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Avatar n tnDry and itchy skin •Fever •Ear aches •Ear infections •Hot Spots on the skin •Bad breath •Dental disease •IBD •Hair loss •Sore feet •Abnormal nail growth •Bloat •Weight gain •Tumors •Moles and warts •Seizures •Blindness •Deafness •Heart conditions •Kidney conditions •Liver conditions •Early pet death These companies need to be held accountable for the injuries to our pets and our best friends early deaths............ I copied this off of another food forum.......
Avatar f tn our new pup minnie has REALLY dry skin and is always scratching. she's a german shepherd/husky mix...since we just got her 2 days ago we haven't bought any doggy shampoo yet. i was wondering if anyone knew of any good shampoos for dry doggy skin that could help relieve her so the poor dear isn't always itchy.
Avatar m tn For the last few years I have been dealing with dry skin only on my lower lip, it does not affect my upper lip at all. My lower lip will will dry and the skin will flake off. Or it can actually be peeled off if i use lip balm. I have been taking multi vitamins for atleast a year daily, with no change. I use lip balm daily just to hide it (Burts Bee's). I drink water like a guppy (4-5 cups a day). Im really at a loss here as I cant seem to figure out what could be causing it.
Avatar n tn I have had dry, swollen, cracked, peeling skin on my eyelids which has become progressively worse over 7 years. Have been prescribed cortisone but only is an overnight cure. Is this exceme? or psoriasis? or allergies? How can I get over this??? HELP!!!
2188958 tn?1346448491 Also please stop using dawn it takes all the good oils out of thier skin leaving it dry and more prone to fleas and dry flaky skin use a simple cheap baby shampoo it works wonders my vet actually told me this when all my cats had fleas and I was using dawn ... Also this may sound nuts but buy some salt sprinkle it in your carpet and the sharp edges cut the fleas and kill them...
Avatar f tn Hi There, I was stroking my dog the other day and felt something on the inside part at the top of her ear which I first thought may be food from my daughter trying to feed her so I tryed to clean it off but then I noticed that when the dry bits came off her ear had what looked like a layer of skin missing and felt like it was leaking water. She does not seem in any pain but it has been like that for a few days now.
Avatar m tn Hi, I recently bought a 8 week old labrador puppy and i have noticed that there is a dry patch on her paw similar in size to her other five pads on her paw. It is not black or turning black like her other pads so i am a little unsure to what it is.
Avatar n tn He put her on Soloxine twice a day. The next day I started researching blindness in dogs and came across Cushings. I asked my vet if the blood work he did included testing for that and he said no. I insisted that he do the test since all of Toots symptoms (new ones - confusion, walking in circles, weakness in back legs) point to this disease. Unfortunately, it appears it may be a tumor on her pituitary gland, which seems to be the most serious.
Avatar f tn Can you please help me identify what is on her paw? Its in the inside of her paws on one of the pads. She is a 3 year old black lab/collie mix. Just barely notived it today because of her excessive licking on the area. Its red and lookes like raw meat and its small.... It looks like it it attached to one her pads but can also be a cut. Could it be skin cancer? Or a type of it? I have no clue what to do... If this presists we are gonna take her to the vet in a couple of weeks. Please help me.
Avatar f tn I know cats can get atopic dermatitis from food allergies, so I'm wondering if this would also help the dogs to try a new diet, with cats they can be sensitive to some of the preservatives or ingredients that are in dry foods..just curious if these dogs are on dry food? ....
Avatar m tn My dog seems to be recently to itch alot. I have checked his skin and in some places it seems to be flaky and dry. I heard that it would be good to use "skin so soft" in the bath water or to just spray it on the dog. Is this a good spray to use? Or does anyone know of something else that works really well?
Avatar n tn Hello for a long time i had skin problems, but mostly on my scalp, like strong flakes, some attached hard to my scalp and some even bleed a little when i remove them with my nails. and about 2 years ago i started getting this dry areas on my body to the point where i have a lot covered now. but for some reason its only from my belly up. when i take showers i can not rub the dry skin parts hard because after the shower it would itch like crazy.
Avatar f tn But while I'm at work he bites and scratches at them so much that they've opened up and started to bleed, scab over, and bleed again. On top of that his skin is very dry and cracked around the bumps and is slowly losing hair around them. I've tried benedryl but all it does is knock him out so he cant itch. 3 days on benedryl non stop and they have not subsided. Can anyone tell me what's happening to him? I can't take him to the vet because my car is broke right now. Someone help.
Avatar n tn Has he been scratching frequently? Allergies can cause dry spots on a dogs skin, hot spots is there common termonology, and it is allergy season. My pooch would get them along with other itchy and swollen symptoms. Now he gets zyrtec everyday and the spots and other symptoms have all but disappeared. Check the skin in his ears, and around his belly. If you notice red blotches, I would suspect allergies. Consult a reputable vet to be sure. Good luck.
