Why are my nipples sore not pregnant

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Avatar n tn Not sure where to put this question, but for the passed week or so my nipples have been so sore, and i just don't know why, and no i'm not pregnant i know that for sure lol, any other reason for them to be so sore, i mean if i brush my hand across my breast they hurt well my nipples and i sleep on my stomach so it hurts as well when i'm trying to sleep
Avatar f tn Why are my nipples so sensitive? This has never happened to me before not even when I breast fed my son of two years. My husband and I have been trying to conceive but we don't know if we are pregnant yet I'm still waiting for my period which is in 5 more days. I have been urinating more and I have also been extremely sleepy and queezy. I have a slight hope that I could be but one of my nipples is more sensitive than the other.
Avatar n tn I'm 18 and not pregnant and I have purple nipples sometimes too, reason why I checked here on the net first, got a bit worried.. Was thinking "is there something wrong with me?", but now I see there are more like me :) I hope we can figure it out what it is ...
Avatar f tn I'm gay so there's no way I'm pregnant. Not sure if this is due to not having a regular mentruation and now my hormones are out of wack.. any suggestions?
1783159 tn?1450767156 then i got use to the symptoms in fact i use to have spotting as well. that's why when i got pregnant with my 6th try i did not notice any difference except when i actually missed my menstrual cycle and got BFP. otherwise all other symptoms i was kind of use to them as they were putting me in false hope... so i would say wait for it and then do a test....
8216878 tn?1403886512 They lose sensitivity. I agree keep at it for 6 weeks. When yr milk comes in and yr breasts get engorged it hurts so much!
Avatar m tn It's just odd beacause she didn't experienced any kind of pains like this before, but is it really possible for her to experience this? I mean my thoughts are "why now?" why not last time or so =( it it really possible for her to have like this?
Avatar n tn (. Even my bf said the felt very firm n full. I am on no contraception and do have unprotected sex. Have been since November 2012. What's going on with my body? Please help.
2118117 tn?1365025706 Had all the pregnancy symptoms that are possible, from the middle of this month, on! Period was supposed to show on 28th, no show, poas, BFN! Period showed on the 30th! BLAH!! Had extreme sore nipples, tender breasts, lower stomach cramps, low back ache. Just dont see what went wrong. Know I didnt miss my O, have sex everynight. Cervix has been high, moist/wet, and closed, even up til my periond, and during my period, sorry tmi!
Avatar m tn There are many ladies on here who are told they'll never get pregnant and many had children now or are pregnant again after being told this. Some have been sterilized (as well as their partner) and are now pregnant. NOTHING is impossible while she has reproductive organs, so don't assume you're a different case. Headache and sore throat are likely due to a virus, or just day to day life. Dry air, virus, etc etc can all cause these.
Avatar n tn I think 90% of the time my nipples have been sore the last few months was while on my period but if I am not pregnant is it just because of my period? I guess these two things are the main things im curious about.
Avatar n tn Are you sure you are not pregnant now? One of my 1st pg symptoms was tender breasts/nipples.
Avatar f tn Ok so i really thought i was pregnant. My boobs are super swolen. The nipples look weird and are very sore. However i took a pregnancy test and it was negative. Then i passed a dab of bright reddish pink blood and thought i started my period. It happened on the day i was supposed to start. But thats all i passed was the dab. Why didnt i start my period? Could i still be pregnant? Any ideas? Im going to make a doctors appointment i just need some advice to ease my mind in the meantime.
Avatar n tn I would go to the dr and have a blood test done, those are most acurate. And even if you are not pregnant you need to find out whats going on.
Avatar m tn ive taken pregnancy tests and they all have came out negative. my breasts have been sore since i finished my last period and it is still sore now. is it possible for someone to get pregnant this way or am i just overthinking? i am very very worried as i am still young. if not possible why am i experiencing symptoms like this?
Avatar n tn It almost feels like 'let down' but there is no way that i am pregnant either. I hurts to touch my breasts, but my nipples are killer sore. Like i was breastfeeding for a long period of time. My son is 5, i have not bf in 4 years. I am going for a TVH on thursday and cant get in to see my dr until after that. Could someone please send their suggestions/ideas this way? Thanks!!!
