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1545021 tn?1322477485 What more can you see on and MRI with contrast vs. an MRI without contrast?
Avatar n tn i had mri scan of my brian 3 weeks ago and now want me to have another with the dye injected first . does this mean they have found somehing wrong ?
Avatar n tn My doctor ordered a head scan with contrast. When I went, they did a scan without contrast then told me they were not going to do the one with contrast. Is that because everything looked normal or because they could already see an abnormality so didn't need to use the contrast?
Avatar f tn m now scheduled for an MRI scan, should I do it with or without contrast. Have read so many negative things about getting it with the contrast.
Avatar f tn I have just had my appt through for a MRI with contrast of the head and spine. I am feeling very anxious as I am very clausaphobic and will be in the scanner for about an hour. If I get sedated my appt will be longer. How small is the tube?
Avatar n tn I just noticed your response, now...I'll read through it again when I'm much more awake (it's 3:30am now...haha) and let you know if I have some additional thoughts. I can tell you already that I'm surprised they didn't do an MRI with contrast (gadolinium) in the first place--the reason they want to do a second MRI is because they would like it to be done with contrast this time.
Avatar m tn Does anyone know why they don't use an MRI with contrast to diagnose the condition of the liver? They are much better than a cat scan, are the not?
Avatar f tn I was told that a MRI WITHOUT contrast can still see abnormal findings a MRI WITH CONTRAST has , but with contrast a DOCTOR can identify size, intology(type of diease-sorry mispelled), & more details... It was also expained to me if the REGULAR MRI does not find it more than likely a CONTRAST MRI wont find it.. Again I am not a doctor(obvisouly from my spelling:o)), but this was told to me by a 10year MRI TECH..
Avatar n tn It is unusual and there is no reason for the MRI to cause this problem unless you had a dye contrast MRI. This is not an uncommon reaction to iodine contrast medium. It can also happen if you are a diabetic on metformin and take iodine contrast. Request a copy of all hospital records.
Avatar f tn Hi all. I recently had a back mri scan with the use of contrast dye as I had a discectomy November 2018 . I paid for the scan image on cd but haven’t had the results yet. Obviously I’m not medically trained so have no idea what the images look like however I wondered if anyone know what the few blobs are on a image that are next to the spine? As they came back as a white glow.
Avatar m tn This is the MRI scan There are numerous T2 and FLAIR hyperintense foci seen in the right periventricular white matter, both cerebral hemispheres white matter more to the right side, corpus callosum and in the left middle cerebellar peduncle, the one in the right periventricular white matter shoes perpendicular orientation to the callososeptal interface, compared to the old MRI (was taken about a year ago), the left cerebral peduncle lesion is more obvious on this exam, no significant interval c
Avatar n tn was your mri scan done with contrast dye injected or not? Because i think thi smakes quite a big difference.
Avatar n tn My Dr. ordered an MRI with contrast. The more I read though the more risky that seems. If I decide I am not comfortable with it will the regular MRI surfice?
Avatar f tn A very acutely dangerous animal, much different from the affects on kidneys. The MRI center will call with questions that must be answered before the scan. I don't know about the dyes between the CT scan and the MRI. But they have know that you had this reaction before you go in the tube.
Avatar f tn However, over the last month, they have increased in frequency and are becoming unbearable. I have visited a cardiologist who has ordered a Cardiac MRI with contrast this week to look for diseased or damaged heart tissue. I am terrified. I've never had an MRI. I have anxiety on top of the heart rhythm issues, so I'm just hoping I can survive this 90 minute procedure. Has anyone else had this done? What can you tell me about it? Thanks so much for listening.
Avatar m tn If you do get an MRI make sure you have it done with and without contrast, if not you just wasted a lot of time and money.... and DO NOT just go with what your doctor says. I have seen countless times when docs ASSUME that contrast will be used because it is the STANDARD practice when searching for an acoustic nueroma. Trouble is, the folks running the MRI machine do not know that.
Avatar f tn I have a Brain MRI with R/O contrast scheduled and I'm freaking out!! Anyone ever have this done? I've never had an MRI, let alone IV or any contrast. Of course I have anxiety and I'm freaking out about the procedure. What does it feel like? How long do you feel it go through you? Any side effects? Any dangers? How does one know if they are allergic to the contrast? Please help me understand a little better and calm down. Thank you!!!!!!
Avatar f tn That sounds short to me-- I might mentally prepare yourself for it to take a little longer. In fact, it probably should if they're taking the time to do the most usable sequences. The first one I had on a 1.5T (brain, Cpsine and TSpine, with and without C) took about an hour and a half. The second was on 3T-- just brain, with and without contrast. Took about an hour.
Avatar f tn I have a question on the contrast that is used with CT Scans. I have/had ovarian cancer (OVCA) and typically have CT Scan's atleast annually. As I had tumours throughout my pelvis they use the IV contrast as well as the Barium gastro constrast. While talking with the endo's and being diagnosed with Graves disease they asked about any CT scans etc but I didn't think to ask them. Is the contrast used in the IV for CT Scans a problem for people with thyroid conditions?
Avatar m tn My first brain MRI with and without contrast lasted about an hour and a half. They started telling me I had 10 minutes left about 40 minutes before it was actually over with (I think to cheer me up?). I recently had another MRI, without contrast, but of my brain, C-spine and T-spine and it lasted about 25 minutes. It probably depends on the machine, how much I moved (or didn't), and the person doing the test.
Avatar n tn I would rather pay for the MRI than CT scan with contrast. I do not have insurance but I am paying out my pocket all procedures. Thank you for your answer.
Avatar f tn The above link tells you pretty much everything you didn't want to know about MRIs. I had a brain MRI one time, I had to be sedated because I was afraid of it, they even have a little mirror in there so you can see out of it, sort of claustrophobic in the machine, and they had a microphone and radio in there so I could talk to the techs. When the machine started up, it was VERY loud, surprised me, kind of made a bumping racket.
Avatar n tn This new doctor ordered a full MRI from lumbar to cervical. BUT he did not order it with pre and post gadolinium contrast and MPGR like my prior doctor did six years ago. I did not think to ask when I was with the doctor and now I cannot get past his personal assistant who insists that the doctor ordered it the way he wanted it. She said contrast is for seeing scar tissue and since I haven't had surgery there the contrast is not needed.
Avatar m tn has anyone had a cat scan recommended with contrast, after treatment with alpha 2a & ribavirin? i do not want any contrast medium injected into me & i don't want all the radiation of 3 yrs of background exposure. i am considering a fibroscan. my dr says without using the contrast dye, the ct is worthless. i had 11 months of treatment for 1b hep c. i had 2 blood transfusions in 1982. had a liver bx 2007 under general, before my treatment.