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114870 tn?1210298346 then give the appropriate consultation for teeth whitening. Actually teeth whitening procedure uses products that are sensitive to your teeth. A dentist checks the teeth strength & prescribe the suitable whitening treatment for you.
Avatar n tn gypsy amazing cream or gold pearl for whitning skin
Avatar f tn Yes I feel you should try natural teeth whitening products, though there are several toothpastes in the market which allow you to whiten your teeth but they bleach your teeth or may end up removing your enamel.
Avatar f tn Try natural teeth whitening products like lemon skin and a mixture of salt and baking soda go to google and search: natural teeth whitening.
Avatar f tn I take excellent care of my teeth. I floss daily, brush 2 -3x daily, change my toothbrush often, avoid dark colas and coffee and staining foods like blueberries, and I use Biotene mouthwash (the label says it "brings out the natural whiteness of teeth.") but still my teeth looking super dull lately and not nearly as white as they used to be. I am 35 now, but is there anything other than age that could be contributing to the "aging" look to my teeth?
Avatar m tn A dentist can whiten your teeth easily using teeth whitening products. Actually a dentist uses a teeth whitening product which contains hydrogen peroxide of higher strength. The teeth whitening products that we use at home contains hydrogen peroxide of lower strength. This helps to save your time and efforts in a significant way. That's why most of the people prefer to visit dentist office for teeth whitening.
Avatar m tn Everyone is better off using a good whitening toothpaste and the whitening strips work well, but again they will only whiten your teeth to their natural color.
Avatar f tn I would love to know if anyone can tell me how to make my skin lighter? Not WHITE but just less olive-tan? Without medication, preferably natural and if not can you please tell me how to even out my natural olive tan? It's on my arms and legs, the parts that have been exposed to sun for my fifteen years. I have been wearing sunscreen on my exposed skin everyday and UV protective moisturiser on my face everyday. Any tips? Special natural miracle potions?
Avatar n tn First of all, I would not recommend popping the pimples... it could cause the infection to get worse and also will result in scarring. Secondly, not every product works for everyone. I know it may sound strange, but I've used all sorts of fancy products only to end up back with the basics. It seems to me that the most important part of washing the face is rinsing.
Avatar n tn I have a friend who just finished a university biology course and in it he was told that all types of teeth bleaching, such as whitening strips, the overnight paint on whiteners and whitening toothpastes all strip our tooth enamel forever and can lead to cavities and other problems like flesh eating of the mouth in extreme cases.
Avatar m tn I went after the other products company-dismissed but now reading this forum I think it was the combo of both products with the whitening strips weakening my teeth. Medical students and dentists are welcome to reply to hear more of my case.
Avatar m tn A) Get a toothpaste with whitening additives B) Consult your dentist about best outside of the office (or inside) whitening method for you. Older products may have caused some damage to teeth, but current generation shows no damage to the tooth structure. Most of the common side effects of whitening though are: hypersensitivity of the tooth structure, and damage to the gums, hence why patients need to follow those guidelines which are provided on the boxes.
1885931 tn?1371771436 Is it safe to use whitening strips or whitening mouthwash like Listerine whitening? I'm a dental assistant and remember being told in school pregnant women cannot bleach teeth. I went to some products websites and theres no info listed for pregnant women.. Im going to ask my doctor but wanted to see if anyone knew anything for sure was safe.
Avatar n tn Looks like the make shampoos with essential oils and dead sea salts, very trendy and aimed at consumers who use these product on themselves (which is not wrong, jsut great marketing); I find it interesting that they list only the "active ingredients" of mud, salt and different oils on the website, that makes it easier to proclaim that they are all natural, but none of the "active ingredients" have any cleansing activity, so those ingredients appear to be kept a secret.
Avatar f tn I bought a strong whitening toothpaste and used it frequently for a few days in combination with dental strips. After about 48 hours, I began to feel terrible pain in my four front upper and lower teeth. It is now 5 day later and I continue to have severe (10 out of 10) pain in my chin and in my front teeth. I am actually unable to touch my upper teeth to my lower teeth without almost fainting from the pain. I have been to two dentists.
Avatar f tn Johnson products aren't very good for a baby's sensitive skin. They are loaded with chemicals. Most doctors recommend that you not put anything on their skin in the first few days of life. I would recommend a more natural brand. They don't typically have that "baby" smell, but babies don't need the added fragrance. There are loads of natural baby products on the market that are available for a reasonable price.
7365709 tn?1395398972 What are some of the most natural products for babies skin that isn't so expensive?
Avatar n tn There are various procedure to get your teeth whiten without the use of bleach. The various types are KöR Whitening, ZOOM! Whitening, and basic whitening take-home trays. KöR Whitening is meant for the person who needed intrinsic cleaning or tetracycline cleaning while in ZOOM! Whitening procedure, people prefer dental office to get the whitening done whereas Basic whitening comes in the form of take-home whitening trays.
Avatar n tn I was using Sensodyne-F plus Whitening and the skin in my mouth started peeling. It wasn't painful, it was mostly just annoying. It mostly happened during the day after I brushed my teeth. It would continue on throughout the night, and continued until I stopped using that specific toothpaste. Now I just use Sensodyn-F Ultra Fresh. I also tried Whitening Expressions (Cinnamon) when my household bought it, and it caused slight peeling.
448256 tn?1205349804 I have a darker area between my thighs and butt cheeks. I am a very clean person and can not seem to get rid of this problem. Can anyone give me some advise on how to get rid of it??? I do not have insurance and cannot afford to go to a dermatologist. I have bought cream after cream and still no change. I am so self contious when me and my hubbby are intimate, he says he knows im a clean person and that its just from where my legs and butt cheeks have been rubbing together for so long.
Avatar f tn ve heard of people using activated charcoal pills (a natural substance) as teeth whitening. Look it up on the internet. I haven't tried it but have heard about it. I personally wouldn't want to risk harming my baby with teeth whitening/bleaching so this is an option you can consider!