Sore nipples mid cycle

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Avatar n tn I am 19 years old, saw this when i googled sore breasts/nipples, my underneath of my breast have been very sore and my nipples are sore to touch, i have been off birth control for about 3 weeks now (recommended by doctor because it was making me sick..after taking it for so long, dont know how that works..) but just a few days ago i noticed that my nipples hurt really bad and now my lower breasts are very sore, i dont belive i am pregnant, this is the first time this has happend.
1219580 tn?1297221739 Anyone in an IVF cycle that just started or starting in May? Why not have a chat/support group to keep each other going?? My embryo transfer should be around May 10th... Would love to share and have some support along the way. This is my last chance with a fresh cycle (using a donor this time) so I"m getting nervous. Thanks!!!
318181 tn?1336447096 CD6, natural cycle mrspace: CD6, clomid cycle Quinns momma: CD5, clomid cycle bfromthed: CD1, baseline sono on Tuesday babylessinflorida: IVF cycle, will start lupron on January 9 Ingy: Starting FET cycle in January kmcarino: Starting new cycle beginning of January
Avatar f tn I started getting sore nipples today and I knew that I was going to ovulate and sure enough , I did an opk and it was a big smiley face. So DH and I bd this evening and will for the next 2 days at least. If I test with the remainder of my opk's and finally I don't get a smiley face....does that mean I have already ovulated? I'm so excited...I am ovulating earlier than normal and that is fantastic b/c my cycles have been all over the place lately. Have a good week!
Avatar f tn hi this is my 5th month on clomid i always experienced extreamly sore nipples from mid of my cycle(after ovulation)but this month i m not feeling any pain or soreness i don know why may be we r pregnant this month thats y not experiencing any soreness .. :) keep ur fingers cross n pray hard may be this is our month .i have been ttc for 25 cycles :( lets see what will happen i m expecting my af on 6th of feb.
Avatar f tn 1-2 DPO-metallic taste in mouth (odd, very), sore bbs (normal but not this early in cycle) 3-4 DPO-same as above but I do normally get sore bbs the week before AF, nausea feeling very early in morning mild nausea while driving in the car (not normal), 5 DPO- mild cramping, pinches in the pelvic area (where the ovaries located), sore bbs, mild nausea while driving, hot flashes 6 DPO-mild cramping, pinching, sore bbs, hot flashes 7DPO Symptoms-mild twinging in ovaries, also at 7DPO-Gas (bur
Avatar f tn I am 6 DPO and have had sore bbs yesterday and today. They usually don't get sore until later in my cycle, when AF is around the corner. With my first pregnancy (ectopic) I remember having sore bbs like at least a week before AF was ever due. So I'm hoping it's a good sign. But that's really my only "symptom" so far. Oh, and earlier today I had what felt like light menstrual cramps, but that might be me paying too much attention to my body.
Avatar f tn @ Rellyrell- I had mid cycle spotting before cause of ovulation... just for a day!!! Good luck me- this metformon is getting on my nerves!... I only bought on hpt lolz to use this month!
1339395 tn?1317267421 you could technically start testing the end of this week, but do you have any other symptoms? Sore bbs's, nausea anything like that? Have you ever had this happen before with mid cycle spotting?
Avatar f tn bebe-its most likely ur cycle but jus changing a happened too me..too be safe test...
280700 tn?1210287416 Hi everyone I will be starting Clomid next month and wanted to know how many of you ladies have been on and how many have you got pregnant on the first cycle. Alittle bit nervous about the whole thing but I know it will be alright. I really cant wait to get started on the whole thing. So any feedback and thoughts about Clomid would be appreciated. Thanks a bunches...
Avatar f tn no symptoms and not at all heavy....seems like it started off like a day 3 or 4 cycle suppose to be 6 on day 2 lets see how this goes.and to ur leaking problem it can be semen....happens to mee alot...sometimes seems like ewcm.... and in december days after af..i had what seem to be tons of creamy cm...very weird to it could have been a white af..
318181 tn?1336447096 I should start AF soon I take my last bcp tonight and then as soon as she comes I call the RE and he is helping us out and letting me start in then come to the office mid-cycle. This time its 150 mg. So lets hope and pray this is it. Its officially been a year since we started TTC and close to that since the first miscarriage/molar pregnancy (unsure which since my stupid obgyn didn't do any tests) and its been pretty stressful. Heather I totally understand about company....
449498 tn?1338775639 ) Any volunteers?
Avatar n tn I think I am pregnant I had unprotected sex and a few hours after I started having a sore stomach and a day or two later I got sick stuffy nose headaches all the time sore gums sore belly but no sore nipples or puking I have been dizzy neasuated bloated I can't sleep at night and my belly still hurt if the belly hurt does it mean I'm preg?
