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Avatar f tn 39yrs old and have had intermittent right hip pain for about 20yrs after giving birth at age 19; the pain recently became constant. Syptoms are constant pain in right hip from front to back, minimal range of motion, both legs numb and tingling from knee down and it feels like there is no circulation in my legs; pain increases with any activity. Constant feeling of pressure in low back region of the hip area, feels like hip is slightly dislocated all the time.
Avatar f tn I had an mri scan a few yew years ago that showed disc protusion at L4/L5/S1. Recently I had another mri scan for neck pain which shows disc bulging at at C4/5 C5/6 with facet joint fusion and some left sided forma ? I have had no recent pain in my back or neck and this hip pain came on literally overnight, although I had overdone things a bit whilst carrying out a bit of decorating.
Avatar m tn I have been suffering from chronic hip pain for about 8 months. I had THR surgery of my right hip on 1-15-08. I seemed to be recovering at a normal pace until December of 2008. I started experiencing pain in the soft tissue of my right hip. I returned to my orthopedic surgeon for diagnosis. Xrays confirmed the hip was good, to be sure a bone scan was ordered, it also showed that everything appeared normal.
Avatar n tn I have been advised by my GP that I will need an MRI scan, I will keep you updated on the results, in respect of my age I am 58, but I expect that there is wear and tear on the right hip. But as i have recently had a gastric by pass I am concerned that the body is not absorbing calcium correctly which may agrivate the situation. However, I appriciate the time you took to answer my question.
Avatar n tn I had the same symptoms as yours along with hip, tailbone pain and I was diagnosed with a protuding disc (from a MRI) even though my back didn't hurt. They said it was sciatica that caused the leg pain and numbness and tingling. I just got my second steroid injection and the pain is much better though I still have a lot of numbness and tingling in my lower legs and foot. In fact, my other leg and one arm has been tingling and becoming numb since Monday. Best bet is to go see your doctor.
Avatar f tn I started having mild right hip pain about 3 mo ago. One day i could barely walk; it felt like my leg was going to break off the hip. I limped around on it for two weeks, which was painful as i teach school and my room is at the end of a long hallway. My general practitioner had an xray done but it did not show anything abnormal. She then sent me for an MRI and an appt with an orthopedist. The MRI showed fluid around the right hip.
Avatar m tn I can lie on my left side as long as I have a pillow between my legs, and even then I need to move my legs every few seconds/minutes (depending on the severity of the pain). I have had CT scan of back, MRI of back, xrays of hip, knee, foot, ultrasound of groin.. all came back normal. This started when I was masturbating and felt a dull pain in my right groin.
1256021 tn?1269377814 i started having hip pain and popping back in 2005. since then it has gotten worse. i have had multiple xrays, a nuclear bone scan, i have tried physical therapy (which made it worse) and with no avail i have no diagnosis!! the pain use to be every once in a while (due to exercise or over exertion).now its like i have pain all the time with out any breaks and now the pain has radiated up into the lower back. it hurts to do everything, walk stand, sit, and lay.
Avatar m tn I just have been diagnosed by Transient Osteoporosis, after MRI scan. Should I take a second opinion? with different doctor, hospital. Symptoms: From over 10 years, I always have had a feeling of little discomfort at left hip, but this feeling only come a few times (maybe 2-3 times) during a year. No treatment was required, not even pain killer was required (NOT SURE IF THIS RELATED TO) to this diagnose.
Avatar f tn My son is 9 years old. He has severe left hip pain the totally puts him out. He is unable to walk at times and the pain is so severe. His SED rate is 60 right now. We just had an MRI done that was negative for arthritis but did show cystic lesions and 1" in diameter. We are being refferred to a rhuemotologist to figure out what is going on. Two years ago he was hospitalized for the same hip pain in the same hip. At that point his SED rate was in the 70's.
450140 tn?1317947304 I called for the results of my MRI and they said no changes in brain scan since last time. My doc had them do MRI and xrays of my left hip. Both are showing deenerative changes. Seriously, I can barely walk!! Anyone have any input on this.......... I know from older scans, that I have a bad disc in my neck and in my back. No injuries, so does this have anything to do with MS, or is it totally a seperate issue? My doc is on vacation, or I would have spoke to him about it.
