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Avatar n tn During this time, I have had countless ultrasounds (last ultrasound was performed in March of this year), 2 CT scans (last CT scan was performed in May of this year) and an MRI (although the MRI was a while back). I also have had an upper endoscopy and a colonoscopy. And, lots of bloodwork. My symptoms include: chronic bloating, twinges of pain near my right ovary, irregular bowel movements, back pain, regular fatigue. I am still very concerned about the prospect of having ovarian cancer.
Avatar n tn Our eight year-old daughter was seen in September by a pediatric endocrinologist due to vaginal bleeding that she had on August. He reran some of the blood work, which he wanted done a couple of weeks later, at the beginning of October, with the following findings: Estradial was 9pg/ml; FSH was 0.79; LH was 0.04. A bone age xray was also done, which came back at about her age (actual reading said four months younger than she actually was).
Avatar f tn Lets hope the pelvic MRI goes well. Having cysts on both Ovaries points to them being benign. It is rare to have Cancer in both Ovaries. Are they doing the MRI to cut down on radiation? They always do CT Scans on me.
Avatar f tn I too have had a hysterectomy in May of 07 but I still have my ovaries and cervix. Because of pain I had a CT scan and it showed cysts on both ovaries so I thought. I had two ultrasounds, one being vaginal and both were conclusive that I had cysts on both ovaries but that one of my tubes was blocked and filled with fluid.
Avatar f tn However, all of my ultrasounds were transvaginal, it may be harder to see them on an abdominal ultrasound...I never had an abdominal ultrasound of my ovaries. On a transvaginal scan, this website shows what your ovary would look like if you had PCOS: To get a definitive diagnosis, a transvaginal scan would be your best option!
Avatar n tn About 3 months ago she had tests done to see if anything was going on they found one large mass in both of her ovaries, she had them taken out (ever things was non-cancerous, Thank God!) but at the same time they seen a lesion on her kidney but decided to put it off until after they figured out everything with her ovaries. Now they are sending her for an MRI on Monday to check everything out further.
409451 tn?1206896632 Has anyone had an MRI that saw endo or signs of endo? I have read that an MRI can detect some endo, but wondered if anyone has had it happen or knows of it happening?
Avatar m tn I then received a letter saying during the Mri scan they found a 5.
Avatar f tn I am just really nervous about the whole thing and I’m not sure why she didn’t order an MRI or CT scan because it was recommended on my ultrasound report. I talked to my doctor again and she is going to set me up for surgery but do an appointment beforehand to do an ultrasound at that time. I just don’t think I can wait. The pain I have experienced is so severe and I’m extremely worried that it won’t get better.
Avatar f tn I went to all kinds of doctors I finally went to an oncology/gyno. She started treating me, sending c... for all kinds of ct scans, mri ect .....they would come back neg one month and positive with some kind of cyst. Anyway, she encouraged me to have a laproroscopy. I came out of surgery 6 hrs later. I had to have a bowel recetion ]n, my intestiness were cut and recectioned. That was two years ago. I started having pain on my pck. area.
Avatar m tn I picked up a CD of CT scans I had done in May and June. The report for the scan in May notes cysts on my ovaries. I had an ultrasound confirming the cysts on my ovaries. The report for June states that 'the uterus and ovaries are unremarkable'. I am curious because I found an image from my pelvic CT scan from June that has a flag and an arrow on it, but there is no mention of it on the report.
Avatar f tn In latest stenography report, it is shown that both ovaries are normal. Is it possible that there is growth of ovaries? Also my periods are irregular. Kindly advice.
170935 tn?1225371076 s hips on a 14 week baby scan are they kidneys or are they ovaries? has anyone ever been shown the ovaries on their baby girls scan. the reason i ask is i went in for a 14 week dating scan and i didn't really see any white lines as such but i saw these 2 white round circles. i thought it was the ovaries but not sure as they looked a little too big to be ovaries!!!
447161 tn?1262923084 He has suggested an MRI scan next week, which, if abnormal, will mean that we will go ahead with removal of the ovaries and no decision necessary..but If the scan is ok I will have to make a decision. Do I have surgery to remove my ovaries and go straight into early menopause, possibly causing severe symptoms.
