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Avatar f tn Multi neck injuries whiplash 4 times, concision several times Mri showed mild DJD, canal and neural foraminal narrowing, C7 wedging
Avatar f tn There is very little in the mroning and as i begin my households and return from office, the pain increases. I was asked to go through MRI scan. The results say that there is dehydration on all the six discs from c2 to c7. My doctor said there was no problem and i have to go through phesiotherepy. I would like to know what exactly is dehydration in the discs and how can i strengthen my neck. I developed this with the mouse usage and improper posture at workplace.
Avatar m tn I am very, very hesitant to provide advice on issues involving nerve compression of the cervical area, especially without seeing the MRI. First off you need a 3T MRI (not a 1T). X-rays are useless. Then, assuming you have no fractures that could cause transection of the cord, the drill is oral prednisone for two weeks (NOT longer), gentle axial traction, for five to ten minutes at a time, separated by two hour intervals. That will take up your day. Think a month of this treatment.
763362 tn?1236624790 I have been referred to Physio and had an initial assesment where the consultant said that it looks like Degenerative Disc Disease, he said the only way to determine this better is by having an MRI scan, on going back to my G.P.
Avatar m tn About 2 years ago, I fell down the stairs and hit my head on a tree. They took me by ambulance and hospital did a CT scan and said I was okay. Ever since, I've had migraines, severe neck pain, bad vision, and the last year has developed into extreme back pain, upper and lower, my hip feels like it will fall out of its socket and has been hurting so badly that I cant lie on my right side anymore and my shoulder on right side also severely painful.
Avatar m tn I had a bad auto accident in Nov and after x-rays and CTon my neck A MRI was recomended. My family doc put me off work and told me not to put myself in any position to slip and fall ao hit in the head. The MRI results show the following. APdiameter of the canal at 2-3 is only 11mm. There is a reversal of normal Lordosis. moderate narrowing of the CSF space around the cord and all levels 2-7 have moderate canal narrowing along with foramina narrowing.
Avatar f tn I sustained injuries to my back, neck, shoulder, etc etc which have left me permanently disabled. My son who was 10 weeks old (strapped into a rear facing baby carrier) was knocked unconscious. His head flexed onto his chest whilst being pinned back by the 5 point harness and then slammed back into the back of the baby carrier at which point he starred momentarily and then closed his eyes. (I thought he had died).
450140 tn?1317947304 I called for the results of my MRI and they said no changes in brain scan since last time. My doc had them do MRI and xrays of my left hip. Both are showing deenerative changes. Seriously, I can barely walk!! Anyone have any input on this.......... I know from older scans, that I have a bad disc in my neck and in my back. No injuries, so does this have anything to do with MS, or is it totally a seperate issue? My doc is on vacation, or I would have spoke to him about it.
Avatar f tn I also feel light muscular spasms. These are really light and don't interfere with my life in any possible way.
Avatar f tn Every test normal except they did find 1 lesion top of spine which left permanent scar tissue thus hitting nerve leaving me numb from neck down- more like the hum of a tuning fork. Was on prednisone for 6 mos- only thing that took pain away. But have limited use of left arm and no individual finger control. Finally pain went away & was told don't diagnose as MS until 2nd lesion. They did happen to find I had low platelets, which I am on weekly treatments for.
Avatar n tn my wife had a mri scan on her neck the result came back as follows mri on the C- spine showd minor degenerative changes with a normal spinal cord there disc lesion at C6/C7 which corrugates the postrior longitudinal ligament by the spinal cord .
Avatar m tn Most beneficial is either a CT scan or a MRI scan. Your PCP will determine which scan will be the better diagnostic tool based on his clinical examination. It is also possible, as ChronicPain suggests that you actually injured the anatomy in your cervical spine. Again there are too many possibilities to "guess" which injury may have occurred when you pushed that vehicle. Please let us know how you are doing.
Avatar n tn I went to my family Dr and he ordered a CT scan and a MRI. I did my CT scan on Saturday and the Dr called to say that there is bruising on my brain but it is not near the pain at the base of my skull. My MRI is scheduled for next week and the Dr said they will now do a more in depth MRI after finding the bruising. What is your thougts on what is causing my headaches and are they related to the bruising? Why would I have bruising now with no recent head trama?
Avatar m tn May I ask what opiate meds are you on? I would like to have a little more background info on your neck and shoulder pain, i.e., injuries in the past, etc. I'll try to help to best of my ability as a nurse.
610738 tn?1263111556 m one of those people that hate going to hospitals and seeing doctors, so i only stayed as long as I absolutely had to. Not allowing them to check my neck injuries properly. However since then I have been experiencing a very stiff neck that i need to crack myself in order to relieve the pain and regain movement, which at times can take hours to achieve. Also the last week i have been getting a numbness in my left little finger that i think may be associated, but am unsure.
Avatar f tn My MRI shows a small broad based central disc protrusion at C2-3, and a disc bulge at C3-4 and same at C4-5, can this be causing me the headache non-stop for one month straight? pain at center of the back of the neck. I'm miserable. Scheduled for a CT scan next. Nothing relieves it. The muscle relaxers and pain medicine make me really sick and nauseated. There has got to be a better way.
Avatar f tn You need an MRI scan if only to rule out any disc damage, but they only take back/neck pain seriously after about 6 weeks. Your injuries could be muscle inflamation, spasm, haematoma, soft tisue injury or spinal/disc problems. I would think that things shouldl settle down in a few weeks. Try taking ice out of your fridge instead of . . . .sorry, but ice packs can be useful, especially with inflamation. Ibuprophen is a useful anti inflamitory too.
1422878 tn?1284584593 Have you undergone any neck injuries lately. Sometimes when people shift the discs in their back and neck the pain can radiate to one, or more of the limbs. It sounds nerve related, so a discogram may be something you should look into. I would try to identify whether or not your symptoms are trauma related. If you have reptured a disc, you will know as soon as you take the discogram, if not, I would see your GP and get an MRI. Did this condition begin when you awoke after a long night?
Avatar m tn Stress can make these symptoms do try to relax if you can. I had the surgery and am doing well....we are all different as to if and when we may need surgery.....I was having drop attacks and major headaches and balance issues. visual disturbances and many, if your pain is mild and only neck pain you may not require surgery for some time......keep positive, and educate your self on this and ALL related conditions and Drs for your area that are specialists.
Avatar m tn I have been having terrible neck pain the past few months. My MRI was negative, xrays were good, yet leaning my head down while preparing food, working on a computer, or any forward head motion makes my neck tight. I am not sure what to do at this point, but right now the neck stress sometimes switches from the left to right side, but it has mainly been on the right. Any ideas what this can be?