My breast hurts when i touch it

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Avatar n tn Generally my whole breast dasnt pain ba wen i touch da part of my breast wich is klosa to my breast i feel da pain like hell n its also itchy. Pls has anione felt wat am feelin bfor???
Avatar m tn okay. my left breast hurts really bad. i dont know why but it hurts. especially when i touch it. what is it?? i want to know without having to go to the doctor....
2039502 tn?1334876850 yay but lately ive been having so much pain on my right side and it feels like my ribs. It hurts to the touch badly. What is it and is there anything I can do???
Avatar f tn Yesterday I went to the clinic and I acentently hit my stomach with a wall not to hard. But my upper tummy hurts! When I touch it it feels sore! They did do an ultrasound yesterday and everything looks fine.
Avatar f tn When my boyfriend and I have sex it's very enjoyable but after about 20 minutes or even less it starts to hurt or burn and I don't enjoy. I don't understand what is wrong. It gets so bad that I have yelled in pain before so can someone help me with this problem.
Avatar n tn i ususally had them but they seem to go in other places, but this one hurts even if im not touching it. whe n i touch it . it hurts pretty good. what do i do. doesn mamogram expensive. i live around poverry level i have not much money.
Avatar f tn I woke up this morning and one boob hurts so bad if I lightly touch it or bump it. I am 28w6d with #4 and I don't remember having this pain before. It's not red or hard or hot. Anyone else ever experience something similar?
531005 tn?1286515532 It started yesterday, and was mild. It ONLY hurt when I touched it. Today it only hurts when I touch it, but this time the pain is 3x worse. It's not inflamated, I don't think. If it is then it's very little. All I know for sure is that it hurts to touch. I don't even know what to begin to do. My current plan is... Give it rest for a while, wear sweat pants, and walk with my legs wider apart. If it gets better than I know I just sprained it.
299260 tn?1304216105 Hi, ladies. I noticed a small lump in my breast last night & it actually hurts to touch it. I'm close to starting AF & had heard that you can have little lumps during that time of your cycle, which is why my doc always told me to do a breast exam after AF. I'm just curious, though, cause I've never had something like that, which hurt to touch it. Does it sound like something I should have checked out? Anyone have this happen to them? Thanks !
Avatar f tn My son is now 5weeks old i have been breadtfeeding ever since he was born but just last night my right breast stated hurting not the nipple like my actual breast it only hurts if i touch it is it normal? Is it something i should worry about or can it be bad for my baby?
364288 tn?1300144506 Ok so I have a weird question that I'm sure some of you won't really know the answer to...last night I woke up with like a really weird chest pain. Not all over but like when I turned over or tried to move the middle of my chest (between the breast) would hurt sooo bad like I had a really sore muscle or something. I've had this before and I would just move into a different postion and it would go away and I would be fine in the morning.
Avatar m tn So i am not sure where to post this. Anyways, I am 22. It seems for the past few years, I have been getting sharp pains in my chest (feels like it is coming from my heart on the left side) whenever I lay on my left side. When I was younger, I also used to get these 'attacks' where it hurt my heart to even breathe in or out. They are the same pains i feel when I lay on my left side. What could be the cause of this? Any suggestions will do.
Avatar f tn I'm a 24 year old female and I've been experiencing some discomfort in my left breast. I've always had lumpy breasts with mobile/movable lumps that sort of hurt when pressed. A few weeks ago I noticed a relatively larger lump on the left side of my left breast, it isn't fixed, and moves around a little, and hurts if pressed. It doesn't feel irregular in shape, and is not visible without feeling the breast.
7998970 tn?1435183202 I have it on my back! My boyfriend said it looks like I broke out and I hate it. Although, it doesn't hurt but it does itch.
Avatar f tn I've been having recurrent cystitis for the past ten months, but since May I don't experience the usual cystitis symptoms such as burning or a frequent urge to urinate or pain during intercourse. Instead, my bladder hurts after being emptied and after I lie down, it's a feeling of puncture every 10-15 seconds.
Avatar m tn that's fine .. you can certainly take any of the over the counter pain meds. This doesn't mean that you shouldn't have this checked out though. It's not going to go away and may well enlarge .... Fibroadenomas and cysts both will grow in size; some rapidly and some much more slowly. If it is one of these benign conditions and you can tolerate the discomfort then it can be left alone but it can also be removed if necessary. Take care .....
10678677 tn?1413254266 i had a clogged milk my left breast hurts just to touch it an it feels full but when i pump nothing really comes out an when i "squeeze it" "like a cow" it just drips ... i really dont wanna go back to the hospital but my temp is 101.....
Avatar m tn I am 17. My right breast hurts when I press it. I've noticed it today. I often prone on the bed especially when I use my laptop. It feels like bruise but there's no bruise. It's located at the left side of my nipple. My period is about to stop ( I think it already stopped) It worries me that it might be a problem.
Avatar f tn knkw that i had adorable George baby i gained ah lil and idk lyke he puts meh Down of my self lyke i swear i dont wanna do nothing i wanna cry but try to keep my head up no matter what
Avatar m tn I was accidentally hit by my brother with his should on my left breast and after it was hit when I touch it hurts a little bit, after few weeks when I touch it I feel it and found a little lump on it. I was so worried on this lump that I have. Would this lump disappear or treatable? What would I do?
Avatar f tn t feel tender but it does hurt for example when my husband presses against it or squeezes it. I also have been getting some things that look like pimples for a while now. I don't know if they have anything to do with my breast hurting, but I wanted to mention it just in case. Since, they look like pimples I squeeze them and a white substance comes out and its is extremely smelly like rotten milk or something. The substance is white not clear.
Avatar m tn m a male and i have noticed something (im in puberty) my left nipple is hurting , and for example when i squeeze it there is a liquid coming out , and when i touch my button , there is something like a circle which is hard and when i press it it hurts me , I'm not sure whether it's something i should worry about , i'm asking in the forum to see some feedback before i go to my doctor and ask what should i do.
Avatar f tn i do have a bump up closer to my pit i think it may just be my gland. now do u agree to just let the baby feed on one side til they are done or switch after 15mins? and how long does the baby usually feed for?
Avatar f tn m feeling near my armpit side and also I found a small one right under my nipple part in my left breast that hurts so bad when I even slightly touch it ,,,, I am extremely worried now and wanted to know if anyone of you may know what this could be from or what it is???
Avatar f tn m 16 years old and I was laying down one day and I just felt this pain around my left Nipple , it hurts more when I touch I , I felt around my breast to check for lumps but there's No lumps .. It just hurts a lot and I'm worried cause I'm young very young and like I've never had my breast hurt as much and it's only on one side and one spot not the whole breast ... ?? I'm scared why should I do ? It really hurts and kinda stings a little bit ! Help me ?