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Avatar n tn What is a healthy heart rate for a 11 year old female. Resting & after exercise?
Avatar n tn My problem is that everytime I get on the machines (treadmill, eliptical, ...) my heart rate goes up almost immediately. Within 5 minutes it will be well over 160. Sometimes it goes as high as 180 or more. Average is about 170. During this time I am exercising but I'm not over exerting myself and I can maintain a conversation. Even when I try going reeeeaaaaallllllllly slow, my heart rate will still be about 140.
Avatar n tn the cardiologist nor the docters realy havent said anything about the left atrial enlargment they are only talking about the fast heart rate. the cardiologist wasnt to worried about the fast heart rate he said that i was young and could handle it. as long as there wasnt anything wrong with my heart that is causing the fast heart rate which he is giving me an echo feb5 and i guess ill find out more then.
Avatar n tn The average Heart rate was 70 BPM . The minimum heart rate was 57 BPM . The maximum heart rate was 97 BPM. Ventricular ectopic activity consisted of 16 beats of which 12 were in single PVCs 2 were in interpolated PVCs, 2 were in R on T. The patient's rhythm included 1 hr 32 min 28 sec of bradycardia. the slowest single episode of bradycardia occurred at 10:07:27 PM , lasting 1 min 23 sec , with minimum heart rate of 57 BPM.
Avatar n tn fast heart rate again
Avatar f tn 175
Avatar f tn No great swing today. Fairly normal; quite strange. period.
Avatar f tn Bad day today. Had another storm this morning at about 10:30. Climbed to the 130's, even low 140's. Had really to water the plants after too many days of neglect. HR did not abate; kept in the 130's, even lower 140's. Was too hot outside; came back to office, but HR still going too fast, around the 100's seated. In the afternoon, had another storm in the 100's, 110's peaking to 130. Rowed anyway, as I need to keep at it.
Avatar f tn Heart rate more settled today. Maybe because of period coming?
1240706 tn?1331602111 Fetal heartrate was 156 :o)
Avatar f tn 165-173 heartbeat via doppler
Avatar f tn Waking height rate= Evening HR= Raised HR=104bpm / 9.
Avatar f tn Waking heart rate= Evening heart rate= 76bpm Raised HR=
Avatar f tn Waking HR= Evening HR= Raised HR=
Avatar f tn Waking HR= Evening HR= Raised HR=
Avatar f tn My appetite increase today. My heart rate is also increasing. I get tired and feel it beating faster from regular chore.
390388 tn?1279636213 Well feeling a little sick to my stomack tonight. Some palps and pressure, not to bad.
569980 tn?1228329485 250 bpm for approximately 10 min.
427555 tn?1267553158 Heartbeat was 106-113 with slight elevation in BP. This subsided into the night, but felt very tired for 2 days.
668863 tn?1225555406 please come to my page
Avatar n tn well i was on the computer and i felt my heart pounding so i decidid to check my heart rate. it was at 111 beats/min. i checked it again a few minutes later and it had gone down to 99 beats/min.
471949 tn?1236904026 I've been having trouble lately with my hr being too low....today it was down to 39.
Avatar f tn Heart was racing so fast I couldn't even count the beats. It was distracting.
Avatar m tn heart rate was after riding bike
1711711 tn?1340741416 Heart rate low seems to be associated with high systolic.
Avatar m tn My heart rate was at 72 beats a minute.
2066493 tn?1331147098 I had a checkup today. Babies heart rate was in the 150's. I had all my blood work taken today. I go back on May 30. I should get an ultrasound in June.
Avatar n tn heart feels like its working harder than normal