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Avatar n tn In this rare form of CM, the cerebellar tonsils are located further down the spinal canal, parts of the cerebellum are missing, and portions of the skull and spinal cord may be visible. What are Chiari malformations? Chiari malformations (CMs) are structural defects in the cerebellum, the part of the brain that controls balance.
Avatar f tn "Low Cerebellum" is the position of the cerebellum sometimes in individuals when it is near the opening of the brain into the spinal cord which is lower down. Let him diagnose it perfectly after the MRI, this is a possibiltiy what he thinks. Hope your next appointment and the MRI will clear all these doubts.
745783 tn?1267549226 i have recently had a mri which showed fallen cerebellum also right frontal lobe loss i also had eeg which came back very scatty can you tell me what these mean please
Avatar f tn So it's very much advisable for you to convince him for a scan of the head / brain. However if the scan results are normal then we really need to plan the further course of action very meticulously. The second part of your doubt was to know the residual side effects of para embolic stroke. I would like to tell you that in stroke, we get to see the symptoms clearly and the treatment is aimed at the control of the symptoms.
Avatar n tn I have just had MRI scan and report states marked abnormal high signal on T2 W and flair sequences in the juxtia cortical and deep white matter of both cerebral hemispheres. Please help what does this mean? All searches seem to relate to ms even though my GP has ruled this out!
Avatar n tn My doc did a complete brain mri with and w/o contrast, which came back showing that my cerebellum had fell quite a bit. Everyone says it sounds like chari, but they did a scan two yrs ago and it did not show that my cerebellum had fell. He is referring me to a surgeon. Is there any other reason it would fall? Had very bad injury in 98' that took two cervical fusions, front and back which is still ongoing, one more neck surgery to go, Yea!
Avatar n tn I was admitted only under observation. Another physician ordered an MRI, scan of my arteries and echo of my heart. The MRI showed a cerebellum stroke. Luckily I am doing much better. I had to get glasses with prisms and still waiting to see neurologist!
Avatar n tn There is no evidence of compression of the aqueduct or of the tecum of the midbrain Could someone please explain this in plain english.
Avatar n tn But they thought I should stay and have a MRI done and a TIA workup. Strokes and heart problems run deep in my dad's side of the family so I should have put some of the early symptoms together. But, dummy me I did not. The Dr. came in and said I had a minor stroke in my cerebellum. I am 48 years old and other than a bout with viral meningitus when I was 29 I have been healthy. I have a fear now of headache and numbness.
1203401 tn?1265575133 Hi there, I just recently had a MRI of my brain in January 2010 and I saw something that perked my curiosity. And, although I do have an appointment to see a neurologist for other reasons, it's still a couple months out from now. The thing that caught my eye was a bit of matter that appears to be an extension of the brain behind and almost below the cerebellum (see the photo I linked).
Avatar m tn My neurologist just informed me that Osteoporosis and shrinkage of the Cerebellum are very serious side effects for long term users of Dilantin. Does anyone know more about this? I've been taking 500mg of Dilantin for over 30 years since I was a teenager, and now I'm terribly worried. Not one of the neurologists had mentioned anything about this over the years, and now at 46, I've learned that I may have severe osteoporosis.
Avatar f tn Otherwise in general, MRI is used for imaging of the brain for most disorders. Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a white matter disease: it most prominently affects the white matter of the brain (as opposed to the gray matter or cortex).
Avatar f tn People with migraine often have plaques on their MRI that are of unclear cause or significance. Other causes of plaques on MRI can usually be distinguished based on history and symptoms, such as symptoms of neurologic deficit (for example arm weakness or difficulty walking etc). These can also be distinguished based on the MRI appearance. These include, but are not limited to, multiple sclerosis, other demyelinating disease, and inflammatory processes such as vasculitis, etc.
Avatar f tn So heres my scan of my brain, ans according to a few friends i have on instagram that also have chiari they think i have a herniation on my cerebellum. Im just searching for some answers and I refuse to believe that im "normal" since i know with the symptoms i have Im not.. I appreciate all answers and inputs!!! Thanks!
Avatar n tn When consulted a specialist, she has been asked to obtain an MRI scan which confirmed that her cerebellum has fallen downward a bit and resting on the spinal cord. Further doctors found that she has lost sensitivity a little bit of her down part of one arm. Some doctors sugested that she should undergo a minor surgery which will have no adverse affects. My questions ,(1) Is there any other remedy for this disorder other than a surgery? .
Avatar n tn No foci are identified in the corpus callosum, brainstem or cerebellum. None of these lesions enhance. These are old lesions. The ventricle and sulci are normal. The posterior fossa, pituitary fossa and the nasopharyngeal are normal. There is no mass or midline shift." Impression: The findings are non-specific, could be small ischemic changes, vasculitis, lyme or other etologies.
