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Avatar f tn How long does it take to get an MRI done and read to finished report in the U.S. ? Cost? Overseas? Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.
Avatar f tn hi had mri 29th dec noticed radiologist point and show other radiologist then came in asked who ordered scan my doc or a neuroilogist seemed strange havent got results yet but only been wk
Avatar f tn Is it necessary to have more than one MRI scan done. I have only ever had the one scan, 15 yrs ago which was when I was given my official dx, despite having several episodes/relapses since. Initially told I had RRMS now being told I have SPMS with relapses.
Avatar f tn Back at the beginning of december i injured my knee. I had been about to kneel down when my leg gave out and i landed on my knee with it bent in a very awkward way. I had swelling and great amounts of pain and dull ache and after seeing a doctor in A&E was booked for an mri scan and put into a lockable brace which i wore for around 6 weeks as he was sure i'd suffered mcl injury. The scan showed no cartilage damage and no real mcl damage which was suspected.
Avatar m tn Hi, I just received the MRI results for my right knee. It shows to have: "Myxoid degeneration of medial meniscus posterior horn with knee joint effusion and suspected partial tear of the anterior cruciate ligament for which clinical correlation is adviced". I get only right knee MRI due to its cost, but I'm suffering of similar pain on both knees. What does this mean? Is there any treatment I can do at home to relief the pain? Thanks!
Avatar n tn Especially when she moves or walks, she says her both bottoms(where she sits), sometimes hips are hurting so much. Does she need to have MRI or tomography and can she use MRI or tomography with her replacements? Her knee replacement brand is Zimmer and four components: Zimmer, NextGen, Complete Knee Solution, Legacy Knee-Posterior Stabilized LPS-Flex Femoral Component Option Size D, Right.
Avatar m tn Just had a brain scan via MRI. I have a scalp condition - probably lupus. The pain started at the site of recent biopsies and started to spread across the top of my head towards my eyes - then I pushed the emergency button to stop the MRI. It felt like needles poking far into my head. When they pulled me out of the MRI machine and took off all of the gear, my head was shaking uncontrollably. Have you ever heard of that?
Avatar n tn I have two questions can you please explain in laymen terms. 1. This is what was in the nuclear Medicene doctors finding report, "There is photopenic defect involving the metallic right toe knee arthroplasty hardware". I took this as meaning there is an issue with the hardware on my knee replacement which has cause scare tissue. What else are they trying to say?
Avatar n tn I have for the last month developed inner knee pain. Feels like an electrical jolt at times. Is not a constant pain but wakes my up at night.
Avatar m tn I had an MRI of the brain back in May, to investigate various cognitive / neurological problems I've been experiencing since the start of 2009 (mild confusion, memory problems, muscle twitching, etc). This came back normal (I have neither copies of the scans , nor the radiographers report - just a letter from neurologist saying all findings were normal).
1393879 tn?1288725449 You need to see a physician. You need an MRI and a specialist to look at the knee. The problem may be minor or major. We don't know from an internet post. If you were involved in a school sponsored activity the school foots the medical bill, and the cost of surgery, if required. Don't pass go. Don't collect two hundred dollars. It is mandatory that you see a physician.
1281296 tn?1271347164 We went back over to the hospital on monday to have an x ray and they say they couldnt see any thing and to wait for an MRI scan. My concerns are that when he had his previous MRI scan it took 3 doctors to detect the ACL damage in the first place. Should the knee be this swollen after nearly two months and why would it swell again once the initial swelling had gone down. Should he be exercising or keeping still?? Using an ice pack or not??
182884 tn?1259312906 I was told I needed a MRi. Does the MRi confirm this type of injury or other injuries to the knee.? I really appreciate any and all answers as I am a little afraid of what may happen to my knee after all the other problems I am having. I already have a hernated disk and DDD, SI disese, Facet Joint Disease, and Bad hips and a Bad foot that has lost it function to bend at the joint. ( oppisite side of the body.
Avatar f tn Are there any other tests that might show if there is a problem with the knee cap. Can an MRI be done with TKR, or a Ct Scan or bone scan? Thank you for any advice.
Avatar f tn I was told by my orthopedic Surgeon that I may have a medial meniscus tear but need an MRI to confirm. I was told that the MRI would cost me around $3500. Is there another way of doing this? Why couldn't he just scope me, find the problem and repair it? Other than that, I have to have a costly MRI and surgery which he would scope me anyways. Also, is there something other than cortizone that can be injected into the knee for some quick relief? I had a injection twice, and it did nothing.
Avatar n tn He has had x-rays, a bone scan, and we are waiting for an MRI result. He shows one sign of hip displasia, the crease behind his right knee is higher then the left, but the x-ray and bone scan shows there is none. he has no bone fractures and the doctor is bafled by his limp. THe only reason the MRI is being done is because I insisted on it. Is there anyone else out there with the same problem or any other testing ideas to help find out what is wrong with my child?
Avatar f tn I have been to an Orthopedic and have had x-rays and MRI. Nothing specific was noted in the x-ray and scan. The Dr suggested orthoscopic surgery to see what he might be able to do. I have not had the surgery. He also suggested I may have osteoarthritis. The pain will come with walking, sometimes very quickly and sometimes not much at all. When the pain comes, I have a swelling on the outside of the knee joint about the size of half a golf ball.