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1409552 tn?1281483061 I drove 600 miles to boston to see Dr Afdhal and mainly have a FibroScan hoping to avoid a BX. In order to get the scan I had to agree to have a BX within 6 months. To be truthful I wasn't going to get the BX but after seeing the scan result was so different from the fibroSURE blood test I ended up having the BX a few months later which was closer to the fibrosure test. I personally lost some confidence in the FibroSCAN test.
Avatar m tn Hello all. I’ve recently been for an MRI scan following a number of years with neck, back and right shoulder pain. The results have recently come through and although it’s been explained once I'm looking for someone to translate them for me into layman's terms. Also looking for advice on what the future holds (if possible) and also likelihood of treatments at this level. RESULTS The cervical alignment is maintained. The vertebral body height and bone marrow signal are well preserved.
Avatar n tn My doctor put me on Neuronton, which has only had negative side-effects for me. I had a MRI that ruled out MS. After have many blood tests the only thing they found was that my B12 level was a little low and my doctor seems to feel that this is the reason for what's happening to me. I will get one B12 injection each month for six months.
Avatar f tn I was wondering if someone could tell me which is better to examine someone looking for any cause of psychotic episodes -- MRI or CT scan? Also, what conditions might show up on either exam as the source of the problem? Thank you.
Avatar m tn Just had a brain scan via MRI. I have a scalp condition - probably lupus. The pain started at the site of recent biopsies and started to spread across the top of my head towards my eyes - then I pushed the emergency button to stop the MRI. It felt like needles poking far into my head. When they pulled me out of the MRI machine and took off all of the gear, my head was shaking uncontrollably. Have you ever heard of that?
Avatar f tn I had a MRI of my brain re-read by another radiologist and I need help understanding his findings before I see my doctor next week....this is the result/change that was noted from the first reading which was showing everything normal which I questioned. "I called Dr. XXXXXX with this result change. I beleive that the most likely etiology for this enhancement, especialy considering its somewhat linear appearance, is that of a very small venous anomaly.
1375148 tn?1323170521 So 2 weeks after my second scan [ which should have been CINE but my dappy GP ordered a normal one grrr] I was expecting it to say excatley the same to be honest, but it doesn't at all. Head The cerebella tonsils are noted to extend low in the foramen magnum, there is no significant dilation of the ventricular system.
Avatar f tn I did have an MRI last year and was told it was normal- I called for the results today and was concerned about the scan. MRI scan of brain without contrast: Multiplanar imaging was obtained utilizing a variety of pulse sequences 1.5 Tesla unit The ventricular system has a nornmal size and configuration. Third and fourth ventricles are midline in position. There is no evidence of hemorrhage or mass effect. No extra-axial collections are seen.
Avatar f tn But that I could tell the hospital that I was from out of town, and had a follow up in my area, too soon to wait for the report from my neuro, and they may give me a disk of the mri. I said I was having all sorts of difficulties again, in specific locations, she said they would look at it all. But, I've been there before. Last year. And the year before that, and, and, and..... Question is, is she accurate about the contrast dye being unnecessary?
541196 tn?1293556536 A dynamic MRI is when they give you the contrast DURING the MRI. In other words, they are not stopping the machine, giving you contrast, and starting it up. They are looking for the uptake of the contrast as in some cases, the pituitary and an adenoma will take it up at different rates, thus showing up tumors that were not showing up before.
Avatar f tn since i was in my hospital gown, had taken a sedative and had arranged for childcare, i decided to just have the 1.5T scan done. i have had two 3Tesla scans done at two different locations during the past year with my IUD--most recently a brain scan in february. when i asked at both places if it was safe with my IUD, they said yes. maybe this is why i have been having so many menstrual irregularities? just venting before i put a call into my GYN. thanks for "listening.
Avatar f tn I had a brain MRI in July 2007 that showed a specific abnormality of the corpus callosum which my doctors attribute to an old stroke or head trauma. There are other white specks which they have not been able to explain. I have mildly elevated A.C.E. level (61). Spinal tap and cervical MRI were normal for someone my age (65). In 1990 I was diagnosed with non small cell lung cancer and my entire right lung was removed.
Avatar f tn Hi everyone, I hope the warmer weather is treating you well. I have an MRI coming up in a couple of weeks and it is only my second one. Because of new symptoms in the last year, my neuro has ordered one of the brain and c-spine.
Avatar n tn MS is diagnosed on the basis of 'dissemination in time and space' of an MS lesion That is, the demonstration of clinical MS outbreaks or MRI lesions spaced out by time (neuro exams and MRIs) and in different locations in the nervous system (by MRI, evoked potentials) A single 'old MS lesion' in the brain does not qualify for a diagnosis of MS by current criteria.