Avatar f tn Our brain is covered by a layer of tissue called the meninges. This layer of tissue is made up of 3 layers, one of which is called the arachnoid. An arachnoid cyst is a developmental cyst that occurs in the arachnoid membrane. Arachnoid cysts are sacs filled with cerebropsinal fluid (CSF) which is the fluid that normally bathes the brain and spine. This fluid is normally located in the part of the brain called the subarachnoid space.
13766472 tn?1431396964 a note is made of a 3 mm ring calcification in the right posterior fossa slightly inferior and lateral to the 4th ventricle (image 6 ) this finding may be extra axle or intra axle at the anterior periphery of the cerebellum. It is of a questionable acute significance. What does this mean.. I have been having horrible headaches on the side of my head and bottom of the back of my skull. This is why the scan was done.
Avatar n tn The CT scan showed a possible lesion my cerebellum. I was ordered an MRI. The MRI came back normal but the MRI radiologist did not have my CT scan films to review. Could the MRI miss anything, especially if the doctor did not have the CT scan to review prior to running the MRI?
Avatar f tn what does small scattered foci of hyperintensity on a brain scan indicate
Avatar f tn He has been undergoing physio therapy and other occupational therapy and we are interested in exploring the stem cell treatment so he had MRI done a couple of days ago.
Avatar f tn The radiologist is speculating that either MS or small vessel disease could be at the base of these abnormalities. We hear this kind of thing all the time on this forum. Your MRI has meaning only in the context of a full neurological workup, including the symptoms you report. Would you like to tell us more about this?
233915 tn?1218816727 the possible cerebellar hemorrhage, as seen on the T2 weighted sequences on MR, roughly correspond to a 4-mm in lenght linear thing region of increased attenuation iwthin the anterior / superolateral portion of the right cerebellum, which may represent focal calcification or trace hemorrhage. The supratentorial brain appears unremarkable. These findings are nonspecific and are not associated with mass effect.
Avatar m tn Thrombolysis is of net benefit in patients with acute ischaemic stroke, who are younger than 80 years of age and are treated within 4ยท5 hrs of occurrence of stroke. Plavix is given to prevent clot formation and to improve blood supply to the brain. Any systemic causes like diabetes and hypertension are adequately controlled. Please discuss this with your doctor am sure he will provide further assistance. Hope this helped and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn The diagnostic test of choice is an MRI scan of the brain with Gadolinium (GAD) contrast. The characteristic findings are enhancement of the Dura (brain covering) with GAD and decent of the cerebellar tonsils to the level of c1/c2. The next test should be a CT myelogram to identify the area of CSF leak with 2-5mm cuts through the entire spine. Leaks are often due to an arachnoid diverticulum (out pouching of the brain/spinal cord covering).
Avatar f tn I am a 33-yr-old with chronic pain and chronic fatigue. MRI scan today was to follow up on possible seizure activity viewed on EEG during sleep study (polysomnography). I have not spoken to my doctor, but my father (a radiologist) insists that all of the images look "normal". I am not feeling so confident. Can anyone please give me some feedback on this image, PROP T2 TRF?
Avatar n tn I've had an mri scan last november and told I needed an urgent operation. I want to know if you could explain my mri report.: Slightly low lying cerebellum. Tiny is signal are noted in the white mater in the frontal regions which may represent tiny ischaemic changes. The rest of the brain parechyma is unremarkable. MRI spine cerival report: There is posterior discopytic lesion seen at C5/6 intervertebral dis level which is intending the theca and impinging on the cord.
Avatar n tn I'm a 44 year old white female and have had a lot of chronic muscle/joint pain with ongoing hand and feet cramps. I recently had a MRI of the brain and the results were as follows: CHRONIC MICROVASCULAR ISCHEMIC CHANGES, WITH SINGLE NONSPECIFIC T2/FLAIR SIGNAL ABNORMALITY IN THE CENTRUM SEMIOVALE OF THE RIGHT FRONTAL LOBE. FLUID IN THE RIGHT MASTOID AIR CELLS. I don't understand what any of this means, so I would be so very thankful for helping me better understand.
Avatar m tn This has been done after I have done an MRI brain scan. The size of my cerebellum is decreasing rapidly in size. I have difficulty in controling my balance when walking. My speach is changing as well as my hand writting. Can anyone help me? I want to know if there is a cure for this problem. If there is no cure what are the foods that are recomended & those that are not recomended. Thank you.
Avatar n tn I'm 35 male, take Prilosec OTC, 75 mcg synthroid, and 162 mg aspirin (PFO). I have not has a stroke before or a DVT... In 2005, had complaints of numbness in my extremities. Had brain MRI, spine MRI, and spinal tap. Spine MRI and lumbar puncture normal, but brain MRI revealed small area in right midbrain that was suspicious, although it didn't show any effects of the contrast material. Followed-up with a Multiple Sclerosis doc who said he didn't think it was MS.