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Avatar m tn t completely captured by the monitor, that for example every third or fourth beat is captured. A heart rate monitor is mechanical, so you need a certain pulse in order for the monitor to capture it, different from an EKG recorder that monitors the electrical activity, regardless of what pulse wave is produced. You should see your doctor regarding this.
Avatar m tn I'm a triathlete, female age 43. Currently at my peak and am fit, am not underweight (but lower end of normal BMI and BodyFat), eat a low carb/low sugar/low fat/lowGI diet but eat frequently and use electroyle/no carb fluids for sessions over 1 hr but when I analyse my HR (Garmin 310XT) across all 3 disciplines I find my HR is well above the tables. My resting HR is 48-50 but I seem to have a max of well over 230 if I am to believe my Garmin HRM ?!
Avatar n tn Also, I had prolonged high heart rates, up to about 150, following exercise, for up to 4 hours, as displayed on my Garmin monitor and simultaneously confirmed using a blood pressure cuff. I went to the ER during once such prolonged high HR event, 2.5 years ago. The EP/Cardiologist there diagnosed 2nd degree Mobitz 2 heart block and recommended a pacemaker and implanted one a few weeks later. He didn't diagnose SVT. It was one year later that another EP finally diagnosed SVT/AVNRT.
Avatar m tn I like to run and cycle for exercise and shoot for about 125 miles a month. I have a Garmin Forerunner 305 with a heart rate monitor. In the last 3 or 4 months I have noticed that my heart rate will sometimes soar to 250bpm with a sustained hr of over 220 for several minutes. I placed my fingers on my neck and can really feel my pulse racing. My doctor gave me an EKG, which was normal and said dont worry about the high heart rate. Should I push to see a cardiologist?
Avatar n tn Completed one marathon, working on completed one a year for the rest of my life. I wear a heart rate monitor on every run. I run long at a comfortable pace (10 min/mile) but I don't run hard (for speed). During summer training I get up to 40 miles a week. Currently its about 25 (2 fives and a 13-15). I weight train three days a week in the winter and rest one. (Winter runs).
Avatar f tn If you have PACs, they will not distort information, and if anything, having the PACs while wearing the monitor will provide valuable data to your doctor in terms of how your heart is functioning. An extremely rapid heart rate very early in exercise may be something your doctor wants to investigate. Have you had a stress test? Echocardiogram? If you have no other symptoms, such as shortness of breath, pain or dizziness, you are likely fine to continue working out.
Avatar f tn Your pulse can instantly go up and down based on what you are doing or even thinking (anxiety). Check it out when you first wake up and see how it is doing. While only your doctor can really tell you what is going on. I doubt that you have much to worry about. I use a heart rate monitor when I jog and I am typically in the low 90's when walking and go up to 150 or 160 when jogging.
Avatar f tn had a headache while on the monitor so if it is heart related I will find out. Heart rate was also in the forties at times.
Avatar m tn t know. But, perhaps, if you wear a heart rate monitor (Polar or Garmin) during your walking, it will help you determine whether or not you are experiencing sudden changes in heart rate when you feel those beats "in your head". Also, you could buy a small, wrist-type blood pressure cuff and carry it with you when you walk.
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Avatar m tn When I first got a heart rate monitor a few years ago, I noticed that my heart rate in the first mile of my runs was in the 200 range and then would fall to 130 after that and stay there. I thought it was due to EMFs or something of that sort. Now I have a Garmin 305 that produces a graph of my workouts on my laptop when I download my workouts. I consistently have high heart rate in the first mile or so, and then it drops to normal levels and never returns to the elevated levels.
Avatar n tn In the last month I have had 4 episodes and I was able to put on my Garmin GPS heart rate monitor during two of the episodes, my heart rate peaked at 239 on both occassions. Vagal maneuvers have no affect though I've found that laying down will help to stop the episode pretty quickly (usually within 2 minutes). During these more recent episodes they have last 10-20 minutes.
Avatar m tn 5 miles and then ½ mile at 7 mph that was followed with the cool down at 5 mph. Per the heart rate monitor that I was wearing my average was 148 and my maximum heart rate was 205. It has never gone this high before always in the high 160s at best. I stayed within my target zone for 17 minutes out of the 53:50 minutes for the total 5.5 miles. Should I layoff running or see a doctor? Plus according to my bathroom scale I lost three pounds through sweat when I re-weight myself after the run.
