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Avatar f tn had a headache while on the monitor so if it is heart related I will find out. Heart rate was also in the forties at times.
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Avatar m tn I purchased a Polar Heart Rate Monitor and the heart rate calculations are different than what I had used in the past because it takes weight into account.
Avatar m tn Unusual day, kept the Polar Heart Rate Monitor on for 5 hours of my day
Avatar n tn I keep getting this dizzy/light headed feeling. When feeling this way, my heart rate has gone up to 148. That is just a little on the high side. I worry bout Little Boy. We have already been thru so much, I don't want to hurt him in ANY way. I have sopke with the nurse at my OB's office and was told that when I feel this way to come in and get checked out. The thing is that I live at least 30 minutes away from the hospital.
1398693 tn?1343684738 I started this tracker because I wanted to use it to help me lower my heart rate but I don't think that will be possible because of the Hashimoto's which increases heart rate. I can only hope that when the time comes I'll be healthy enough and strong enough to survive.
Avatar f tn at the point I got out to the driveway (about 8 steps down and four steps onto driveway) I felt out of breath. Looked at my heart rate monitor and it showed 138 bpm. Sitting at the table using the computer, got extremely light headed, felt as if I might pass out...shook my head and closed my eyes for a minute....looked at heart rate monitor and it showed 58 bpm. I was thinking the fainting sessions were from high blood pressure but that one was clearly bradycardia. Weird stuff ..
267401 tn?1251852496 I need a place to vent. I hate this event monitor. And I'm not too happy with my heart, either. I think the two are conspiring to make me lose my mind. I pressed the button to record based on what I saw on the monitor's screen, then when I sent it in, the sounds the monitor made were a lot like a prison chain gang - strong, constant and reliable. Not zooming from 65 to 161 back down to 74.
Avatar f tn Hi any of you wear a heart rate monitor to workout....i just got mine ...when i got it i read at the box that states that chemicals in the packaging may cause birth defects...its the polar f t4 .
Avatar f tn reduced adderall from 25 mg to 10 mg. Immediate appetite increase and irritability, especially in AM Heart appt wed. 114-120 resting heart rate. said rate was max 160 or 170 on heart monitor ( back when on 17.5 mg, I think). says is too high.
Avatar f tn How are you measuring your heart rate? Are you doing it with a heart rate monitor? If so, I think your heart rate monitor is malfunctioning. If you are measuring it yourself, you would have to be feeling 5 heartbeats per second, which is impossible to feel. I truly don't think your heartrate is going up to 300 bpm. If it was going that fast, you would probably be unconscious.
Avatar m tn So frustrated at Molly and At God for allowing it to happen that way Heart rate monitor didn't work during Boot Camp
Avatar f tn ve had PACs off and on before my ablation, but ever since it seems like they happen a lot more. Not only am I having more PACs my resting heart rate is in the mid 90s to 100 so now I am back on the beta blockers. On top of that I have experienced racing heart rate but not as fast as the SVTs thankfully. The doctor wanted me to wear a monitor but I said lets see what the beta blockers do first.
Avatar m tn 5 mph gradually until the heart rate monitor read 118. Then it suddenly started falling. I lowered the mph back to 1.8. My heart rate wnt down to 68, then started to climb back up. I increased the mph up again until my rate was 134 and finished the 15 minutes and quick. This did not seem normal. Was it really my heart rate, or the monitor?
Avatar m tn The readings that you have noted seem like false readings because while using the treadmill, it is normal to find the heart rate increasing. If it happens again at rest then bradycardia (slow heart rate) needs to be ruled out for which you should get a holter monitor done. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided. For exact diagnosis, you are requested to consult your doctor.
1045086 tn?1332126422 Having frequent fall in heart rate since chemical stress test yesterday. I'm left feeling very weak and tired besides the animal-on-my-chest pressure. Diagnosing and treating the heart has to come before the MS for the moment.
Avatar n tn The heart rate monitor does not seem to pick up the PVCs. Watching the little blinking heart on the display, it does not register a PVC. That might help you to understand what is going on in your case. I am not sure about PACs. I do occasionally after exercise seem to get some premature beats that do register on the monitor but are not PVCs (there is no gap if I am feeling my pulse). I suspect that these may be PACs.
Avatar n tn I suggest you quit looking at a heart rate monitor. It is easy to become obsessed with the numbers. 108-114 would be considered a normal variation. If you have any PVC's or PAC's which are benign, heart rate monitors don't always pick them up so it looks like the heart rate dropped, which it didn't. Just keep up the walking and relax!
Avatar n tn Not set and the rate is like 112, and then I used the sticket heart monitor and that was on the chest, and it much less 80 and more accurate why is the finger monitor weird and wrong
Avatar m tn I sent my holter monitor diary to Amie at Beaumont ecg today with a copy of the 24 hour bp result from the pharmacy indicating very high heart rate. Hoping to hear from them soon again. Joanne is the name of Gombrellee's secretary who said that she would put me a short list.
Avatar m tn Read instructions and set up wireless watch and heartrate monitor. Got it working to track my heart rate separately from the treadmill indicator of heartrate.
Avatar m tn Read instructions and set up wireless watch and heartrate monitor. Got it working to track my heart rate separately from the treadmill indicator of heartrate.
Avatar n tn ?SVT rate 190 whilst working. Became dizzy and collapsed. Heart monitor showed SVT in resus, unable to catch on ECG as SVT dissapeared when lying down.
Avatar n tn t get the errant beat or whatever it is (fast heart rate, slow heart rate, skipped beat) to happen. A 24 hour monitor will most likely capture the abnormal or normal beat.
Avatar m tn Im a 29 year old male and have every heart test done but now im feeling something else that didnt accur during the tests. I get lightheaded when i stand up an i feel my heart rate get real slow then catch up. Even if i make certain moves during the day or talk to people or just watching tv i feel the blood pump in my head and the beats are slow but then seems to get back to normal if i breath heavy. Anyone have any idea what it can be.
Avatar n tn There is 0 in couplets on the ventricular episodes but 2 in couplets on supraventricular events. The average heart rate was 86 bpm with heart rates greater than 120 bpm noted 3% of the time. No episodes of bradycardia found. 2 pauses exceededing 2.0 seconds were noted. The longest pause of 5.4 seconds. No episodes of ST depression in channel 1, channel 2, and channel 3 were noted. Are these results normal?
Avatar m tn s and that my lowest heart rate was 45 and my highest was 125 my average was 67 bpm i wore it bc when i stand up my heart rate drops then it will regulate and then as well as pvc they saidit was a electrical problem bc i had a stress test,echo, tilt table, 1000 ekgs( not really but seems like it ) tons of blood work all comes out great they said that my heart was structually perfect beside me going into afib 3 years ago, i didnt start feeling the pvc untill i started takeing metatoprol he hast