Avatar f tn Lastly, in silky coated small dogs such as poodles, another potential reason for localized hairloss on the thigh would be a rabies vaccine reaction; this is diagnosed by skin biopsy. I recommend taking your puppy to your veterinarian to have the lesion examined to identify the cause, and appropriate treatment. Good luck, Kimberly Coyner, DVM DACVD Dermatology Clinic for Animals of Las Vegas www.dermvetvegas.
Avatar f tn It is safe for pregnant women to be around ... in fact, it is safe for pregnant dogs to wear on their skin. Don't buy one of the over-the-counter kinds that are available from Hartz Mountain et al, because they are dangerous to the animal. But Frontline is really good and really safe -- it stays with just the animal's skin, does not get absorbed by their internal organs (unlike Advantage and some other brands), and is safe for you to be around when you are preggers.
Avatar m tn He laughed cause he knew I did all my own grooming. Eventually, I sat on the floor, layer her on her back on my lap, put her head under my left arm, took her feet in hand and used the Dremmel, took me less than 5 mins! Had a Greyhound here that had nails like a horse's hoof. I helped with rescue and these track dogs are used to this and I doubt they ate handled gently. Does not take them long to figure out if you are nervous.
1360237 tn?1351819781 Water is the best drink in the world really. I don't think I prefer any other drink (but like mine sparkling!) Dogs are happy with water. Don't use milk. They don't need juices, and never ever should have any sodas as they mostly contain caffeine, and can contain artificial sweeteners which can be dangerous for dogs. There are different schools of thought when it comes to raw meat. I feel it is natural, but you have to be very careful about what KINDS of raw meat.
Avatar n tn Her symtoms include, increased thirst and urination, frequent bouts with urinary tract infections and some skin infections. Abnormal lab values have included increased Alk Phos, increased cholesterol, increased blood sugar and mildly elevated WBCs Her current course of treatment has been trilostane, starting out at a very low dose of 5mg/BID and closely checking her ACTH levels every 7 days (ACTH STIM TEST).
Avatar n tn Where do you live, is the air dry and arid? That might cause itchy dry skin. We lived in Idaho and our dog's skin was dry just as ours was. Our dog has never itched when at the beach. Make sure any switch of dog food that you do it slowly. Otherwise you get icky stool. It isn't fun.
733930 tn?1286575009 he continues to bark and bark so i go back out there at let them out again. one of my dogs (pickle-yorkie) is rubbing his face on the ground and in the grass so i figure hes got dry skin or something and cant sleep. i give him a bath at like 130-2AM. doesnt help hes still rubbing his face all over the carpet and towel, whining. so i sit there and watch him, try to check his face and try to comfort him. eventually i get to the point where i think i might have to take him to the hospital.
793908 tn?1294708709 I have fed our dogs some turkey many times but not much, only the white meat and never any skin. In dog food, by the time it is processed and all the other stuff is added, probably contains little turkey! My daughter's one dog suffers from chronic pancreatitis and is on a strict canned diet only. Any variation from that ends her up at the Vet's office with mega Vet bills!! She may get a tiny piece of something when the other dogs get treats, feel bad for her.
Avatar m tn A warm compress cleans up the area and there is no secondary in fection in the eye or on the skin underneath where the drainage lies. I use dry eye night time lubricant. How can I resolve this issue for good. I have not seen a Vet about this but do have an appointment in April. I just don't want there to be a secondary infection and I wish this could go away forever. The sticky stuff dries very brittle under his eye area and it could be tender and/or develop an infection. Thank You.
7746659 tn?1393923237 But not complaining I still have enough money to buy him good food just not sure what to get as we are very limited on dogs foods. And on days like this I feel hopeless because I don't feel he is inproving. And don't know if this is just ment to be or if I'm doing everything wrong I'm just trying my best and the vets are really not much of help.
Avatar m tn But right now we've been using the dermacton shampoo bar, cream and spray on our dogs intense itchy areas, rashy bumps and flacks skin and it's looking great. I definently will continue with these products! Check out the website and see for urself and spread the word cuz this stuff REALLY DOES WORK:)!!!!!!!
Avatar n tn On one of his ear lobes and around the ear, there is some bright yellow liquid coming from the skin of the lobe and surrounding areas. It's not coming from inside his ear, it's the skin. 2. On the top of his head, there seems to be some sort of cradle cap starting but it's not the 'normal' stuff my daughter had. His 'flakes' are not flakes at all but look like yellow crystal like sand. There are small patches of red on his scalp and then the yellow crystalized liquid is on top of that.