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Avatar n tn A family member stated that she thought it may just be dry skin, because the air seems dry in our house, and suggested a humidifier. Was wondering if anyone had any advice?
Avatar n tn What can I get for really extra dry skin? I've recently had some liver problems that caused me to itch really bad. Now it want stop itching.
1627010 tn?1299446388 She gave her an antibiotic eye drop. It took several weeks for it to heal. I guess in the process it damaged the dry eye even more. I'll just keep on trying and not give up. I love her to much to quit. Thank you for your comment.
Avatar f tn I have always loved my soft skin. Has anyone else experienced this? Are there any remedies I should try besides rubbing my favorite Bath and Body Works lotion on? Should I be concerned? Please let me know. Thank you!
Avatar f tn Dogs noses are usually wet but sometimes not. If it is dry in your home than the moisture usually on your dogs nose is going to evaporate quickly and seem dry to you. I wouldn't worry unless he is showing signs of being ill. A dogs nose is not a good way to tell if there is something wrong with your dog. -------------------------------- http://www.simplyvivariums.co.
Avatar f tn our new pup minnie has REALLY dry skin and is always scratching. she's a german shepherd/husky mix...since we just got her 2 days ago we haven't bought any doggy shampoo yet. i was wondering if anyone knew of any good shampoos for dry doggy skin that could help relieve her so the poor dear isn't always itchy.
Avatar f tn Im in desperate need of some home remedies that will take care of the acne on my forehead. It is so embarrassing and annoying! I am used to using astringent and other topical ointments from my dermatologist but since becomming pregnant ive stopped since some products can be dangerous. Ive asked this question before but have yet been successful at getting rid of it.. any suggestions would help greatly! Currently i am using clean and clear for sensitive skin.
Avatar m tn Callouses are common in older dogs and it is thought they are caused through a lack of zinc. Try a zinc supplement in his food and see if it helps prevent them forming. If you are giving your dog any additional calcium, it should be noted calcium absorbs zinc in the body, and therefore can cause callouses to form. Vitamin E in gel form can also be rubbed onto the callous and hard skin areas, and this helps heal the callous region and is soothing.
Avatar f tn Try putting coconut oil on your face. I have very dry skin and sensitive skin and that the only thing that doesn't make me itch. Maybe also put a cool mist humidifier in you room at night. Try to drink some more water. Those r the 3 things that help me.
Avatar n tn Could be dry skin or mites, like ear mites in your dogs ears. Cats get these mites too. Check the dogs ears and if not, maybe could be simple case of dry skin or possible allergy. Check with your vet of course.
11605009 tn?1422318427 ve been having SEVERELY dry skin. As for my scalp, I use coconut oil and Shea butter. Any suggestions on dry skin ladies?
7612493 tn?1393737078 I was hhaving the same problem, I used cocoa butter (body butter) Palmers, twice a day in the am and before bed, itll reduce as the weeks go by.
Avatar f tn I've had dry skin for as long as I remember along with redness. I'm now 25 and recently started getting red and itchy patches on my cheeks. I've tried a few natural remedies but nothing seems to work. I was wondering if there is more of a long term solution for this or what steps I can take to prevent this from getting worse!
237053 tn?1258828426 i also have dry scalp and i use all kinds of medicated shampoos along with the regular ones for dry hair or scalp. my skin is also dry all over and i apply lotion all the time and i have tried all kinds of lotions...avon...aveeno..curel..mir. bond and bath and body works..and i still have a scaly scalp and dry skin!!!
Avatar n tn old is really suffering, your Vet should prescribe Medication for Arthrititis....These natural remedies (Listed above) take a few weeks to get in the system....Then the Vet meds. can be cut down...Good luck.... I'm curious now.......I'll have to google the Molasses.......
Avatar n tn Yes, coconut oil is beneficial for your dogs health. It helps a lot in their digestion, makes their coat shiners and softer. Coconut oil also prevents infection.
Avatar f tn I have tried to keep it moisturized using coconut oil, but that seems to have no affect I thought maybe it was a fungal infection and started putting lotrimin on it twice a day for the last few days, but now the skin seems even more dry. It has been a little itchy and I recently scratched it and the skin broke and is bleeding in some areas. I am sexually active but she has been tested and is clean.
Avatar n tn Someone will probably post comments on some other remedies for you, yes, Benedryl can be given to dogs, but, its the wieght per amount of medicine you need to know..Call your vet and ask over phone their suggestions... This is a very good website for advice, stay w/them, and you'll will get plenty of suggestions...
Avatar f tn My dog (stage 3) is a finicky eater and I had to mix the KD diet (wet or dry) with some of the regular dog food diet to entice her to eat. Has anybody recently researched and identified higher grade commercial dog food that are relatively low in phosphorous. A lot of information I find online tended to either have lower level brand or not recent enough.
Avatar f tn It could also be a fungal infection, which is more common in dogs with floppy ears. The ear fold keeps in more moisture than in pointed-eared dogs. It would be a good idea to have your vet take a look so you're not blindly throwing things at the problem that may not work, or may make the situation worse. It's also a good idea to occasionally check for, and remove, any ear wax that is visible. We swab ears with a Q-tip about once a month.
Avatar f tn I have heard that Skin So Soft lotion (not oil) from avon works. If you buy the lotion, and mix a small portion of it with water, and then spray it on your dogs fur, it is supposed to repel fleas, ticks and mosquitos. It's better than the oil because it doesn't make your pets coat oily. I haven't personally tried this, but I know a few people who swear by it. Not an all natural product, but safe according to the vet used by the people I know.
Avatar n tn I had sand like particles on my scalp and mine is dry skin. Previously, my hair was so thick but now, its heavy hair loss and no growth. Currently, am going through some medication, going with KZ lotion and some others. Can anyone suggest about the problem i had and any kind of home remedies...what not, to avoid the hair loss.
763572 tn?1274174679 The beauty part of these dogs are their skin. They can have the same skin products as us and it usually works. Try and find an anti itch topical cream for humans and apply it to her and it just might do the trick! I had an american red nose pit bull and if he had a cut, I would put polysporin, if his skin was dry I would put keri lotion and it all really worked without fail. So I would try that. Hope it helps!
Avatar f tn Thanks for the warm welcome!! I am feeding Nature's Variety medallion frozen raw food. I have given her the freeze-dried medallions (Stella and Chewy's) but they are so expensive so I started buying the frozen instead! Up until this point, she has been on a combination of Natural Balance dry and canned food as well as Nature's Variety wet and dry food. Like I mentioned in my original post, she is terribly allergic to sweet potatoes, I suspect grains and I am not sure what else!