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Avatar n tn the last CT scan i had (take in the ER) was this past may and the ER doc did not report back that there was anything on the ovaries. i also had an ultrasound this past march (done by a GYN) and he reported a cyst that he was not worried about. i would assume that the CT in may would've picked up on anything wrong with the ovaries, however again, nothing was brought to my attention. this past june marks two years of my having symptoms and i'm still worried i have ovarian cancer.
Avatar n tn Our eight year-old daughter was seen in September by a pediatric endocrinologist due to vaginal bleeding that she had on August. He reran some of the blood work, which he wanted done a couple of weeks later, at the beginning of October, with the following findings: Estradial was 9pg/ml; FSH was 0.79; LH was 0.04. A bone age xray was also done, which came back at about her age (actual reading said four months younger than she actually was).
Avatar f tn Thanks for replying. I have cysts on one ovary and fluid on the other so not both. Do you know if there is a relationship between things going on with the ovaries and things going on with the uterus? The MRI is tomorrow and I'm sure I'll have the results by Tuesday the latest and biopsy results of uterus should be back by Wednesday. Waiting is the hardest part.
Avatar f tn I too have had a hysterectomy in May of 07 but I still have my ovaries and cervix. Because of pain I had a CT scan and it showed cysts on both ovaries so I thought. I had two ultrasounds, one being vaginal and both were conclusive that I had cysts on both ovaries but that one of my tubes was blocked and filled with fluid.
Avatar f tn I participated in a study a few months ago which involved me having an MRI scan (I did this study purely out of interest to receive the scan image and to help out people who need volunteers). I recently received a letter from someone who reviewed all the scans saying that I have a slight prominence of the pituitary gland. In the letter the gentleman says that the prominence is "very uncertain" but that he could refer me to one of his colleagues if I wanted to do anything further (i.
408163 tn?1242949501 I have had 5 ultrasounds since Sept 07 and in the last two reports the radiologist has recommended an MRI which initially she said she didn't have any faith in. Everytime she calls me to discuss the US results, she can't seem to make a decision as to what I should do. First she says no MRI, now she says yeah, maybe an MRI or US in 3 months. I am becomming increasingly concerned because the cysts or lesions as some put it, have gotten bigger.
Avatar f tn I suppose it depends on when in your cycle the ultrasound was done and what type of ultrasound. However, I had dozens of ultrasounds at various times in my cycle and the cysts always were very apparent. However, all of my ultrasounds were transvaginal, it may be harder to see them on an abdominal ultrasound...I never had an abdominal ultrasound of my ovaries. On a transvaginal scan, this website shows what your ovary would look like if you had PCOS:
Avatar n tn When she was being tested for her ovaries They did many blood tests, urine tests and culture tests and they came back normal. They also did a CT scan of everything in the Abdomen and they said nothing about the kidney. we are all just very worried and scared.
409451 tn?1206896632 if the doctor is not understanding of the disease they will not know but if an expert in this disease looked at the results of the MRI they would know right away.
Avatar n tn Does the size of your ovaries after menopause have anything to do with your risk for ovarian cancer?
Avatar n tn She went to the doctor and the doctor who did a scan of the womb first of all said there is a thickening of the linking of the womb but that he doesn't think it's cancer (he showed her all the scan pictures too), but he has referred her for a D and C (she has to have a general). She is very over weight. Bit worried that he didn't think it was cancer yet has referred her for more tests. If he thought it wasn't then why would he refer her for more tests? Any ideas?
Avatar m tn I then received a letter saying during the Mri scan they found a 5.
Avatar f tn I want to get an MRI and the ultrasound doctor suggested that as well. When I told the Obgyn she said they all say that. Which doesn’t really help me!
Avatar f tn s as a guide to determine if you have the most common form of ovarian cancer, approximately 80% of all ovarian cancers are epitheal ovarian cancer which is cancer of the cells on the surface of your ovary. Please keep in mind that CA-125 can be elevated if your menstruating and some other cuases of inflamation.. Unfortunately with any type of suspected ovarian mass/tumor/ suspicious cyst(s) surgery will be the only way for the Dr's too make a definitive Dx.
