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Avatar m tn I understand herpes cannot be transmitted through swimming pools, bathtubs, and hot tubs. But what about natural hot spring waters that do not use any chlorine or disinfectant? What if the water is close to body temperature (95-100 F)? What if I had a small cut on my body? Does any of that increase the danger level?
Avatar f tn im wondering what disinfectant i can use on a babyswing i got and playmat, is there any spray i can use thats baby safe? Or should i wash it all with baby detergent?
Avatar f tn this skin is in an incredibly sensitive area, of course putting viniger or tea tree(a strong natural disinfectant) is going to burn, wart or no wart!!
Avatar m tn t know anything about awapuhi, but tea tree oil is a natural disinfectant, antibacterial and antifungal. Sometimes even this stuff bothers my sensitive skin, but not always. It is effective on acne. Okay, now if that doesn't work because it bothers your sensitive skin, then you want to go with something a lot gentler. Natural health stores sell great products for even the most sensitive acne prone skin.
Avatar n tn I sprayed it with disinfectant and let it sit for awhile and meant to wipe it up again but forgot. A few hours later I walked over that spot and noticed it was sticky, residue from the the disinfectant. I remembered about the spilled drop of blood and now am worried as I was walking barefoot and have dry skin and a couple of cracks in my heels.
Avatar n tn Hello, If you are using Clorox for disinfecting your shoes, please ensure that you wear socks because direct contact with the disinfectant may cause irritant contact dermatitis which involves inflammation resulting from contact with acids, alkaline materials such as soaps and detergents, cosmetics, or other chemicals. If your notice any redness, itching and blisters then please get an evaluation done from a dermatologist. I hope that helps. Take care and regards.
Avatar n tn i am wondering why i have a fascination for dettol disinfectant i go through a bottle a week jus to walk around with a cloth saturated in dettol disinfectant..
443968 tn?1288612689 I just got back from James pediatrician and he has about 5-6 small bumps on his skin, back chest , arms and buttocks, they are red and the pediatrician thinks he has dry skin/eczema, anyone else having this problem. She suggested bathing every other day and using aveeno and aquaphor. Any ideas?
Avatar f tn You have to have Herpes virus come in contact with eyes, mucous membranes, an abrasion or a persons genitals. So, I would wipe off the earrings with a disinfectant to be sure you don't have a microabrasion. It is not a place you usually get Herpes but a break in the skin can possibly transmit it if it was live herpes virus. The other thing is Herpes virus doesn't survive on surfaces very long. So there is probably no worry here about Herpes.
Avatar m tn My scenario is that I went to a doctor for a shot that i need and in the process of vaccination he used a cotton wool to clean my skin before injection. NOw on that cotton wool was a disinfectants but i do not know if that cotton wool had been used with the previous patient since he used to wiped it on my skin before injection as well after injection. I didnt really pay attention but i dont remember seeing him taking off a new cotton wool and putting the disinfectant on it.
Avatar m tn I quickly stopped and washed my hands with disinfectant , on one of my fingers near my nail a layer of my skin had peeled off and pulling the skin might have cause a sore that might have healed , i also have a small crack in my mouth that was bleeding like 4 days ago but healed and our kissing was quite deep and rought .
Avatar f tn Huh? This disease requires genital skin to skin rubbing or oral cavity sex. The odds you are got HPV from a HJ is zero or very close to it. It is the most safest of sex. Not sure where you are getting this info about how it spreads. Please visit the CDC site and educate yourself. Your roommate is safe now.
Avatar n tn Regular and daily use should not be encourages. Dettol is an disinfectant and clears the skin of all multiplying microorganisms and thus may relieve itching in sweaty, tight intertrignous areas such as the socks and the bikini lines. Washing and drying out in the skin and possible addition of the dettol to the wash may be helpful . Further, if you sweat too much use a anti-perspirant and wear cotton clothes. Hope this helped.
Avatar f tn Thermometer, powder, lotion for dry skin, Something with a soothing noise for the crib, pretty much anything you think baby might need. The hospital with also give you an idea of things you may need. Also You could ask your obgyn for a list of necessities.
