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Avatar f tn Hello... I would not worry about this. Don't think that if your heart rate falls below 60 that something is wrong. It is not uncommon while at rest, to have your HR dip below 60. Some people have rates that drop into the 30'3&40's while sleeping. Our heart rates will fluctuate which, for most, is a normal variable. Try not to worry too much about this.
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Avatar f tn I have the same problem as you. My heart rate would go into the 40's (50's was normal for me when I wasn't in a-fib). Sometimes I would feel tired, lightheaded. My EP doctor wasn't too concerned about a heart rate in the 40's as long as it wasn't staying at that rate. Mine would just drop now and then, but then go back up to the 50's. She told me to be concerned if it dropped below 40. I think it is the meds. I am taking sotalol and cardizem for h/r control.
Avatar m tn Resting heart rate is 68 age is 40 so 220-40=180 180* 60% =108 180* 85% =153 My heart rate when working out should be between 108-153 for about 15-30 mins Lets do this thing
Avatar n tn I went to see my MD the other day and he took my pulse and it was at 50, he cautioned me to not let it go below 40. He cautioned me to be aware of dizziness, tiredness etc. Whats up with all of this ? Which is worse, the high BP or low pulse. And how can I control my pulse rate ?? I am really confused. Thanks ~ Tim2 PS: my BP was at 236\102, now its at 140\80 so it is better.
Avatar n tn I'm 26 yrs old and I was wondering what a normal resting heart rate is mine reads 60 and also what a normal Blood Pressure reading would be. I noticed that mine fluxuates between 90/60 to 110/80 is this normal?
Avatar m tn I could write pages about this, but I'll just answer the question simple. The answer is YES! it's possible and very likely. You can forget the "normal values" of 60-100 beats pr minute. They are just the definition on what is sinus rhythm, or if below; sinus bradycardia, and above, sinus tachycardia. When you exercise, it's "normal" to have a heart rate above 100, and if you rest or sleep, it's normal to have a heart rate below 60.
Avatar f tn Went up the stairs, to my bathroom, down the stairs, to the kitchen and back to the sofa...heart rate is still only 67 bpm which confirms that sometimes my heart rate does race for no reason and it isn't that I am in such bad shape. At about 8:30 am my dog died. Can't believe she was okay yesterday at this time. So sick about it!! Keep checking pulse and at 60 to 63 bpm...so no worries... At about 1:40 pm I had an intense NEAR blackout experience...
Avatar m tn my heart rate is around 46 and i was wondering if it is affected/lowered by atenolol or cozaar/lisinopril?
Avatar n tn Normal heart rhythm, but heart rate below 40. Some machines define marked sinus bradycardia as heart rate below 50, that depends. Septal infarct: EKG patterns of an infarct in the wall between the heart chambers. This may be a false reading. They are quite common. Ultrasound of the heart can confirm or rule this out. Abnormal EKG: Due to the last finding. Sinus bradycardia will usually qualify for the note "borderline EKG".
Avatar n tn 40-44 heart rate even when moving around and dips to 38-40 while laying down. A heaviness on the chest, then pain on left side of chest , dizziness, extreme exhaustion, breathing seems to be restricted a bit. Then as time goes on after laying down, pain in left shoulder. Last about 1/2 or getting better then worse, then it subsides. Some pcv during this "episode" but heart rate stays around 40. The night before exhaustion was extreme.
Avatar n tn Sporadic Intervals Heart Rate up to 40 Beats per 15 seconds at one point Hobee dragging Good mood
401554 tn?1270213756 When it starts to go below 40, you should probably see someone. Some people are only symptomatic when their rate drops below 30. As long as you feel fine, not fainting etc. then it's ok.
Avatar m tn In the 30's? Are you in heart failure? Olympic athletes are known for low heart rates in the 40's, but that is rare. Resting heart rates are normally between 70-100.
Avatar n tn What is considered a average resting heart rate? How do you lower a heart rate without taking prescription meds?
Avatar m tn 52 at rest and will go up with exercises. My concern for the past two weeks is that the rate dropped down 47 to 42 with lightheaddeness and fatigue. What is your suggestion?
Avatar f tn 1 MILE HEART RATE - 158 95.3 CALORIES 29.7 FAT CALORIES 16:52 3.0 3.5 4.0 4.
Avatar n tn If you review the meaning of PULSE rate and not incorrectly state the meaning of PULSE rate to be heart rate 120/80. Normal blood pressure is 120/80, but that is not PULSE rate. It is correct the beginning sentence s/b PULSE rate not heart rate. Thanks for bring my attention to the error.
Avatar n tn I recently went to the doctor - and in the course of the exam learned that my pulse rate (confirmed by EKG) was stightly below 40 beatds per minute. I had come in with complaint of insomnia - i.e. - no problem falling asleep but awaken before 4:00 AM and unable to fall asleep for normal # hours.
Avatar f tn My heart rate for some reason was up to 114 and in about half an hour (when I regularely pass out after standing with out moving) my heart rate shot down to below 40. I got light headed and managed to keep standing for some time. However my legs came out from under me and I lost all sthregth I was alittle nausous but more then anything I just didn't feel right. When this happens it takes a while for me to feel normal again.
Avatar n tn At one point it was 98/68. However, MD was concerned with my low heart rate, which at times dipped below 40. It hovered arount 47. He told me not to take anything, and I have an appointment with him later this month. He is not the cardiologist I usually see, I moved to the shore in NJ and my cardiologist is at HUP in Philly. I will see him in January. I had a stress test in the hospital and did well. For the chest pain I was given Nitro under my tongue. It did relieve the pain.
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Avatar n tn t want your heart to work very hard. I think a heart rate below 40 bpm usually leads to lightheaded issues or fainting. Are you feeling faint when it drops below 50 bpm in the daytime? How is your energy level during the day? Are you feeling faint at night? I am guessing that 40 bpm is very low for a daytime setting. Mine is set for 60 bpm minimum day and night, and I feel best at that level, it's been set higher but not lower.
Avatar n tn Also, your heart rate should drop while lying down for a while, correct?