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Avatar m tn ive bought a heart monitor with chest strap because im starting jogging it says ive got a resting heart rate of around 55 bpm the lowest ive seen it go is 45 is this ok i used to cycle quite a lot is this ok
Avatar n tn yes hello I have noticed at the gym on the tredmill that my heart rate jumps up and down very quickly, it will be 150 one minute and then go to 125 the next and so on it has been as high as 180 and as low as 65 is this dangerous...my blood pressure runs 110/60 but I'm worried about the irregular hb...
Avatar m tn The last time i was in the gym, Jogged about 15 minutes, felt i didnt push myself to bad,rested for a little bit, went over to the chest press machine and did an 8 rep set ( weight i could do without to much strain) I stopped exercising for the day.. after that 8 reps i couldnt get my heart rate down for probably 30-45 minutes. it probably was about 118-150 when i was done with the 8 reps i felt like i coudnt recover like i was still running.
Avatar n tn I have recently increased the distant and intensity of my exercise and my heart rate at times reaches 160 at times for about 5-8 minutes. (I use a heart rate monitor). I do not have any pain or discomfort feelings. Is this OK or I still need to take it easy?
Avatar n tn My husband has had a low heart rate for 4 years. Twice in 1998 his heart stopped for about 45 seconds before spontaneously restarting. He was at the doctors office during the first time and on a monitor the second time but unfortunately neither time were there monitors recording these events. His heart rate is between 43 and 55 and he is very tired. He is 47 and in wonderful health except for the heart rate and exhaustion.
Avatar f tn At what point does the exercise (jogging, cycling) become anarobic and counterproductive? If I exceed my target heart rate (which for me is about 138) do I risk not getting the weight loss I want? I often exceed the 138. Am I doing myself a disservice?
1012248 tn?1250863946 It would be helpful to have some data such as heart rate in BPM at rest (Taken after sitting quietly for a at least 5 minutes). Then if you are concerned about your exercise HR, give that number too along with a general description of the level of work, e.g., jogging or sprint running...something we can understand.
Avatar n tn I jog for 30 mins twice last week and my heart rate reached 187 bpm. I would to know your opinions regarding my heart rate during exercise. Is that a high heart rate? Is it bad that its close to my maximum heart rate based on 220-age formula (Im 23 years old)? Everyone's opinions are very much welcome. Thanks.
Avatar n tn I noticed that the MOMENT I stopped my BP seemed to go up a little bit and my heart rate increased (maybe by about 20 or 30 bpm). My heart rate gradually began to slow and was noticeably slower after about 30 seconds. I also felt like I was getting an ectopic beat every other beat for about a minute and then every second beat, every third and so on. My heart rate seemed to be normal again after about 6 minutes. Does anyone else have PVC/PACs with this frequency directly after exercise?
Avatar f tn I'm 21 nearly 22 year old and I'm 22+1 weeks my heart rate is 72bpm it seems low is that normal?
2073111 tn?1331594351 I am a 45 year old woman (as of 8/2012) that is 5ft 1.5" & weighs 116lbs. I have been jogging (5mph) on & off for the past 3 years. My longest jog was 5 miles at a time. I am now trying to train for a 1/2 marathon. I have an average resting heart rate of 92 & when jogging my average is between 166-174. This seems way above my max heart rate according to the standard chart but I wonder your thoughts.
Avatar n tn I was a sprinter as a child (till the age of 16) and go to the gym 3-4 times a week. My problem is... my heart rate jumps high even from the smallest Jogging and I don’t think it’s normal. On a 20 minute treadmill run on low speed it will reach 180 within 7-10 minutes and I cannot bring it down unless I walk slowly for a minute. Cycling on the other hand will keep me on 150 so no problem there. My partner suggested I might not breathe correctly, yet I doubt it is the cause.
Avatar m tn As long as you are in good health any aerobic exercise where you raise your heart rate for a sustained period of time improves cardiovascular fitness. There is a simple calculation for determining your maximum exercise heart rate goal - I think it is 200 minus your age - -then 80% of that number is your max heart rate. Considering your age you should consult doctor before you take my word on it.
Avatar f tn ll see from that link that he is well within normal parameters for heart rate. And his theoretical max heart rate is supposed to be 220-his age, which would be 208. And he could hit that during exercise and be completely healthy. So to answer your question, yes, he probably has exercise-induced tachycardia. But so do you. So does almost everyone. It's normal.
Avatar f tn When jogging, you are in the FAT BURNING zone of 60-75% of your max heart rate. It just depends upon the persons goal.
Avatar n tn I am an 18 year old female college student. My BMI is 22.1 and i am pretty active. Being ROTC means i have physical training 2 times weekly for an hour and also i work out on my own. Over a three and a half week break i wasn't working out as often and my resting heart rate was at 252 when i went and jogged for a short time.
Avatar m tn t betablockers slow the heart rate? My heart rate while jogging, lightly, is around 145-160, but my resting heart rate is often between 55-65. Could the betablockers slow my resting heart rate too much?
Avatar n tn Hi, I am 47, 5'4", 118lbs. I quit smoking in '99. My bp is 117/72. I walk at least a mile almost everyday. I don't get winded, yet my resting heart rate is 80. Should I be concerned?
Avatar m tn So of course I stopped jogging. Once I stopped jogging, my heart rate seemed to correct itself. I have been jogging for years. Has anyone else ever experience this?
Avatar f tn Hello, I am a young 22 yr old girl. I work out about 4 times a week and am not over weight. I have always known that I have a high pulse rate. When resting it is around 100 to 110, which is fine to me. But when I exercise my heart rate increases to 150's or 160's without sweating and it is a light to moderate exercise. When I do exercise heavily, I begin to get out of breath, and sweat.
Brachiosaurus What should my target heart rate be and how should I determine appropriate heart rate ranges to stay within during exercise? I currently own and use a heart rate monitor device that displays results on my phone, so tracking my heart rate is no problem.
897445 tn?1241712299 If it reaches this high, you should be seen right away. Your heart rate at 88 to 100 while relaxing is fine. A heart rate of 130 while walking around is fine. If you want a lower heart beat, you can try exercising more and walking more. My heart beats 130 sometimes at nighttime while trying to sleep. There is nothing wrong with my heart that doctors can find and I have been told the same as you (that it will not hurt me and to just let it beat).
Avatar m tn Hi, I feel it is a little high for your age as the resting heart rate is normally between 50-80 beats/min. Target heart rate for your age during vigorous activities like running and jogging is 98-166 beats/min. I would suggest you to lose a little weight and also bring this up during your next annual health exam. http://www.americanheart.org/presenter.jhtml?
7748835 tn?1393868668 Today in anatomy class we all tested our blood pressure and heart rate on blood pressure machines that we're accurate. I tested mine sitting down. It was like 108/79 I think and my heart rate was in the 80's which is normal. Then we tested it again when I was standing and slightly jogging in place. My blood pressure went to 159/108 and my heart rate dropped all the way down to 55. So what could be causing this? Answer quickly!
Avatar m tn So of course I stopped jogging. Once I stopped jogging, my heart rate seemed to correct itself. I have been jogging for years. Has anyone else ever experience this?