Avatar n tn its really weird that ive been regular for so long and suddnely get a light 22 d cycle now a 30 day cycle... my nipples have got gradually less sore over the last few days and ive no idea what theyre all about, its not something ive experienced before- maybe a bra that scratched them?
Avatar f tn Hello everyone, my boyfriend and I are trying to conceive and I'm 3 days late of my period. My period was due on the 11th June but never came. I tested my ovulation when I thought it would be ovulation day but NEGATIvE ovulation tests. Did I ovulate earlier? Iv had really bad white discharge and light cramps and sore nipples. I did a digital clear blue about 1 week ago and BFN. Is there still a chance I'm pregnant?! Has anyone had these symptoms and got there BFP Nervous as to test!!
Avatar n tn What can cause nipples to be this painful? They are not dry or cracked. I am also feeling bloated....
Avatar f tn From there its all labor pain syptoms (feel like I have to go to the bathroom, but can't, terrible back pain, and contractions so bad, my legs wont let me walk). I had a laparoscopy done to look for endometriosis and was told my female parts are heathly. Three weeks later I had an MRI done and was told I have a large amount of fluid on uterus and cysts on both ovaries. My ovaries feel sick most of the time.
Avatar f tn U guys are lucky lol I am 10 weeks and 5 days I pee every five seconds lol I have heartburn nausea in congestionmy nose is stopped up I'm constipated I can't get comfortable to sleep at night and on top of all of this I can't eat my favorite foods my nipples are very sore and if I get out the shower and I'll walk through and my nipples get hard from being cold it hurts severelyso cherish every bit of it lol
Avatar f tn My period is suppose to start on Jan 2nd. I had sex on my second to last "fertile day" which was on Dec 17th according to My Cycles calendar. I'm experiencing some mild cramping, a few headaches & my nipples are getting pretty sore. I took a home preg. test but it came out negative..... its probably still too early to detect hcg. I'm not sure if this could be early signs of pregnancy or just my period coming??
384896 tn?1335297931 I didn't really do anything to my nipples while I was pregnant, wasn't sure what to do, so hopefully someone can help you there. But wanted to let you know, that it was much easier this time around breastfeeding in the very beginning. With my first, it was a nightmare, no lie, for the first 5 months! But I never gave up. I'm so happy that this time around it's much easier, and Jesse latches like a pro and will nurse for 10-30 min. straight with no problems. It's wonderful.
Avatar n tn I am trying to conceive. I was on the depo shot for one and a half years. My last shot expired about 9 months ago. I had a lot of spotting all the months after that. & I had my first real period starting on Jan 25th 2009. I'm pretty sure that I ovulated again the month after that (which would be this month) because I had the egg whitey kind of cervical mucous. So I had unprotected sex with my parter of two years then. Well, I've missed my period now.
Avatar f tn The next day he left and the day after that my boobs started to feel really sore, but not all my boob just my nipples [that's not a normal PMS sign for me],but not just that I have terrible mood swings and mild cramps and morning sickness aches on my side,backpain and nausea.And my boob pain got worse as days went on,I did get my period on feb. 28 and im still on it but its not a normal period [for me at least] it started out light then it got heavy then light again then heavy.
Avatar f tn About 2 weeks ago my breasts started to become very tender, visible veins surrounding and running through my nipple. Nipples are very red and sore the areola is getting larger. My left nipple is dry and has changed shape. I would assume pregnancy but I have taken several hpt all coming out negative. My last full period was July 18th, and I had a very light 2 day period on Aug 14th with spotting for 3 days after.
Avatar f tn Hello, Soreness of nipples and breasts is a frequent side effect of hormonal birth control but rule out pregnancy due to birth control failure. If you are apprehensive regarding the status of your pregnancy you can get it checked. Most home pregnancy tests that check urine beta-HCG are sensitive to 20-25 mIU/ml of HCG. The test can be positive anywhere from about 2-3 days prior to a missed menses to 4-5 days after, but usually it should be done 7-10 days past your missed period.