Avatar m tn s a natural fabric softener and vinegar is a natural disinfectant that works well on molds and fungus on surfaces, too. I have serious allergies. I can assure you that the clothes will not smell like vinegar. The smell of vinegar will not linger long if you use it to clean around the house either. You can use about 1 cup of vinegar for one load of laundry. The clothes will actually feel fabulous.
Avatar f tn Try disinfectant Australian Tea Tree Oil dab (one 12cm by 12cm by 12cm dab)and Dove Sensitive Soap followed by Hello Hydration Featherweight Conditioner rinse with clear, cool water from aquifer. It might work as long as it is only a rash problem. DeOliveria or laser surgery also can help.
Avatar m tn My concern is that afterwards she put what I assume was some kind of disinfectant around my penis and it actually burned the skin on my testicals and around the shaft and head, but I didn’t have any visible cuts. It burned even more when she put a hot towel on right after that. My fear is that maybe I had a bunch of microabrasions or something and that this created risk because I know the condom did not cover the bottom of the shaft or my testicals.
Avatar f tn I really like the spray cleaner & the fruit/veggie spray. The chapstick is nice. I have the belly balm & would give it a 3 out of 5. I guess I don't care for it much because it tends to be oily & doesn't absorb into my skin well. I have the nipple balm & diaper too but haven't been able to use them yet as I'm still waiting for my little one to arrive.
Avatar n tn Assuming these toys are to be shared between people, (or between the vagina and anus) it has been suggested that by cleaning the toys carefully, and then treating with a high grade medical disinfectant like Cavicide, one can reduce the risk of HIV (and other STD) transmission to zero, and that the same would be true for passing nasty bugs from the rectum to the Vagina. Do you think that this protocol would indeed reduce the risk of transmitting HIV between people if the toys are shared?
Avatar f tn I noticed a small patch of irritated, red skin. I didn't think much of it because it's on my leg where I set my laptop so I didn't think it was a big deal. Than today I realized I had another one on my other leg. I'm having abnormally dry skin this year and I'm wondering if maybe thats what it is? They spots are maybe the size of a nickel and they don't itch at all. They are slightly bumpy but not at all noticeable..
7580506 tn?1392215274 No risk. The low risk is skin to skin...herpes, syphilis, HPV. HIV info post in HIV forum.
Avatar f tn s castile soap is great for washing whenever you need a soap with a natural disinfectant in it. You could try something like that to keep the area clean and disinfected. That's not going to be a full guarantee that there won't still be problems, because a cat can scratch pretty deeply, depending on how forceful they scratch and even if it's intentional or just accidental because their little nails needed a trim.
Avatar n tn There are several methods that can be used to remove a skin tag.The three ways doctors remove skin tags is by cutting them off, burning them, or freezing them. Skin tags can be cut off with a scalpel or medical shears. They can be burned off with a medical cautery device or they can be frozen with liquid nitrogen, in which case the skin tag then falls off. In all three instances, the idea is to stop the blood flow to the skin tag." ref:
Avatar f tn iodine deficient, it isthe bodys natural disinfectant
Avatar m tn after 2-3 days i realised skin doesnt strech adequately when penis erected the skin was tense it limited my erection as if my penis became smaller. skin looks shiny thick and on some areas peeled and peeled areas didnt bleed but looked bloody.then i went to doctor now alergy on other parts of my body went away but itchness (though much less) and other things still continue on penis its like skin of my penis changed permanently also now skin on my testicles peels off.
Avatar m tn I tried intense moisturiser for about 4 weeks which pretty much got rid of the effected area on my penis and the flakeyness on my sack, I have tried soaking it in disinfectant after the 4 weeks which made no difference, I then tried talcum powder which has dried it out more.
1361820 tn?1277833830 It got bigger almost like a blister. One day I undress and it went open and blood and puss came out. The whole skin came off. Im very concerned. Can someone please help. I want to know what it is.