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Avatar f tn Myotop is stopped now , but headache originating from Head to neck behind the right ear. MRI Scan of the neck shows no viral infection , Brain scan also shows no anomaly. Is the fever & ache due to Spondylosis or any viral infection ?
Avatar f tn My doctor has now referred me to a rheumatologist as it is only them who can decide if I need an MRI scan because I insisted to my doctor that I must have an MRI scan to get to the bottom of all this. Arnica gel seems to help, in the meantime I will keep you informed, but greatly appreciate your views on this latest development, thanks, Jojo.
Avatar n tn Hi - I had cervical fusion of C5-6-7 12 years ago. My symptoms were pain in right upper arm, muscle weakness/atrophy, mild incontinence. It wasn't going to get better by itself. Post surgery, aside from the feelings of having the fingers of my left hand having been slammed in a car door (residual sensitivity still exists), my right arm pain and all other problems were resolved. It took time to build that arm back up, but I'm glad I did it.
Avatar f tn This began in November whilst at work, stressful morning sudden left arm pain high blood pressure, I thought heart attack ECG normal, hospital thought stroke pain in leg and arm side of face fluctuating sensations memory problems. CT scan Heart scan Mri scan head normal. Off about five months simptoms seemed to improve although still weakness left side loss of feeling in parts of body.
Avatar m tn Here is another 2 MRI view of the Brain and upper neck taken http://postimg.
Avatar f tn t really hurt, maybe a tiny bit tender, but I get aches and pains in the area of the lump. Sometimes my arm feels tingly and heavy, as if it fell asleep when it hasn't. It's hard to lift up my arm or to use it. I'm starting to get pain in my shoulder, and left clavicle. I'm fatigued and dizzy, very very dizzy. I can fall asleep anywhere at any given moment. I've also been feeling really hot at night.
Avatar m tn the shoulder blade (scapula), the collarbone (clavicle), and the upper arm bone (humerus). The head of the upper arm bone (humeral head) rests in a shallow socket in the shoulder blade called the glenoid. The head of the upper arm bone is usually much larger than the socket, and a soft fibrous tissue rim called the labrum surrounds the socket to help stabilize the joint. The rim deepens the socket by up to 50% so that the head of the upper arm bone fits better.
Avatar m tn No pain or loss of feeling, only the feeling you get when you sit on your arm for too long. After a few days it spread to the other arm and now it has engulfed my entire upper body and both arms. Whenever I bend my head down towards my chest my entire upper body vibrates like crazy including both arms. It gets worse when I sit compared to walking. When I lay flat I feel fine. My GP told me not to worry as the MRI was clean and told me to come back after 6 MONTHS, which is insane.
Avatar f tn Did they do an MRI of your arm or of your spine? I'm not a doctor, there are seperate doctor forums, but if I had to hazard a guess, I'd say you have a pinched or trapped nerve, maybe a bulging disc. It's surprising the number of people who have these to a mild extent. I would advise seeing your doctor and maybe asking for a referral to a neurologist. Neurogists deal with nerves and it sounds like you have a nerve issue going on for sure.
440941 tn?1243648084 I am scheduld to see the doctor on tuesday simply to go over the xray report but he did assure me that all was well on the xray. Do you think i should ask the phsician to do a mri or ct scan on my upper back where the pain is.
Avatar n tn That night, experienced mild numbing in arm (top of forearm) and right side of face (cheek area). I went to ER, blood tests and CT scan were normal. Headache remained mild, off and on, mild neck soreness remained. Went to see a D.O. and he scheduled an MRI. MRI was normal. Throughout all of this, the constants have been mild neck soreness, very mild occasional dizziness, mild headaches (mainly in the back of the head) and the numbness/tingling in forearm and right side of face.
Avatar f tn Thank you for your reply, I was first told it was a rota cuff then a frozen shoulder then neuropathic pain then a shoulder impingement.......I had a mri scan but all that came back was mild tendonitis mild arthritis and evidence of 2 small bursa , my GP and pain clinic doctor said that the result of my scan does not warrant the amount of pain I am in. I have an appointment in oct to see a shoulder specialist hopefully he will help me.
