My breast pump hurts

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Avatar f tn So i jus had my son on sat n my breast are killing me they got so big n hard. So does any one know of a good, cheap pump that doesnt hurt ive heard it hurts to pump.
10007886 tn?1413290774 My baby is a week and 2 days old I've been breast feeding and I'm dying for my pump to come in they say it hurts but I cry every time I breast feed pump girl pump!!!!!!!
Avatar f tn Should I pack my breast pump when we go to the hospital to have the baby? I know they have breast pumps there but I'm not sure if I should bring my own or not!?
Avatar f tn how was your experience with your electric breast pump? im completly avoiding manual, but what did it feel like for you? some say it hurts some say it didnt bother them, Did you find it conveinent or a waste of money? As nuch detail as possible please!
Avatar f tn I loved my electric breast pump. I think it was so worth the money. I puumped after every feeding but i think that the baby feeding made my nipples more sore then the pump.
Avatar f tn If u aren't going to breast feed anymore you can get a pill from your doctor to dry the milk up.
279234 tn?1363108849 After seeing my neuro yesterday he suggested a Baclofen pump to help control the spasticity. It would be nice to have my spasticity under control, but I have a couple of issues with getting this. First, I'm not technically diagnosed yet and I thought I read that you can no longer get MRIs of the spine after one of these are put in. Am I remembering correctly? Second, I was wondering about how big the pump is and if it's really noticeable (sticking out of the skin).
Avatar f tn I have been breast pumping for 3 weeks now, an today all of a sudden I have this really bad pain in my right breasts it hurts to the touch, it hurts to bend over an hurts to lay on dat side an to move my right arm I tried to pump thinking it was that, I took gas x an Motrin an even took a warm shower but nope still pain. Wat should I do any suggestions???
10581471 tn?1417748298 It more so tugged at my nips than it did pump them. My sister in law stopped breastfeeding before me and gave me her pump in style... oh my goodness it was a heavenly difference.
5787652 tn?1378042109 It can hurt in the beginning because your nipples are still sensitive or it can hurt if you have the pump set too high.
915119 tn?1341952589 I have been having pain on both of my breast. The pain is on the sides of my breast. Even after I pump they feel full from where the pain is. Is this normal? I can't even touch them because they hurt so bad. I can't even get my arms too close to my breast because of the pain. I also have been having a fever, but the doctor said I had pnumonia. Could it be because of the pnumonia or is it something else?
7656727 tn?1404161047 Trust me you will be thankful you got a breast pump! I was kinda iffy about it but now that I have it and use it I love it and can't image not having it!
Avatar f tn hi I'm also 38 weeks I'm having the same pains to the point hurts to walk and nightime I wake up every 30 to hour to the restroom I'm feeling misarble I guess the baby is very low, now I'm starting to get cramping like periods anyways I'm looking forward to my due date, with my second baby I never like to pump I only did it for my DH to feed my son who is 2 years old now, but when I will go out if it was to the mall I will go to a dressing room and breastfeed in there or I will go to the car
Avatar f tn Help how do I get rid of engorged breast or treat it? It hurts and is not comfortable.
10678677 tn?1413257866 i had a clogged milk my left breast hurts just to touch it an it feels full but when i pump nothing really comes out an when i "squeeze it" "like a cow" it just drips ... i really dont wanna go back to the hospital but my temp is 101.....
Avatar f tn Hi there, I've done both--- breast feed and pumping. To be honest, breast feeding only hurts in the beginning and really only did with my first son who latched incorrectly at first. My nipples got very sore. But then once he was latching properly, it was fine. It never hurt with my second son. Pumpking doesn't hurt but isn't exactly comfortable either. It's really kind of strange until you get used to it, this machine pumping your nipples. I didn't love pumping but did it.
310236 tn?1271297041 I have been talking to my doctor about breast feeding and using formula because I can't afford to be out of work for a long time. My doctor suggested breast feeding at night and in the morning and using formula throughout the day. How long do most women breast feed for and what do you think of my doctors suggestion.
Avatar f tn Ftm mom & am breastfreeding. My milk barely came in & on of my breast is so sore & full of milk but its in so much pain & it hurts. What can I do to make it go away? Am just feeding on one breast cause the one that hurts can't feed on.
Avatar f tn My baby had formula for the first couple days while we were in the hospital. He now is strictly in breast milk/my boob. I pump occasionally but for the most part I just pull my boon out. It shouldn't be a problem since its so early. Try giving your child your book and see what he/she does.
Avatar n tn You want to establish a nursing relationship before you start pumping because your milk caters to your baby's needs by their saliva and by doing skin to skin contact and things along those lines it's very rare for women not to be able to breastfeed for medical reasons so I wouldn't be too worried about it just yet and I wouldn't beat yourself up over not being able to breastfeed if you're unable to or choose not to you don't want to supplement with formula and go back and forth with breastmilk a
Avatar f tn it hasn't felt better and really hurts all the time. my left breast is fine but my right one is in no way fine. it only happend after i stopped breastfeeding...any advice?
Avatar f tn This is my first baby and I Def plan on breastfeeding . If he won't latch I'll pump. I want formula to be my last resort kind of thing. It's a wonderful way to bond with your baby. It gives the baby all the good stuff and buld up antibodies that formula can't. It's free! The only downfall is that some new moms think its gonna happen right away and be so easy and all that. But really it's time consuming some mom's say at first it hurts a little (that's y some mom's quit).
Avatar f tn I think thats probably an old wives tale thought up to try to control the hormones! I have heard that it is more difficult to express or feed while stressed though they say you should be calm and relaxed for the best results. I gave up trying after a week with my daughter, but I had nothing there, no pain, no engorgement, nothing. Sorry I'm no more help.
Avatar f tn I breast fed my son for almost a year and never had any pain. Until he bit when he got teeth;) but I loved my breast feeding experience and I can't wait to breastfeed this baby:) totally worth it.
Avatar f tn I had my baby 4 days ago n theres a lot of that liquid coming out
Avatar f tn That would be exclusive pumping and is very difficult to maintain a good supply because it's not natural the way baby suckling is. My pump could never get out as much as my daughter would drink and I had a really good one. Pumps are just not as effective as baby. Can I ask why you don't want to feed naturally?
4887252 tn?1366511095 i feed my girls every 3 hrs but they wouldnt get full past the two.months went to the doctor n said my breast since there small dont provide as much is that rmtrue?
8726042 tn?1399982430 I breast fed my 2 sons and planning on breast feeding my 3rd. My first son was 1 year and 2 months wen he stopped. My second son was 1 year and 11 months wen he stoped if it wasnt because i got operated for my appendix he would of kept going lol. Its the best thing you can do for ur baby and it help you too.
Avatar f tn Anyone else planning to breast feed? I want to but worried i will change my mind after a while and then he or she won't like formula... I heard breast milk digests easier so they want to eat more often i think that will have me wore out..