Avatar f tn Last week we did xrays, Mri, bone scan all came back with hip lesions. My Dr. sent me to a orthopedic Dr. She said there were lesions on my hip which was confirmed by the ortho. Dr. He said he wanted to rule out bursitius(spelling?) so he injected my hip. He said if I still have pain in 2 weeks I need to come back then he will send me to a bone cancer specialist, If not come back in a month and he is going to xray it again to see if there is any change..
Avatar n tn I completed six weeks of physical therapy but continued to have severe pain in my entire hip area all the way down to my knee. I also continued dancing, so I figured the pain was continuing because of that. Soon after physical therapy my hip began to make a popping noise every time I lifted my leg in front or behind me, but never when I lifted my leg to the side of my body. I went back to an orthopedic doctor and he suggested more x-rays, but never a CT scan or an MRI.
Avatar n tn I went to the doctor with severe pain, inflammation, inability to rotate hip, and nerve pain in the right hip. After a x-ray, MRI, and bone scan they have diagnosed a sclerotic lesion and recommended I see an orthopaedic specialist. What is the treatment for such a diagnosis?
Avatar m tn What kinds of testing have you had done? Have you had an MRI AND a CT scan done? Often, what an MRI misses, a CT scan might find, and vice versa. An x-ray? I'd imagine you have, but I'm always surprised at what doctors don't do. I wouldn't tie the belt around you at all, as you don't know how much is too much, and no one can determine that, but that would be good information for your doctor to have. It might help identify the problem. https://www.mayoclinic.
Avatar m tn I have also had a very large cyst on my left kidney for many years. Every day I wake up with a severe pain in my left hip joint which is only relieved by emptying my bowel and bladder (in that order). At other times there are intermittent pains in my arms and legs. My PSA is normal and thyroid medication is correct. I am wondering whether the pain is due to pressure on nerves in the lower spinal region. Would an ultrasound scan be useful?
Avatar f tn I have had a transvaginal scan, a sigmoidoscopy, a kidney scan, a chest xray, a xray of pelvis spine and left hip. And a mri of pelvis, spine and left hip. The only thing that has come to light is my lumber spine has a slight curve. I am now being sent for bone scans of hip, groin, spine and knee. I still have the left knee pain which the orphapedic said may need an operation see what the bone scans show up.
1203024 tn?1265536718 I also lately have been getting occasional lower abdominal pain, not too bad but similar to period pain. Weird i know. Finally got my scan date for 8th June, got to drink 2 pints of water and see gp for results 2 weeks later. My dr says it could be adhesions but the question i have is if it was adhesions surely pain would be there all the time and surely movement or activities would make it worse??
Avatar f tn That was seven months ago I’ve had an MRI of my hip which shows a slight tear in the labrum I have had a CAT scan which showed nothing of consequence in and a prior hernia repair from 1998 to still be intact. If I lift anything over 30 pounds I get tight in the groin area. And soreness in my abdominal muscles as well as sometimes the hip the thigh and in my left Glute. I also limp for a couple days but go back to normal after that .
488264 tn?1226520307 If this is the case and clinically he feels the pain is from your hip then this may be the reason why the hip MRI has been ordered. If you have not already had the scan it may be worth clarifying the exact test that has been requested - it may be that they have arranged to look at both regions using one scan time if this is felt to be clinically appropriate. However, a standard protocol would not optimally image both regions.
1131208 tn?1260207946 During that 8 months I started experiencing tremendous pain in my right hip. Originally it was diagnosed as trochanteric bursitis. I had a steroid injection and that didn't help the pain. I then had an MRI and it was determined that I had the beginnings of AVN in that hip which was more than likely caused by about 10 years of oral steroids for asthma when I was younger. Anywho...
Avatar f tn Its possible, are you seeing a Doctor, have you had an x-ray or an MRI scan?
1097402 tn?1257386643 Its best to get an X-ray, CT Scan and MRI all together, the CT Scan showed the most, i believe. Best wishes.... You can email me at ***@**** if you'd like to discuss our progress or if you want any info...Take care...