Avatar n tn I have also had a C5-6 ACDF (11/03) for disc and significant osteophyte compression of cord. After Clavicle resection (great result immediately) the right upper arm nerve line of pain persisted. Spine doc found significant sponylothesis/retrothesis with flexion/extension x-rays and an urgent ACDF (5/07) of the 2 levels above the original was done. Bil foraminotomies were carried out at all levels, each ACDF.
Avatar m tn Hello, I'm a 34 yo male. For the last 18 months or so I've had pain in my left bicep, tricep, my armpit, and occasionally in my left shoulder. At its worst, it gives me a sensation like a blood pressure cuff is squeezing on it. The pain will occasionally radiate into my pectoral muscle and sternum. My physician did an MRI on my spine that came out clear and has also ruled out any heart problems.
Avatar f tn More likely, and less serious, a dysfunction of joints in the thoracic spine can cause pain that is carried through the nerves up to the arm (most likely in the small finger side of the hand and inner arm/armpit area). Upper back and chest pain are quite common symptoms of problems in the joints of the thoracic spine. As for the calf pain, I would suspect an issue in the lumbar (lower back) spine as causing the calf pain.
Avatar n tn At that time, very little pain, but the arm would not work. But if I felt the shoulder and the upper arm and pressed on any part no pain, just the arm would not work. After a week I could lift the arm half way up but large bruises formed on the arm mussels. Now two weeks later, the shoulder is now in pain, any idea what damage I did? Or do now have to see my doctor for x-rays?
Avatar m tn It can also be pinched lower cervical or upper thoracic nerves. Costochondritis too is a possibility. A MRI of the affected area or a CT scan where the lump appears may help reach the diagnosis. TMJ with inflammation of sternocleidomastoid muscle is another possibility that should be considered and a dentist or ENT consulted. Take care!
Avatar f tn Its right about where you get a flu shot, only straight down the arm by about 2-3 inches On the OUTSIDE of my arm. Right where somebody would give you a punch on the arm. In THAT spot. It has gone from a mild ache if I move it just right, to a burning almost unbearable pain when I move it just right. For example, reaching my left (painful) arm over to touch my right hip--wow. Just tried it, and its a pain that makes me almost yell out loud. Lifting that arm up over my head is doable..
Avatar f tn The symptoms are pain on his neck, shoulder, arm, headaches, left eye redness, and weakness on the left part of his body. He went to several doctors and did a lot of exams, but no one had said nothing. He thinks that the problem is in his bones, and also he thinks it might be cancer. Could someone give me some advice to what kind of doctor should I take him to? Should I take to a bones doctor, what kind of exams should he take. Please help!!!
Avatar m tn Hi. Thank you for your response. I used to up till about 8 years ago experience severe neck pain but no radiating arm pain and 11 years I had a c5-6 fusion. My therapist said since I had the fusion I'm now limited to the modalities that they can perform such as traction and ultrasound. I just can't believe after 8 years of relief of neck pain it came back following my migrating arm pain.
Avatar f tn What I woud like to know is whether apart from local tests and nerve conduction studies, MRI/CT Scan of brain and spine was done or not? This was not mentioned by you, and if not done, you could probably try this. The problem may be located higher up. Its difficult to comment without seeing the patient. You have explained his condition well, but can you think of something else about his condition or any positive test that will help nail the diagnosis?
Avatar f tn I saw my Orthapedic Surgeon after results of my MRI. He says now I need a total shoulder! I go from no pain in my arm to a torn rot. cuff in July and repair..still pain..then tenotomy in Nov. now he's saying I need a total shoulder. He says I have a fast progression(3 months?) arthritis. I have copies of my records, MRI and it shows a Labrum tear..which wasn't fixed in surgery. My pain is below my right shoulder, upper arm,mainly when I lift foward or to the side.
Avatar f tn Sometimes a rotator cuff tear will cause upper arm pain like you are describing but not often seen in both upper extremities at the same time. Have it checked out!
Avatar n tn I have had numbness and tingling in my upper left back for 9months. In the last 3months or more I have started having the numbness and tingling in mainly my left arm and leg. I have had a MRI on my head. I didn't not have any tumors or any signs of MS. Last week the done a EGG and nerve scan and it showed that I did not have any nerve damage or anything. The doctor said he thought it was just Tendinitis. I am afraid I am going to drop my baby at times when it gets so bad.
Avatar n tn I indeed have suffered from auras and migraine and now feel a lot less worried about the presence of plaques on the mri scan of my brain. Thank you for being very helpful.