Avatar f tn I am a 40 yr old female with PMH of fibromyalgia. I have had a lot of strange neuro symptoms the last few months: numbness, tingling, memory loss, migraines, blurred vision, severe depression, personality changes, etc... Was referred to a neurologist. Neuro exam quoted as "normal". Labs and MRI brain and c-spine orderd. Phone call from nurse two weeks later: Vit D was very low at 8.2. Was started on 50,000u 3x week for that.
Avatar m tn I recently got MRI Scan of my father. The reports states following impressions:- - FEW SMALL FOCI OF ALTERED SIGNAL IN BILATERAL FRONTAL & PARIETAL WHITE MATTER, LIKELY TO REPRESENT SMALL VESSEL ISCHEMIC CHANGES. - MILDE DIFFUSE CEREBERAL ATROPHY. I need help regarding what exactly is the problem? How serious it is? How to cure it?
Avatar n tn I had an episode at the beginning of the year with a constant headache and visual impairment. The mri showed several lesions, increased signal activity of the brain stem, and some demylenation. After a course of IV cortisone the symptoms got better. Between follow up appointments I had a 3 week history of very weak knees which resolved on its own.
Avatar m tn This year I've had a spinal tap [ lumbar puncture ], a spinal cord MRI, some kinda ophtamology examination and three MRI brain scans. My spine is fine apparently but the brain scans all reveal peri-entricular white matter lesions. They first popped on the first brain scan I had in Guadeloupe mid 2009, but the last one was a few weeks ago. Here are the disturbing bits ..... "Ventricular cavities in places moderately dialated.
Avatar f tn Focal area right Occipital Lobe I had an MRI with contrast, also known as a Gadolinium Scan. If no-one can help with my MRI, I wondered if anyone could point me in the right direction of another website etc? Many thanks to all...
Avatar m tn I just had a brain MRI done this morning without contrast and after it was over I got a CD of my images and was told I would be called tomorrow to discuss the results. In the meantime I have been looking at the images and am wondering if they are significant or not... I included a picture of a scan of the side of my head, I'm particularly interested in the white spots that are circled in red, could this be something or could it be nothing?
Avatar f tn I've seen cardiology had and EKG and an echocardiogram all came back normal. I just had an MRI w/o contrast and it came back with scattered foci signal changes of the T2 and deep white matter in the subjuxtacortical in both hemispheres. I don't see the neurologist until May 31st, I'm just curious if anyone else has had similar MRI reports and could explain. The radiologist made a diffential diagnosis of essentially including but not limited to at least five different disorders.
317230 tn?1207693231 I was dx'd in September 2004, am on Rebif and have had evoked potentials, lumber punctures and mri's a plenty over the years. Please help me understand my recent report. My consultant said I had arthritis of neck and something about disc in spine. He also said the original area of my brain stem had lesions but with lesions in other areas. I am medically minded, was PA myself for a Consultant of Respiratory and my Mother and Daughter are nurses - but they are not neurologists.
Avatar n tn for severe headaches and pain behind my right eye. I have been for numerous tests, including an CT scan and an MRI/MRA of my head. The CT scan was normal, and I found out today that there were white spots on the MRI........ I was also referred to a neurologist. My primary dr. specialty is cardiology so she wouldn't discuss my MRI results with me because she said she knew nothing about it and couldn't properly make a diagnosis.......
Avatar f tn I was recently quoted figures ranging from about $1k to almost $5k, for MRI of brain with and without contrast. These were all "in network" locations, and the one 3T machine I found was among the highest - but they told me that they charge the same amount for their 1.5T as for the 3T. No comprendo.
Avatar f tn I am an irish girl and have had ongoing problems with my head since 2005. In the Summer of 2005, I was admitted to hospital with severe vertigo, I couldn't walk properly whatsoever. I had a CAT scan which came back as "Normal", but then had an MRI brain scan where a number of brain lesions appeared on the brain scan. The doctors then carried out a Lumper Puncture which came back as "Normal", and I also had VWR scan which was also normal.
Avatar f tn I have had chronic headaches for 2 months, and I recently had a CT scan with white matter appearing on it. I am waiting for an MRI this week. Was wondering what your experiences were, several years later. Thanks!
1637739 tn?1371692306 It's been a year since diagnosed and just had my new MRI. It showed 2 new active lesions which concern my neuro and he suggests changing my DMD. I have taken Copaxone for the past year of which I still have some reactions to. Any suggestions as to which DMD I should try next? The neuro would put me on Gilenya if I wanted. I am concerned that since Copaxone didn't work, that the other injections might not as well. Not to mention, I am scared to try the them!
Avatar f tn I am an irish girl and have had ongoing problems with my head since 2005. In the Summer of 2005, I was admitted to hospital with severe vertigo, I couldn't walk properly whatsoever. I had a CAT scan which came back as "Normal", but then had an MRI brain scan where a number of brain lesions appeared on the brain scan. The doctors then carried out a Lumper Puncture which came back as "Normal", and I also had VWR scan which was also normal.