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745783 tn?1267545626 i have recently had a mri which showed fallen cerebellum also right frontal lobe loss i also had eeg which came back very scatty can you tell me what these mean please
Avatar n tn Is this true? Is an MRI of the brain good enough, or do I need an MRI of the skull? also, would an MRI of the cervical spine show if the brain goes into the cerbellum?
Avatar f tn The doctor at the MRI center would not issue a report on the second scan because they needed more images. ?? Friday was a more detailed scan of the area slightly above my cerebellum, and the pineal gland cyst. I know I'm not crazy, but I feel that they are somehow connected. I have never suffered from headaches before. The pressure pain is always there, and there are times the pain gets so bad I get sick. During the extreme pain it hurts to chew, cough, or talk.
4943237 tn?1428991095 I had an appointment with my gastroenterologist last week to talk about the whole gluten ataxia/Celiac thing and quite literally came away a stunned mullet !! It would seem that they (PCP, Neuro & Gastro) are fully expecting me to get an MS diagnosis at some point in the future. There just isn't enough evidence to nail it down yet.
Avatar f tn "Low Cerebellum" is the position of the cerebellum sometimes in individuals when it is near the opening of the brain into the spinal cord which is lower down. Let him diagnose it perfectly after the MRI, this is a possibiltiy what he thinks. Hope your next appointment and the MRI will clear all these doubts.
13766472 tn?1431393364 a note is made of a 3 mm ring calcification in the right posterior fossa slightly inferior and lateral to the 4th ventricle (image 6 ) this finding may be extra axle or intra axle at the anterior periphery of the cerebellum. It is of a questionable acute significance. What does this mean.. I have been having horrible headaches on the side of my head and bottom of the back of my skull. This is why the scan was done.
Avatar m tn Had vestibular testing and MRI for periodic vertigo. Diagnosis was vestibular neuritis with prescription of vestibular rehab to resolve the vertigo. (also had this 10 years ago and neuro thinks I have started to decomensate) However a secondary finding on the MRI was a small cerebellum inconsistent with my age (26). I have no symptoms of ataxia. Neuro recommended a follow up in 6 months.
1203401 tn?1265571533 Hi there, I just recently had a MRI of my brain in January 2010 and I saw something that perked my curiosity. And, although I do have an appointment to see a neurologist for other reasons, it's still a couple months out from now. The thing that caught my eye was a bit of matter that appears to be an extension of the brain behind and almost below the cerebellum (see the photo I linked).
Avatar f tn So heres my scan of my brain, ans according to a few friends i have on instagram that also have chiari they think i have a herniation on my cerebellum. Im just searching for some answers and I refuse to believe that im "normal" since i know with the symptoms i have Im not.. I appreciate all answers and inputs!!! Thanks!
Avatar f tn what does small scattered foci of hyperintensity on a brain scan indicate
Avatar f tn When they do an MRI of the brain do they always include the cerebellum?? Is it easy to miss a tumor in that area of the brain? If they think it is virus related would they do lab work and than a spinal tap? Thank you very much.
Avatar n tn t grow and wants to treat for migraines first and then see if he is responsive. Because of the size of the cyst, there is a possibility of headaches and other symptoms. If he is not responsive to migraine medicine, the my consider surgically treating the cyst. Our follow up appointment follows a 6 month wait and is schedule for mid-October. Meanwhile, he has reported to me that he is having difficulty reading. He has always scored in the 99.9% in testing and is a very advanced reader.
Avatar f tn Since u had a MRI. I would make sure u have a copy of the MRI on a disk, and a copy of the report so u can get a 2nd opinion. All testing for this would be a brain MRI w/wo contrast, cervical spine MRI, a thoracic and lumbar spine MRI...these r to also rule out syringomyelia and tethered cord....u also want to know if u have ne disk issues, sleep apnea, ehlers-danlos...low levels of vitamins and minerals. Make sure the NS u r referred to is a true chiari specialist...
529811 tn?1214435134 ENT Dr. cleared him and referred him to a neurologist. One of our local Neurosurgeons was interested in Keith's case, since he had completed a lumbar fusion on him 5 years prior. An MRI was done 2 weeks ago and resulted as NORMAL!!! What a relief! Until today, he was referred by our Neurosurgeon to a Neurololgist. The Neurologist said that the MRI was NOT normal and sent it back to the Radiologist to re-read.
566995 tn?1217588493 They is no way they can miss that area. Your scan was done of the whole brain. No one would ever do a partial scan of the brain. It's best to go over this new report with your Neuro. Trust me kitten, the MRI i had a few weeks ago, was with a vague report from the radiologist. He just said that it appears, "unchanged" with slight volume loss as compared with last scan. I am sure that others will be along to give you their take on this report.
Avatar m tn u mentioned a few symptoms, gait, slurred speech, does she have others? It is possible to have herniated cerebral tonsils and and it is an issue with the cerebellum part of the brain..... Do have ur friend get copies of her MRI and the report and get another Dr to view it for her to get a few more details as to what may be going on.
5335577 tn?1366582921 m just curious what your thoughts are with these white spots on my brain MRI. I had the scan done at 9am and a NS appt at 10, which the Radiologist had already read my scans, the doctor only looked at them to see my cerebellum and post-surgery area, not MS... so I'm just looking for some insight..
Avatar n tn t have a headache I seem to have a dull ache constantly in the back of my head. How do they diagnose this Chari? They found mine in cat scans and mri(the movement of the cerebellum). I have been everywhere for vertigo, thinking it was due to cervical fusions. I had a very bad injury back in 98 which caused numerous fractures in my neck. My doc says he can't believe I'm alive and walking. I feel lucky I guess. I have had a lot of surgeries from everything from my feet to my neck.
Avatar f tn Relatively large venous angioma, left cerebellum/brachuim pontis. Mild t2 hyperintensity in the crebral white matter, mis right temporal lobe, and deepparietal lobes bilaterally. Thse are not distinct, well defined lesions. the appearance is not that of demyelinating disese, but a specific diagnosis cannot be made. Complete neuro eval, possibly CSF (spinal tap?) analysis may be helpful. I have had depression since the age of 6 (now 45) 22 concussions, migraines and viral menegitis.
Avatar n tn We were told just recently that an mri showed shrinkage of the cerebellum. She, too, has undergone numerous tests, all of which have been fruitless. she has great doctors at the University of Virginia, im just curious to know what information your doctors gave you about this issue. We were basically told that this happens and they dont necessarily know why, but that it is a symptom of certain classifications of epilepsy. im still a little lost as to exactly what it means though.
Avatar n tn Recommendation was to proceed with an MRI and/or CT Scan w/contrast fluid to further define the identified 1cm "white matter". The contrast fluid will clarify if the white matter is liquid or a solid. Too early to say what it is.