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Avatar m tn After that I was unable to flex my right knee due to pain but I could manage to walk. Upon x ray and MRI scan it was diagnosed as avulsion fracture of posterior cruciate ligament and the fraction bed was 0.1mm. I was applied with POP bandage over the right leg (no surgery done) and advised bed rest. After the treatment period stepping up and down on stair case was difficult for me and slowly felt crepitating noise from the same knee.
Avatar n tn Do you have any back pain or muscle weakness in your legs? You may need a mri or ct scan. It sounds like you may have a pinched nerve. This could be very serious if you have back pain along with the numbness. Go to your doctor and get it checked. It could be leading up to serious problems. There is a chart on my profile that shows the nerves and what they control. It may give you a idea of what the problem could be. Best wishes.
Avatar n tn I have just had an Arthroscopy after an MRI scan showed a problem with my meliscus. However after the op i was told that my meliscus was fine and that the main part of my upper anterior is very loose and not having any significant function. Should this have shown up on my MRI ? Also what is the best action to take so i am able to play football and snowboard again? Would building up the muscle around my knee be sufficiant?
Avatar m tn i am also unable to sleep with a blanket over my knee at night, otherwise it disturbs my sleep. i have had about 3 mri scans, 1 ct scan, numerous xrays, and 1 ultrasound. i've seen upwards of 10 orth. specialsts, all of them had told me that nothing had shown up on the scans and that they didnt know what the problem was even though it had obvious swelling and discolouration. but a few doctors have said it may be a disease called crps (chronic regional pain syndrome).
Avatar f tn s just say some swelling between disc in back and the knee is degeneration with a little swelling,my right wrist and lower arm ihas been slightly swelled since accident, right ankle swells from time to time right knee goes out on me probably three times a week, i have a hinged knee brace but knee still goes out i have had three serious falls causing more injury from knee going out when going down stairs,recently my head starting at the crown and going all the way down to back bottom of head has
Avatar n tn Hello Dear, Current research demonstrates that the natural history of untreated complete injuries of the ACL consists of progression of symptomatic instability to recurrent injuries. These injuries damage the menisci and the articular cartilage, eventually leading to osteoarthritis and osteoarthrosis. The primary goals in treatment of ACL rupture are restoration of function in the short term and prevention of long-term pathologic changes in the knee.
Avatar m tn Okay, hopefully this doesn't turn out too long. I'm NOT looking for a diagnosis, obviously. I just need opinions. And yes, I have seen a doctor about this and so far have gotten nowhere which is why I am on here asking for ideas. I have had a "bad knee" for about six years now (as far as I can remember it's been since 2007). My knee pops a lot, especially when I bend down; I can actually HEAR it crunching and popping!
Avatar m tn I recently had an MRI for a knee injury. The diagnosis is "an unstable tear involving the posterior horn and body with vertical and horizontal components extending to the articular surface. The tear extends into the posterior horn root attachment". WIll this injury require surgery?
Avatar m tn Possibilities that may need to be considered include chondromalacia patellae, tendonitis, bursitis, fractures, patellar dislocation, injuries to the internal knee ligaments/ menisci, infections/ inflammations, arthritis, cyst formation, bone growths/ tumours, neuro-muscular causes, referred pain from other regions etc. An MRI would rule out most structural injuries, while recent injuries/ inflammation is still a possibility to be considered.
Avatar n tn Doctor has never heard of this condition and has referred me to Giants top knee doc. Had MRI, showed thinning of posterior ligament. Should mention the the injury is most likely sports related. I am collegiate wrestler. Has anyone ever heard of a LOOSE PERONEAL NERVE?
Avatar f tn I was playing soccer when i went into a tackle my Body got twisted around but my foot and lower leg stayed still. I felt a massive pain through my knee on the inside of my knee and heard and felt a snap. My team mates imediatly came running over because they said they heard a snap sound to and that it looked nasty when i did it. My coach put ice on it and strapped it up but i can only put a tiny amount of weight on it before my knee collapses.
Avatar m tn My wife is 35yrs, she has got severe pain in her left knee. Her MRI reports says, posterior disc protrusion at L5-S1 & left paracentral disc protrusion at L4-L5. THE QUESTION IS, PAIN IN HER KNEES IS DUE TO THIS PROBLEMS WHICH HAS BEEN REPORTED IN MRI?
763362 tn?1236624790 I have been referred to Physio and had an initial assesment where the consultant said that it looks like Degenerative Disc Disease, he said the only way to determine this better is by having an MRI scan, on going back to my G.P.
Avatar f tn No infections. I had a recent CT scan because they said I could not have an MRI. Everything is in place with no other problems except some noticeable effusion. My calf is stiff and also painful. It hurts to rotate my ankle. I have done extensive physical therapy, ice, rest, tyleon, IB, massage and massage prescription lotion with medication to no avail. I cry in private cause everyone thinks I am faking. No one will prescribe pain meds even to just get me to the doctor.
1571284 tn?1295706102 Pain on either sides of the knee is usually related to meniscal tears, injuries to the collateral ligaments, and even to arthritis. A MRI of the knee joint would be diagnostic. Please consult an orthopedic specialist. Take care!