Avatar f tn I went to the gyno, a sonogram and an MRI was done. Both the test back showing a large cyst on my ovaries that possible?
Avatar m tn I picked up a CD of CT scans I had done in May and June. The report for the scan in May notes cysts on my ovaries. I had an ultrasound confirming the cysts on my ovaries. The report for June states that 'the uterus and ovaries are unremarkable'. I am curious because I found an image from my pelvic CT scan from June that has a flag and an arrow on it, but there is no mention of it on the report.
Avatar f tn My recent brain-spine MRI was just over an hour. The power of the unit is important. You can study the types on the net. Most hospitals claim state-of-the-art for all their equipment, leaving patients pretty much in the dark. Even well-known centers can be weak in some areas. If you aren't satisfied with your improvement, learn more and keep looking for better treatment.
Avatar f tn Felt like my ovaries (like ovulating but worse). The pain stopped for about a week. Then at the end of the next week it came back. I also felt pelvic pressure and some urgency from the pressure. I'm still hungry, no stool changes, not sure if my stomach is larger since I went off my diet the last few weeks and have gained a few pounds. I had lost 40 pounds last year and have gained 15 over the year by not watching what I eat.
170935 tn?1225371076 s hips on a 14 week baby scan are they kidneys or are they ovaries? has anyone ever been shown the ovaries on their baby girls scan. the reason i ask is i went in for a 14 week dating scan and i didn't really see any white lines as such but i saw these 2 white round circles. i thought it was the ovaries but not sure as they looked a little too big to be ovaries!!!
447161 tn?1262923084 She was extremely lucky as she cannot remember having any symptoms but noticed a lump in her abdomen. Then from seeing her doctor, the very next day, to the time of the scan etc, surgery was only matter of a couple of weeks. The result of the cancer was of course shocking, but the surgeon was confident that the tumour was taken out 'whole'. Mum had chemotherapy and then was cleared and has been clear since.
Avatar f tn t know about the scar tissue but can they see scar tissue in the MRI? I wonder if scar tissue shows up in any type of radiology. Good luck with your decision.
Avatar f tn ps... i just found the last scan from exactly 4 years ago...on it there was one fibroid at 2.3xm x 1.9cm and my left ovary had a volume of 5.0cm3 (now 13cc in volume ) and my right ovary was bigger at 6.1cm3 (now 2cc volume). i'm a bit worried about this...but no one's really raised a red flag...could you please give me your thoughts. Should i try chase it up. THank you.
17490356 tn?1457283801 There is asymetric perfusion involving the basil ganglia specifically hypoperfusion of the left putamen. Perfusion to the head of the bilateral caudate nuclei appears normal.
Avatar m tn I also would like some advice on what to talk to my doctor about, future MRI or CT scan, certain blood work, or maybe hysterectomy. This is the second scare I have had in the last year with all this menopause. Most recent was a swollen lymph nod in my breast that appeared on my mammogram which after an MRI doctor says nothing showed up so we have moved on, so now this endometrial situation has me concerned something serious maybe going on with my body.
Avatar n tn The TVU showed fluid in pelvic cavity.I had the MRI It showed some fluid and some small nodules in the cavity one on the bowel It said it could be allot of things from inflamation to cancer. Then I was referred to a GYN oncologist who asked for a CT which I am waiting for now. I thought the CT was the better one No? Ovaries and uterus looked fine exceot for a small fibriod.
Avatar m tn The first thing I would do is a transvaginal ultrasound, and perhaps an MRI. Most good sonographers can locate both ovaries on a transvaginal scan unless one has been removed. An endometrial biopsy is not a good diagnostic test for endometriosis, In fact, it is not commonly used in fertility evaluations unless a luteal phase abnormality is suspected. Laparoscopic surgery can be used to locate ovaries and to diagnose endometriosis.
Avatar m tn During my 10 day hospital stay the did another CT scan, MRI of the entire spinal column, every possible blood test and a repeat spinal tap. MRI showed that the swelling of the meninges was the same as the first MRI and even across the brain. All other tests came back normal or negative. By this point the Dr's have no idea what it could be or how to treat it. The last test that was done was a biopsy of the meninges.