Avatar m tn I purchased a Polar Heart Rate Monitor and the heart rate calculations are different than what I had used in the past because it takes weight into account.
Avatar n tn I did recently read that Garmin Heart Monitor could have less than accurate reading with synthetic clothing? To answer your question about when I am resting. I occasionally have a palpitation or something minor.
4676843 tn?1357877080 I've got a Garmin Edge which tracks my route, speed, heart rate and estimates the calories burned. I can import directly to Strava and it would be great if I could import directly into this site too... any plans to add that?
Avatar m tn I am not totally sure but I would think your heart rate could get that high if your heart is under stress. Mine can jump to the 160s doing simple things when I am having a lot of pvcs thus causing my heart confusion. The best way to distinguish the type of rhythm it is would be if the rate starts and stops sudden then it is likely an svt of a structural nature if however, it ramps up and down with a change in activity level then it is more sinus related.
Avatar m tn It links by ANT+ to any wrist-type watch that is ANT+ or Bluetooth compatible, for heart rate signals. My Schosche Rhythm+ is linked to my Garmin watch. No chest strap required. I always wear it during running and cycling.
Avatar m tn I am a 26 year old male who has been having a high heart rate during exercise since I was in high school. I had an EKG and stress test completed around the age of 16 and the doctors could not find anything wrong with me. While at rest, my heart rate is around 60-70 bpm but during exercise, I average above 200 bpm. On a normal 2 mile run, my heart rate averages out around 206 and reaches a max of 212 as per my Garmin Forerunner. I am trying to find out what could be causing this.
Avatar f tn But the cardiologist can check for that and other things, like SVT (supraventricular tachycardia (rapid heart rate triggered by an abnormality) You shouldn't stop exercising altogether until you see him I don't think, but it sounds like you should keep it to a walk (no running) on the treadmill and make sure your heart rate isn't still racing, in spite of not running, as you walk.
Avatar m tn Unusual day, kept the Polar Heart Rate Monitor on for 5 hours of my day
Avatar n tn I wear a Garmin chest strap heart monitor at all times when exercising. I was putting out a moderate effort with an average heart rate of about 135BPM which is well below my typical hard effort training. About 40 miles in we roll to a rest stop, I hop off the bike and a few seconds later while I am standing there my heart rate begins to steadily increase (I feel it in my chest).
Avatar n tn I keep getting this dizzy/light headed feeling. When feeling this way, my heart rate has gone up to 148. That is just a little on the high side. I worry bout Little Boy. We have already been thru so much, I don't want to hurt him in ANY way. I have sopke with the nurse at my OB's office and was told that when I feel this way to come in and get checked out. The thing is that I live at least 30 minutes away from the hospital.
1398693 tn?1343684738 I started this tracker because I wanted to use it to help me lower my heart rate but I don't think that will be possible because of the Hashimoto's which increases heart rate. I can only hope that when the time comes I'll be healthy enough and strong enough to survive.
Avatar m tn When I first started going to this new Cardiologist and described my symptoms, he instructed me to come in asap for an EKG, when I observed the prolonged, high heart rate on my own heart rate monitor. I did so and it was then that this EP Cardiologist captured the SVT on EKG and he recommended an ablation procedure. Just make certain, if you go to the ER, that they will call in a Cardiologist that is a EP specialist. Good luck to you.
Avatar m tn what is your Resting Heart rate exactly? Calculate 220 - age - RHR = Hear rate reserve. HR reserve x 60% = low limit. Then do the calculation again with 85% and that will be your high cardio limit. I am 30 and I get my heart rate up to 170-175 bpm and because I am very fit it is not a big strain for me, I can maintain it for 1 hr. Maybe there are conserns but maybe not so do the calculations and figure out where you are at.
Avatar m tn I have an issue during exercise though - sometimes when I am exerting fairly well (steep uphill fast walk or more flat jog/run) and my pulse is at least 155, I feel a sharp pinch or shock in the center of my chest and my wireless heart rate monitor suddenly reads zero (no signal), after which I stop running and try to relax, and the monitor begins working again when my pulse is down around the 110 - 115 range.
Avatar m tn What heart rate monitor provides you with the spiffy chart? I don't know if any outcome is concrete with ablations but I wish you luck in whatever you decide!