My breasts sore after my period

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540736 tn?1213917770 I usually get sore breasts a week after ovulation ,then it stops immediately after I get my period. I realize it is the increase in progesterone that causes painful swollen breasts. Well, my period is over & I still have the painful breasts? This does not make sense to me. I am not pregnant as we are dealing with other MFI issues. Any advice? Could it be a hormonal imbalance?
Avatar f tn My breasts are sore after the periods and till next period why does this happens is there any problem with my breasts ?? I am really afraid please help me..
Avatar n tn Why after 2 weeks if not more, at least 2 weeks would my breasts be sore? I am not on birth control and do normally skip months to be honest. Have not had my period since end of August but am pretty sure I'm not preggo....whats any other explanation though??
Avatar n tn Hey, Its 10-11 days before my next period. My breasts have got sore especially at the sides, this has never happened before my period. Also I have period cramps, however this is common for me but they are lasting longer this time. What could it be? Should i go to the doctors or will it pass?
Avatar f tn But today I woke up with just my nipples hurting a lot feeling sore, does that mean Im getting my period or Im pregnant? I have a period app and says Im "supposed to get my next period on September 24th.
Avatar m tn Now, exactly 25 days from my last period, I got my period again but this time it is weird. My blood was brown, kind of heavy flow the first day and i had terrible cramps day 1 and a few after that.Also, this period wasn't as long as it usually is. I've never had a weird period and this concerns me. Could this be a sign that I am pregnant or does this happen to be a just a weird period.
Avatar n tn and my breasts have been hurting since then, had sex 2 days after period. My periods come every 14-17 days..I dont think Im prego already have 3 children so I know how I may feel if I was. Havent taken a test or anything.
Avatar f tn I had this occur when I consumed a lot of soy protein. My stomach would even swell along with my breasts becoming sore. Have you made any dietary changes recently?
Avatar f tn I took a pregnancy test last night actually and it came out negative but I don't know why my breasts are still sore. My period is supposed to be coming this friday. Could I possibly be pregnant? I have been thinking about this and stressing out over this for the last three weeks! help!
Avatar n tn Hi, I am 42, my period is overdue by about a week or more. My breasts are sore and I actually had a blood test done last week which came out negative. It would have been 22 days after my husband and I last had sex and my cycle is anywhere from 32-38 days. My gyn has said that the blood test is accurate so I am not pregnant but I do not understand why my breasts are still sore and I have not gotten my period. Help, any advice is appreciated!
Avatar n tn I am wondering whether it means anything that my breasts became so sore right after ovulation. Any comments would be helpful.
Avatar n tn Hormonal imbalance could very well be the reason why you suffer from sore breasts, even after your period is over. Limiting salt, caffeine intake and wearing the right-sized bra that will support your breasts properly, could help ease the discomfort.If the pain persists and if you notice any changes in your breasts,then consult your doctor for a clinical breast exam to make sure that all is fine, okay? Best wishes...
Avatar f tn My breast get sore close to my period but never for 2 weeks.
Avatar f tn Last month when I had my period, my breast started to hurt and hurt until after it was over. A week and a half later, they hurt all over again. I checked for lumps, nothing. What could it be?
Avatar f tn I have another 10 days till I'm due for my period. I'm on birth control, but my nipples are really sore to touch. Why?
1097577 tn?1262723347 I normally don't have the breast pain issue with my cycle. I also have none of my normal signs of my period starting. My breasts hurt very intensely when I wake, and even worse as I sit in my home enjoying the evening. I have been starting to just not wear a bra as it is more comfortable for me. I was just wondering if this could mean that I'm pregnant and the tests just wont show it yet. Any idea's??
Avatar f tn Hello community, Lately I have had sore breasts & an aching feeling in my stomach. I am also late on my period last month it came on the 6th & today is the 20th & still no period :/ I took a pregnancy test the night before last & it said it was negative.. I just really don't know what's going on with my body this has never happened to me before & I'm really freaking out about it .
