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Avatar f tn I have the same problem as you. My heart rate would go into the 40's (50's was normal for me when I wasn't in a-fib). Sometimes I would feel tired, lightheaded. My EP doctor wasn't too concerned about a heart rate in the 40's as long as it wasn't staying at that rate. Mine would just drop now and then, but then go back up to the 50's. She told me to be concerned if it dropped below 40. I think it is the meds. I am taking sotalol and cardizem for h/r control.
Avatar m tn I could write pages about this, but I'll just answer the question simple. The answer is YES! it's possible and very likely. You can forget the "normal values" of 60-100 beats pr minute. They are just the definition on what is sinus rhythm, or if below; sinus bradycardia, and above, sinus tachycardia. When you exercise, it's "normal" to have a heart rate above 100, and if you rest or sleep, it's normal to have a heart rate below 60.
Avatar m tn my heart rate is around 46 and i was wondering if it is affected/lowered by atenolol or cozaar/lisinopril?
Avatar n tn What is considered a average resting heart rate? How do you lower a heart rate without taking prescription meds?
Avatar m tn http://www.medhelp.
Avatar m tn In the 30's? Are you in heart failure? Olympic athletes are known for low heart rates in the 40's, but that is rare. Resting heart rates are normally between 70-100.
401554 tn?1270213756 When it starts to go below 40, you should probably see someone. Some people are only symptomatic when their rate drops below 30. As long as you feel fine, not fainting etc. then it's ok.
Avatar n tn If you review the meaning of PULSE rate and not incorrectly state the meaning of PULSE rate to be heart rate 120/80. Normal blood pressure is 120/80, but that is not PULSE rate. It is correct the beginning sentence s/b PULSE rate not heart rate. Thanks for bring my attention to the error.
Avatar f tn When I am in bed and roll over I notice that my heart rate is very racy for about 45 sec. then it goes back to normal. My heart rate is usually around 45-52. When I climb stairs or do lunges it goes up to around 100-120 but it will come back down to 50 less than 70 sec. My blood pressure is around 105/60. Thank you for your time.
1635396 tn?1301883247 I had a stent 3 weeks ago. I am on 2.5 mg Bisoprolol, Plavix, 81mg ASA and Crestor. I noticed my BP has been below 120/80 usually around 115/60 to 70 with HR in the 40's while resting. Its been consistent. But for the last week I've noticed that my SYSTolic has been running high. In the 130's and occassionally as high as 150 and my HR had picked up to in the 50's. My back was killing me from a fall I had a month and a half ago during this period and I went to the Chiropractor.
372206 tn?1235168293 If its below that there is a good chance you are picking up your heart rate with the doppler. I know my babies and mine are right on top of eachother so you have to angle it just right to get his and not mine. Brown Eye: My son's heart rate is usually 147-153 so you may get your boy brown eye........his started at about 168 in earlier pregnacny. Anyway they usually say anything 140+ is a girl but in my case its not.
Avatar n tn I also saw a doctor on this site somewhere tell someone else not to get caught up in specific definitions (like of bradycardia), because everyone is different. That your heart rate is below 60bpm may simply mean you have a resting heart rate below 60, and nothing else. If you're in good health, enjoy it!
Avatar n tn though on higherside (above 100bpm) it cannot be said dangerously on higher side. ur heart rate should be below 100 after a good sleep/rest. Normal fluctuation is not cause of worry. H Pls follow below mention procedure for reducing heart rate (i) Take a stop watch. Most of the mobiles are having stop watch (ii) Go to place where u are alone (iii) Start stopwatch and laugh for no reason for 5 minutes. After 5 mins of laughter exercise take 5 to 10 deep slow breathe.
Avatar m tn My resting heart rate earlier today was around 39 to 40 BPM. My blood pressure is generally generally in a normal range (110/70). Unfortunately, I am also a Type 1 Diabetic.
Avatar m tn No. I meant at least 30 heart beats a minute higher that a casual walking heart beat. In my case, my heart rate won't go higher that 120 bpm normally as I I have a pacemaker that limited my heart rate to that number. It will increase to 130 if it senses a 'fight or flight' trigger in the blood flow.
4520583 tn?1358493740 The more in shape you are, the slower the heart rate can be and you can still be healthy as far as the heart goes. Thelower heart rate can also be a result of what you are doing; when you sleep, your heart rate can drop down into the 40's range with no ill effects. What IS importantant is whether or not your heart rate will increase with activity. If you are working hard, say running, and your heart rate will NOT go above the 100 range, it's time to visit your doctor.
1349241 tn?1316004958 I found this helpful in the beginning! Fetal heart starts beating at around 5th week in a 40 week pregnancy. Initially, in the 5th week, the fetal heart rate is almost the same as the mother's heart rate (80-85 beats per minute or bpm). Then it increases at an amazing rate, at about 3 beats per minute per day during the first month! Then again after 9th week, it settles down to about 150 bpm (average) at around 12th week.
Avatar n tn t be too concerned, 102 is not that high even for a resting heart rate.
4591205 tn?1410605174 My doc said below 150 boy above girl.
Avatar f tn The heart has to work harder and to compenste the left ventricle enlarges (more capacity during filling) and heart rate increases...a faster heart rate may not provide enough time to adequately fill. With medication, the workload for the heart is reduced by dilating vessels, slow the heart rate (provides more filling time)reduce fluids, etc. The heart chamber often returns to normal size.
Avatar f tn My heart rate can go from 40 to 160 just by standing up and walking to the bathroom some times its normal and other times its pressure in the chest headaches and dizzy a little bit is this deadly?
Avatar m tn I know my heart rate tends to be on the low side, but I had no idea what the actual value typically was until my medical yesterday. So the results from that are the only figures I have.
Avatar n tn My bp and resting rate became too low after losing 80 lbs so I asked to have my dose lowered since I was dizzy all the time (resting rate below 40, bp resting 80/60). I'm feeling so much better now that I'm weaning off of it but it was a great help prior to the weight loss - I had no side effects at all.
Avatar f tn Hey, this maybe weird but does anyone know about what their heart rate normally is? I work where we sell fitness equipment with pulse monitors.Every time I show it my pulse is always well into the 130's or higher. Should I be worried?