Avatar f tn So I have been having pain in my left pelvic side for al,oat a yer. They have done ultrasounds and saw I have poly cystic ovaries (which I knew) they did MRI on back to make sure it wasn't spine/sciatic, it's not. Now they wanna do exploratory laparoscopic surgery. They said they don't expect to find anything but they wanna rule out gyn issues. Should I have this done??
Avatar f tn ps... i just found the last scan from exactly 4 years ago...on it there was one fibroid at 2.3xm x 1.9cm and my left ovary had a volume of 5.0cm3 (now 13cc in volume ) and my right ovary was bigger at 6.1cm3 (now 2cc volume). i'm a bit worried about this...but no one's really raised a red flag...could you please give me your thoughts. Should i try chase it up. THank you.
Avatar m tn Was told three years ago I was in menopause, have not had a menstrual cycle in three years. Started bleeding a couple of days ago, doctor requested an ultra sound. Ultrasound shows varicose veins through out my pelvic area along with a small polyp and one small fibroid tumor. My endometrial wall is 10mm and one of my ovaries could not be seen. I'm scheduled for an endometrial biopsy tomorrow, but I'm concerned to what all this means.
Avatar n tn I had an MRI came back with fluid in adnexa and smallnodules in soft tissue on front of bladder one in culde sac and one on bowel. I have no symptoms this finding was incidental. Dr. feels if it is a cancer that it is an ealy catch as there are no symptoms but GYN oncologist wants a CT first before seeing me . Is this because they think ithas spread or just to get a better view. Anyone had these findings with a good outcome?
Avatar m tn The first thing I would do is a transvaginal ultrasound, and perhaps an MRI. Most good sonographers can locate both ovaries on a transvaginal scan unless one has been removed. An endometrial biopsy is not a good diagnostic test for endometriosis, In fact, it is not commonly used in fertility evaluations unless a luteal phase abnormality is suspected. Laparoscopic surgery can be used to locate ovaries and to diagnose endometriosis.
Avatar n tn Old_before_my_time. I am so very sorry for everything you have been through. I can only imagine how difficult that must go have been. It is so frustrating to keep going to doctors and instead of helping, they only make things worse. I wouldn't be surprised if I do have PCOS. Especially because I often have severe 'ovulation' pain mid cycle.
Avatar n tn This is clearly indicative to me that the surgeon has not carried out the operation with the removal of my ovaries. As endremeterosis is controlled by hormones then the removal of my womb would not have completely cleared my severe endremeterosis as I had stage 4 with alot of adhesions. What do I do next?
Avatar f tn it is now March and her MRI scan says they can not see any cancer !!!? The docs say it great and shes responded well my question is does the MRI pick up everything?? she still has another 5 rounds of chemo and then the operation to remove the ovaries ect.. We all no that this is a fast and great recovery in a short period. I would also like to add that she has not been very un well with the chemo shes doing well not feeling very sick a little tired ..
Avatar n tn I would like to know why they would order a cat scan instead of ultrasound of ovaries? Ascites is abdominal fluid. Thats about all I can offer.
1649757 tn?1301502977 When you stop to think about it, the symptoms you describe can be for all sorts of things. Urinary tract issues, bowel issues, and more. Please don't jump to the worst possible conclusion. But, you know your body, and you certainly want to get checked out. If you had a CA-125 blood test, "normal" is under 35 or 25 depending on the lab. This test is not a good diagnostic test for ovarian cancer because the number can be high due to inflammation, illness, etc.
Avatar f tn cervix removed 20 years ago. My CA125 was normal ( 9.9) Trans vaginal ultra sound appeared normal. MRI and nuclear bone scan normal. The pain in my low back and pelvis is gone (just the post-op pain now which is nothing compared to what I was experiencing!) I feel sooooo much better already. I am 54 years old and am just waiting and wondering about the biopsy report now on my ovaries.I am certain all the problems I was experiencing was related to my ovaries...
Avatar f tn I had the same when I found out I was getting really bad pains in my left side and went to doctors next day and they send me to hospital because it could of been ectopic pregnancy I had bloods taken swabs and a scan and they couldn't see anything then the pain went a little and they send me home and told me to come back in 24hours to see if hormones double and they did then we had another scan after a week and the little one was okay, but the pain was there because I had a quit big cist on m