Avatar n tn Well I have been trying to concieve for 4 months now. My period is usually 34 day cycle! So I had my m/c on Jan 3rd I was hoping that this month we could concieve! So around the 2nd of Feb my breast started feeling sore, I just thought he we go my period should be here any day. Well I still have not got it! My breast are sore and my nipples are tender and almost "erect" alot throught out the day. Among that I am very moody and tired mid morning so I am confused.
1160836 tn?1332333769 Again no side effects. I did notice that my BBT is higher this cycle than last (non-clomid cycle). I'm hoping to get my OPK today, too. Oh and as a side note, we have been ttc since end of 2006 and just took a break during 2009.
Avatar n tn I cheated did a home test 10 days after- mid morning (not 1st urine) came back negative-is this a false negative did I jump too soon could i still be pregnant 3days from now???????
Avatar f tn I am in my mid 40s and for some reason over the past one week my breats have become so sore that I have to literally support them. The unsual thing is, they have become even bigger and feel harder as if I am in my teenage age. I have had a partial hystorectomy 4 years ago, still have my overies, and just can't tell what the issue is with my breast becoming so enlarged. Just had a mamogram done with no problems. Why are they so sore and growing??? Anyone experiencing this?
1461361 tn?1315680890 I work in the NHS so iv always brought packs of pregnancy strips home incase i ever needed them, so i have taken one today and obviously it was negative, just the suspend is killing me, im not desperate to be pregnant, but im one of those people who has to know something like now!! haha.. The day after my last bleed, my nipples became so sore and still are, so i know that has nothing to do with being pregnant, just from last night my breasts are now sore and my right one is firm on one side.
Avatar n tn This time it happened much quicker, starting on the right lower eye, then moved to the left. The right under eye is very red, sore and dry. It feels so rough to touch. I have not worn make up today and have only applied vaseline and aqeous cream. I haven't changed any toileteries or make up in the last 2 months. I am not sure what it could be? I don't think it is eczema, but believe it could be an allergic reaction to something. I can't seem to work out what it could be?
1527510 tn?1392304944 Never experienced this pain before, don't think it's O pain, because the EWCM is gone, and now it's creamy turning dry so it would be too late for O now I reckon. Never had sore nipples mid cycle like this either. My cycle seems to be getting shorter these days so I don't know. Just need to wait and see if/when AF shows I guess!
Avatar f tn Hello, I just finished 2nd round of Clomid & I was wondering when ovulation occurs?? My cycle started Sept 26th & lasted 4 days so Im not sure when or how to count cycle days etc. Im sorry Im so new to this & just trying to figure things out. Also I haven't stopped dull cramps since taking Clomid & sore nipples, & headaches. Is this normal??
Avatar n tn Is it normal to have very sore nipples and nausea at this point after my injection?
Avatar n tn Do sore nipples mean that ovulation has occured or can it be an indicator that it is about to occur?
1527510 tn?1392304944 I've had sore nipples and slightly sore boobs for the fast 2/3 days. Now today I felt what I thought was very slight cramps, then I went to pee earlier seen brown spotting when I wiped. The cramps are still here too. What is this??? Why won't my body just go back to a normal 28 day cycle like it used to with no strange business inbetween! Also, I fly out to Cyprus for a week tomorrow afternoon and I really don't want this (whatever it is) to still be here by then.
Avatar f tn I had my last period may 29 then had sex June 8. (Mid cycle for me). I am on the pill but had been on antibiotics for a week which I have heard lessen its effectiveness. Anyway this weekend I started having very sore breasts...nipples are very tender...and period isn't due for nearly two weeks...this app says if I am I'm three weeks pregnant? Could symptoms show so early? I'm also exhausted and some but not constant backache.
Avatar f tn For some reason recently, my nipples began to feel sore. I am in the middle of my cycle right now and my boobs don't usually hurt until a week before my period. Why is hurting now in mid cycle?
778044 tn?1299546534 i am almost 13 weeks pregnant and my first symptom was cramping almost like af was coming but slightly different, when I would stretch my mid section it hurt in my uterus because it was stretching, and sore nipples, I was 12 dpo when I tested and got my BFP! I was soooo excited cause I have been trying for 6 years, and 2 months on clomid did it! shortly after that my boobs got REALLY sore, but it took a few weeks, and by then I already knew I was preggo. Good luck! Hope you get your BFP!
Avatar f tn on the 9/19 I had unprotected sex with my boyfriend he didn't pull out quick enough the next day I had sore nipples this lasted til after my my period started on 9/26 it usually lasts 4 days but this time it was 5 the first day i i spotted a little and I had brown discharge the second day it was kind of heavy and the rest I was spotting and it was light red . on Saturday 9/23 I started getting headaches and nausea.