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Avatar f tn Good Morning All- I am looking for natural flea and tick remedies. After a lot of research, I am afraid of the treatments I have been getting from our vet through the years. They work, but my fear is the toxins that come with them. Does anyone out there have any suggestions for natural remedies that really work. Thanks and have a great day.
Avatar f tn I am looking for natural arthritis remedies for a 10 year old chihuahua. I read somewhere that blackstrap molasses works wonders for arthritis pain in dogs. I also heard of extra virgin coconut oil and apple cider vinegar. I am really tempted to mix all these and give it a try. Has anyone tried these? or are there any other natural remedies? My dog has been on metacam but it doesn't work very well, I can tell she is still in pain.
Avatar m tn Disclaimer: I am not any kind of doctor, nor am I a formally trained herbalist. I'm just an ordinary dog owner. I read all I can about how to take care of my dogs, and I have used herbs on them from time to time. In my opinion, it can be okay to use Metacam with certain holistic remedies. You don't want to use it with something that is too similar to it, like willow bark, because that might be like giving an overdose of the same thing.
Avatar n tn Hi. Pure coconut oil (must be pure, for dogs) is a useful supplement for dogs. It can be given with food or (warmed slightly) rubbed into skin, particularly where there are patches of irritated skin or hair loss areas. A small amount goes a long way, so be cautious with it. Too much can lead to diarrhea. It is not particularly useful for fleas, though it will help with any irritated skin caused by fleas.
Avatar n tn Please let me know, my son has been doing research on natural remedies because he just thinks chemo kills too many other cells.
Avatar f tn my itching is not from rash, just seems to be dry skin exacerbated by meds. i got a humidifier for bedroom. for skin i mix bag balm and tea tree oil and rub it in. at night if real bad i add a tad of hydrocortisone gel. works so far...
Avatar n tn s disease is usually not a disease treated successfully with just herbal remedies, including Supraglan. Generally, herbal remedies for Cushing's disease are most beneficial as adjuncts to traditional remedies. Supraglan is fine as an adjunct to traditional therapy and ideally may even help reduce the amount of traditional medication that your dog requires, but there are no guarantees.
Avatar m tn t walk on rough ground for a while. In the past, I have used doggy shoes when my own dogs have injured their paws, but not all dogs will keep these on - might be worth trying just while he's out on walks. It is of course important not to let him lick his paw, as this will cause inflamation, making it more sore. Callouses are common in older dogs and it is thought they are caused through a lack of zinc. Try a zinc supplement in his food and see if it helps prevent them forming.
Avatar f tn You can mix it with water to make a paste and leave it on the skin for 20 mins. You must wash it off well or it can leave the skin looking yellow. The healing properties of turmeric are unbelievable. You can also mix it with honey which is a natural antibacterial. This can become a sticky mess though so try first just making a paste with water. Good luck.
4619045 tn?1361132610 Thanks for the tip. I'm going to look into it and might try it today. I've been looking for natural "remedies" to try to at least take the edge off while I wait for my neuro appointment and meds. Has anyone tried acupuncture? It seems that a bunch of us are dealing with TN right now.
Avatar n tn old is really suffering, your Vet should prescribe Medication for Arthrititis....These natural remedies (Listed above) take a few weeks to get in the system....Then the Vet meds. can be cut down...Good luck.... I'm curious now.......I'll have to google the Molasses.......
Avatar f tn While this curtailed my RLS, I was concerned about taking Advil every night but figured it couldn’t be any worse for me than the Parkinson’s meds. While I was in one of our Natural Foods store, I found Highland’s Restful Legs (you can find them at I purchased some, probably three years ago. I was very happy with the results. I would take two, maybe four. Lately I have had to take up to eight and finally started incorporating two Advil.
Avatar n tn Is there any form of alternative/natural treatment for herpes other than prescription drugs?How effective is this type of treatment?I ask this because prescription drugs for herpes are so expensive and also the possible side effects from the drugs.Thanks in advance.
5944308 tn?1396478749 My son is just trying ADHD tranquility formula. I can't tell you if it works or not yet since we pretty much just got it. But something for you to look at and decide for yourself. I'm sure others have comments about similar products.
Avatar n tn It sounds like you really know alot about the best herbs and natural elements for anxiety. I will look for the book you suggest. I strongly believe in natural remedies over drugs since i seem to have more success with them and less problems and side effects. I still use panicyl which is a blend of several of the vitamin b's and herbs you listed. May i ask what you take and what works for you Paxiled? Also, from your handle im guessing you had a bad experience with Paxil?
Avatar f tn i do not know of any natural remedy; usually doctors like giving out anti-depressants for PTSD i am sorry that you are not covered :)