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Avatar f tn i have seen several and they say there is noting they can do. i have to go to a pine clininc. they have done all test such as ct mri bone scan ultrasound, and nothing shows up. i dont know what do. im at a dead end. im looking at six months at the paine clinc. i would rather have surgry thean be away from my family for that long. im wondering if they missed something an all those test.
Avatar f tn Hi...just a suggestion...u can request a copy of the MRI on disk...and a copy of the report....u will get it b4 u see the dr that rx'd it. Not that u can read it, but if u r sent to a specialist u will have everything u need!!
Avatar m tn After that I was unable to flex my right knee due to pain but I could manage to walk. Upon x ray and MRI scan it was diagnosed as avulsion fracture of posterior cruciate ligament and the fraction bed was 0.1mm. I was applied with POP bandage over the right leg (no surgery done) and advised bed rest. After the treatment period stepping up and down on stair case was difficult for me and slowly felt crepitating noise from the same knee.
Avatar n tn She said she will have a CAT scan on the 20th of August. She had physical therapists for a month at home and when she had these hip aches she stopped physical therapy and started only doing short walks once a day. How long and what kind of physical therapy activities should she be doing after the knee replacement? Thanks.
Avatar m tn ve had pain on the outside of my left knee for over a year. I am an amateur cyclist. I have been doing physio (glute strengthening and stretches), ART, gunn IMS, acupuncture, 3 rounds of oral and topic anti-inflammatory (2 months of diclofenac 10%), i've had a cortisone shot over 3 weeks ago, and there has never been anything that has ever helped. Actually acupuncture helps but it only feels better for about 2-4 days after and at $80 a visit it isn't a viable long-term solution.
Avatar m tn All three biopsies came out as reactive lymphoid hyperplasia, and 2 anaerobic bacteria Veillonella sp and peptostreptococcus sp were detected in 2 of them. I have a rash not going away in my right armpit and a hard movable mass in the inner side of my left knee that is only palpable when I bend the joint. Itching in skin. Keep having night sweats specially in the back of my knee and neck. Please, help, what could it be?
Avatar m tn my name is wishyiar// mri scan for left knee says /bony contusion at medial condyle due to associated degenerative changes anterior joint effusion is noted grade 2 posterior horn degenerative changes at medial meniscus noted with normal meniscus apart from anterior horn meniscal syst.
Avatar f tn A grade II signal in the meniscus on MRI indicates an internal abnormality in the meniscus, but no definite evidence of a frank tear is seen on the images. Therefore, the definitive diagnosis must be made on the basis of all the clinical information and the MRI combined. The further information your doctor will use are the history: did you fall or twist your knee, or did it just started hurting after you got off the stepper? was, or is, your knee swollen? what makes it hurt?
Avatar m tn I had a MRI done last Friday on my knee. Suspected torn medial menicus. When it started I started having some tingling in thigh and ankle area. The tingling continued to get worse and went to stabing pain after 20 minutes. Tech. stopped so I could move foot and butt around. Continued to get worse. I had 8-9 pain out of 10 all day Friday , Saturday and Sunday. I was taking Moderna previous and stil ltaking it. Yesterday I talked to Orthopedic about it and he did not know what was going on.
Avatar n tn I have two questions can you please explain in laymen terms. 1. This is what was in the nuclear Medicene doctors finding report, "There is photopenic defect involving the metallic right toe knee arthroplasty hardware". I took this as meaning there is an issue with the hardware on my knee replacement which has cause scare tissue. What else are they trying to say?
Avatar f tn Or it comes down to been 46yrs. I recently got a scan on my one knee but have arthisits (wear and tear). Do I need to go and get MRI? Its a pain from driving then hopping out of the car walking across the road with stiffness..then slowly comes good for awhile..until sit again.
Avatar n tn Also I have constant inner leg/knee burning and tender to touch.
Avatar m tn In the last year I have had 5 excruciating attacks in my right knee, yet I've never injured my knee in any way. The episodes seem to come for no apparent reason and typically last for 3 days. The pain is so intense that I cannot work or even stand for those 3 days. In fact, I roll around moaning and screaming when the episode is at its peak. It feels like electric shocks which hit every 2-3 seconds during the 3-day attack.
Avatar f tn The pain hurts when I run for longer than 5 minutes and hurts the duration of the run, and continues hurting the whole day. I had a bone scan and MRI done. THe MRI concluded there were no stress fractures (which surprised me because my pain is very localized--just a two inch patch on my mid tibia that hurt to the palpitated touch). The bone scan showed activity and inflammation in my knee and ankle. The PA I went to told me that it is tendonitis in my knee with referred pain.
Avatar f tn I’m an 18 y/o climbing Instructor and have suffered with right knee pain for a couple of years now. Recently it got bad to the point where it was unstable and painful without bearing weight. I went to my GP who is a sports team medic (so knew his stuff) and he ordered an MRI as he was concerned about the cartilage. I had the scan last week and I’ve just got the report which just states ‘There is not much on your scan except slight wear to medial meniscus but no tear’.
Avatar f tn The pain will come with walking, sometimes very quickly and sometimes not much at all. When the pain comes, I have a swelling on the outside of the knee joint about the size of half a golf ball. When I rest the swelling and pain go away within 10 or 20 minutes. This doesn't sound like arthritis to me. A two-fold question, would these symptoms be consistent with AO? Or do these symptoms sound more like damage to the meniscus? Also...
Avatar n tn everything including his toes and the lenth of his feet is different. He has had x-rays, a bone scan, and we are waiting for an MRI result. He shows one sign of hip displasia, the crease behind his right knee is higher then the left, but the x-ray and bone scan shows there is none. he has no bone fractures and the doctor is bafled by his limp. THe only reason the MRI is being done is because I insisted on it.
Avatar n tn This is scary because it comes on so sudden it feels like a bolt of lightning traveling through my thigh nerves to the joint of the right side only of the groin area. I'm wondering if this strange pain will some day get worst. Please help me.
Avatar f tn Are there any other tests that might show if there is a problem with the knee cap. Can an MRI be done with TKR, or a Ct Scan or bone scan? Thank you for any advice.
Avatar m tn Ask your Dr. to do a bone scan. This will show what is wrong. I had to learn the hard way.
Avatar f tn t have bag of ice use a frozen bag of peas or corn and ice for 15 mins and off 15 mins. Wrap the knee with ace bandage or black knee support until u can get to the doc. does your knee crack? Take ibuprofen as directed for swelling. Hope you can get to the ER or doc soon.