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Avatar m tn Myxoid degeneration of medial meniscus posterior horn with knee joint effusion and suspected partial tear of the anterior cruciate ligament for which clinical correlation is adviced". I get only right knee MRI due to its cost, but I'm suffering of similar pain on both knees. What does this mean? Is there any treatment I can do at home to relief the pain? Thanks!
Avatar m tn After that I was unable to flex my right knee due to pain but I could manage to walk. Upon x ray and MRI scan it was diagnosed as avulsion fracture of posterior cruciate ligament and the fraction bed was 0.1mm. I was applied with POP bandage over the right leg (no surgery done) and advised bed rest. After the treatment period stepping up and down on stair case was difficult for me and slowly felt crepitating noise from the same knee.
987762 tn?1331027953 The main reason is that they are VERY expensive. MRI equipment varies in cost, depending on the strength of the scanner. Scanners with more strength produce more detailed images so these scanners usually cost more.
Avatar f tn How long does it take to get an MRI done and read to finished report in the U.S. ? Cost? Overseas? Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.
Avatar f tn i have seen several and they say there is noting they can do. i have to go to a pine clininc. they have done all test such as ct mri bone scan ultrasound, and nothing shows up. i dont know what do. im at a dead end. im looking at six months at the paine clinc. i would rather have surgry thean be away from my family for that long. im wondering if they missed something an all those test.
Avatar m tn my name is wishyiar// mri scan for left knee says /bony contusion at medial condyle due to associated degenerative changes anterior joint effusion is noted grade 2 posterior horn degenerative changes at medial meniscus noted with normal meniscus apart from anterior horn meniscal syst.
Avatar m tn In the last year I have had 5 excruciating attacks in my right knee, yet I've never injured my knee in any way. The episodes seem to come for no apparent reason and typically last for 3 days. The pain is so intense that I cannot work or even stand for those 3 days. In fact, I roll around moaning and screaming when the episode is at its peak. It feels like electric shocks which hit every 2-3 seconds during the 3-day attack.
637613 tn?1281039564 Hi...I am wondering if anyone can give me a rough idea of what an MRI would cost. My hubby is having one in the morning to see what is causing him so much pain in his lower back. We do have insurance but will have to pay the deductable...and 20% of the remaining. I am just trying to get some idea of what we may be facing for out of pocket expense. Thanks so much. God bless...
Avatar n tn If the insurance companies were not in the loop, then the cost would probably be cheaper. A few years ago I had to have an h.pylori test. I had it done through my mother's doctor, who goes by "insurance" cost instead of "real" cost. The test cost over $300, even though I was paying with cash and not actually going through an insurance company.
Avatar f tn Or it comes down to been 46yrs. I recently got a scan on my one knee but have arthisits (wear and tear). Do I need to go and get MRI? Its a pain from driving then hopping out of the car walking across the road with stiffness..then slowly comes good for awhile..until sit again.
Avatar f tn Hi...just a suggestion...u can request a copy of the MRI on disk...and a copy of the report....u will get it b4 u see the dr that rx'd it. Not that u can read it, but if u r sent to a specialist u will have everything u need!!
Avatar f tn Is it necessary to have more than one MRI scan done. I have only ever had the one scan, 15 yrs ago which was when I was given my official dx, despite having several episodes/relapses since. Initially told I had RRMS now being told I have SPMS with relapses.
Avatar f tn Long story short, I've had knee pain since the end of last oct. I had a mri that showed a meniscus tear, a bakers cyst and some fluid. My dr. said they could all be normal and to do pt. in the end my knee never got better. and later got worse. I had a new mri which i have pics up. Thanks for any help anyone can give me. btw. my symptoms are sharp stabbing pain on the left side of my right knee.
Avatar f tn The anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) is one of the four major ligaments of the knee, and resists forward movement of the tibia. If this is a new injury, treat with RICE -- rest, ice, compression, and elevation. NSAIDs can help with pain and swelling, although, always take NSAIDs with food. My son destroyed an ACL playing football -- he lives a normal life without one, but uses an orthopaedic knee brace when he runs or plays sports.
Avatar m tn t help, as she would wake up in the night complaining about the pain, the doctor opted for MRI. First normal MRI was done and then with contrast. The radiologist's report advised that biopsy should be done. at that point we consulted an ortho-pediatrician who advised a CT Scan, which according to the radiologist wasn't' conclusive. Now we have been advised to do the Bone Scan. Can anyone help us in diagnosis. If it's a tumor, someone please tell us it's not malignant.
Avatar m tn m looking into include food intolerences, b12, lyme disease, metal toxicity and chronic anxiety/stress. Also getting an MRI of the rest of my spine as I have only done the head and neck. Let me know if you find out any more info.
Avatar f tn Back at the beginning of december i injured my knee. I had been about to kneel down when my leg gave out and i landed on my knee with it bent in a very awkward way. I had swelling and great amounts of pain and dull ache and after seeing a doctor in A&E was booked for an mri scan and put into a lockable brace which i wore for around 6 weeks as he was sure i'd suffered mcl injury. The scan showed no cartilage damage and no real mcl damage which was suspected.
Avatar n tn The pain was really bad, both the front and back of the knee. I never experienced clicking/popping in that knee prior. But suddenly it was happening all the time. As the pain subsided the clicking/popping got worse. It has been a couple months, the clicking/popping still very much there. I tried working out again for the first time in months last Wednesday, and felt nothing during the workout or afterwards.
Avatar n tn Wow, what a range of cost. As for insurance most (all?) have a deductible, I think mine is something like $1K with a maximum out-of-pocket of something like $5K if all is done "in-network". The $149K sounds like more than my open heart surgery (MVR) with 5 days in the ICU cost. I have seen only small bills from many specialists and labs tests. Nothing I'd complain about, my coverage medicare plus a UHC did their duty.
Avatar f tn The lab costs for my LP+Blood were $1,153.74. This was just the lab. There were other costs for the procedure itself, but I can;t find them.
Avatar n tn My mom told me to give special thanks to your recommendation. She will see doctor today and will ask him to order that kind of scan if possible. Thank you!!!