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Avatar n tn Please let me know, my son has been doing research on natural remedies because he just thinks chemo kills too many other cells.
Avatar f tn re skin is sensitive to the lemon juice, dilute with a little water before adding the sugar. This helps to even skin tone, exfoliate dead skin cells, get rid of black heads, and reduce acne...
5944308 tn?1396478749 My son is just trying ADHD tranquility formula. I can't tell you if it works or not yet since we pretty much just got it. But something for you to look at and decide for yourself. I'm sure others have comments about similar products.
Avatar f tn Any natural remedies for gas? It's not burping or coming out the other end, but it's just stuck in my stomach and since yesterday it's been very painful.
222322 tn?1271022838 t know any more about the cyst until my ultrasound June 1st. Are there any other natural remedies that work? According to drs, this cyst has a much higher chance of being benign than malignant, and I really want to avoid another surgery. I also want to try to get pregnant sometime this year (hopefully, after I get a job teaching, I want to plan a baby for next summer if possible). Does anyone know of anything else I can do to get rid of this thing?
Avatar n tn Does anyone know any good natural remedies that have helped anxiety?? I've been hoping that with eating well and some good exercise, I could beat it. I guess I'd probably be a lot worse without it, but I'm still tense. The strange thing is that I don't have anything in particular that I feel should cause me any stress but I feel anxious far too often. What works for you?
Avatar f tn Unfortunately I doubt there is anything you can do for having to go more frequently. Lol its just going to get worse from here on out!
Avatar f tn Read top 10 natural home remedies for Atopic Dermatitis/ Eczema
484881 tn?1208606750 hi! good day! i want my skin to peel fast! please don't give me expensive creams and stuff, i just want natural home remedies that can make my skin peel and generate it to a new skin that's whiter, can garlic make my skin peel? Because i know it does burn, and burning leads to peeling...
Avatar f tn I've had dry skin for as long as I remember along with redness. I'm now 25 and recently started getting red and itchy patches on my cheeks. I've tried a few natural remedies but nothing seems to work. I was wondering if there is more of a long term solution for this or what steps I can take to prevent this from getting worse!
Avatar m tn its the skin that not the shade of my lip it the normal skin like on my cheeks that healed over it any natural remedies/peel like aloe lemon vitamin e I need to get my lips natural shade back
Avatar m tn // Aloe vera, green tea extract, apple cider vinegar, and milk are some of my favorites. There are also treatments a doctor can provide that will likely work faster. Chemical peels or laser derma resurfacing , for example.
Avatar m tn to your skin, by providing vitamins and minerals for it through natural cures. Yeah, it may sound weird to take a banana peel and smear it on your face, but no one has to know. And your skin thanks you for it. Here are some links concerning this topic: http://thekindlife.