Avatar f tn Mine were sore all the time starting about a couple weeks before my period before I started birth control, but afterward, they weren't. Now (after about three years on the pill), I'm beginning to experience it again sometimes. It could be that the pills are affecting that. You said you're on day eight of your pills. Does this mean you just started taking them for the first time eight days ago?
Avatar n tn Yes, baby fever can caused your period to disappear. Sore breasts can be hormones - mine were sore and swollen for an entire month for no reason. That's just the beaty of being a girl.
Avatar n tn Hey everyone, I also wrote in 'sore breasts' and got this result. My breasts usually get sore right before I get my period and then by the end of the cycle my breasts are back to normal. I usually get my period at the end of the month, and my breats have been sore for about two weeks now, and no period yet.
Avatar f tn We already have a 18month old son. Ive still not had my periods back but the past few days ive been sufferering from sore hard breasts. I did a pregnancy test yesterday but it was negative. What could be causing it? .
Avatar f tn My last period started on May 27th and ended on June 1st. I first noticed that my breasts started hurting around June 15th. They don't hurt that badly, just a little sore to the touch on the sides. It doesn't hurt when I go to bed and is probably the worst when I wake up (although I can still be comfortable without a bra and in a swimsuit). I'm about a size 34C, and they seem a little swollen, but my bras are still fitting normally.
Avatar n tn Could my breasts be growing? My breasts (not nipples) had been really sore a few weeks ago and I chalked it up to a new sign before my period. But now they are sore again, and it gets worse when I take my bra off, and I'm only an A cup. But I am now two weeks away from having my next period and they are really sore again. And I know that I am not pregnant, tested earlier today because my ankles were also swelling. Any ideas?
Avatar f tn i started puberty ages 11, fell pregnant with my daughter at 15 and had quite a bad pregnancy with being in and out of hospital through out then i went on the implant after i had my daughter for around 14 months, had it removed then had 3 depo injections (9 months) i havent had a period since my daughter was 3 months old and there only just starting to come back again, theres no chance of me being pregnant as since i stopped having the depo injection ive had no imtermate relationships.
Avatar n tn Are sore breasts an indication of anything? It's not time for my period. As a matter of fact I just finished a week or so ago, this should be my "good" time but, my breasts have been very sore along with my other pains. Do cysts or endometriosis cause sore breats? I go for an ultrasound Tuesday. Thanks so much. This sight is a wealth of information and understanding.
Avatar f tn I typically don't have sore breasts during my period so this is on. My DH and I have been ttc for 5 months now. I ovulated May 31, and the spotting began June 6th.....since I just ended my last period on the 22nd of May this seems too early for a period, even for my wacky cycles. Can anyone relate? Why the spotting? Will a "normal" period ever show? Why the sore breasts? Thanks for any responses!
Avatar n tn for the past 5 days i have felt as if my period is going to start its been 5 weeks since my last one - my breasts are really tender and i'm so tired. Could i be pregnant or is this just wishful thinking? I had a scan last year for polycystic ovaries but my doctor told me i don't have that - infact my doctor doesn't seem to bothered about the hole situation - i was hoping she would be able to regulate my periods butshe says we've got to try for a year before we can do any thing else??!!
Avatar f tn ( I am dealing with much better. I got my second PP period about a week after that. My breasts have been really sore and tender for a couple of days. So much that it hurts to sleep on them. I sometimes get that right before my period, but never right after, so this is strange. No, I can't be pregnant, I just finished my period and am BC ;) I thought it may have something to do with weaning? I didn't have this the first time I weaned my dd.
Avatar n tn I ovulated later than usual this month, but I had all the symptoms of ovulation, (temperature spike the morning after, soft high open cervix that was low, firm and closed two days after.) Why didn't my breasts get sore? It's been six days since ovulation. Usually they start hurting a day or two after and continue to hurt until right before my period.
Avatar n tn Lasted about 2-3 days which is normal for me. It was a normal period. usually 2 days before i am going to start my period i get sore breasts and cramping. However, this month i started getting sore breasts on May 12th. Have had sore breasts since then. Have had some sick days where i just feel awful, but i work at a daycare so i may have just caught something from the children.