand how sensitive my nipples are. Does that go away eventually or not?
Avatar f tn Lol thanks and Awh I miss being pregnant lol
644974 tn?1312761670 I have been experiencing it for a couple of weeks now. Mine are sore and sensitive. I'm not sure what you can do about it....hopefully someone else has some suggestions!
736293 tn?1316521442 The past week or so my nipples are very sore. It isn't the same kind of pain as when i first started out, but they are very tender. No scabs or sores. My dd is currently teething, but she doesn't bite me so i know it isn't that. Could her latch be changing since she is teething causing my pain. Anyone else have these issues?
1806883 tn?1458324604 I'm breastfeeding my tenth baby, hes 5 1/2 months and all is good, except for the last 3 days my nipples are soooo sore, nothing about his feeding has changed, the only other times my nipples have felt like this when b/fding is when i've fallen pregnant, but i have been using o''sticks and it doesnt look like i've ovulated this month which isnt uncommon as I only had my first period since my son was born on the 20 sept, anyone else had anything like this happen?
Avatar f tn I'm gay so there's no way I'm pregnant. Not sure if this is due to not having a regular mentruation and now my hormones are out of wack.. any suggestions?
8216878 tn?1403886512 They lose sensitivity. I agree keep at it for 6 weeks. When yr milk comes in and yr breasts get engorged it hurts so much!
Avatar f tn Does anyone knw what to do for nipples i am almost 5 weeks pregnant and my god they hurt bad...
394558 tn?1314816960 I found out I was Pregnant this past May and my nipples were very very sore! My boobs weren't sore at all (still are not) but my nipples still are. So could be a good sign! Good Luck! Sorry to hear about your M/C...
Avatar f tn My nipples are so sore! Hurt very bad and also when I have to go pee lately, it feels like I'm gonna pee all over myself. I can't hold it.
Avatar f tn HI, Sensitivity of the nipples is a common complaint in pregnant women and sometimes in women who are not pregnant. This can be because of hormonal changes. Let us hope that these are early symptoms and a home pregnancy test can be taken if periods are missed. Hope this helps.
Avatar m tn My girlfriend is experiencing sore breast and sore nipples, for the last 5 days now. but her period is not yet due, she had her last period last June 21 and supposedly she will be having her period this coming june 19. I am worried because we had unprotected sex but didn't came in/ sometimes I came but wore a condom but i always make sure that the condom worked. This is her first time to experience this kind of problem. is this a sign that her period is coming up? or is she preg?
Avatar n tn Not sure where to put this question, but for the passed week or so my nipples have been so sore, and i just don't know why, and no i'm not pregnant i know that for sure lol, any other reason for them to be so sore, i mean if i brush my hand across my breast they hurt well my nipples and i sleep on my stomach so it hurts as well when i'm trying to sleep
Avatar f tn I get some pains in my stomach and for about a week now my nipples have been really sore nd I've noticed tht they get hard a lot more .. Am I pregnant ?
Avatar f tn hi, im on birth control, and i take it religiously, because i do not want to get pregnant, also my boyfriend and i use condoms AND he pulls out, the only time we've had sex without a condom was a month ago and he didn't ejaculate and i got my period anyway, about a week after my period ended my nipples started to hurt, they still do, and it's not even my breasts just my nipples when i touch them, a day before that i didn't wear a bra for a day could that have something to do with it?
Avatar n tn Hi, I have sore nipples and my boobs seem to be a bit bigger but im not getting positive tests at the moment im between 1 and 3 days late i think can anyone shed any light for me please? Aslo i have a creamy cm, no sign of af though.
1537413 tn?1293050394 My question is for the last few week or so my nipples have been very sore and i can see a small white discharge from them. i have not missed my cycle yet its not due until the 25 of dec. so could that be a sign of pregnancy or is it just nothing at all. can some one be of any help.
558787 tn?1327788888 Im 5weeks and 5 days pregnant and my nipples are so sore, omg they feel like they have been through a cheese greater!!! i dont know what to do. They have been fine only a little bit sore but as from today they are killing me, what can i do to help.