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Avatar f tn I feel like I lean to the right and cannot walk without limping. MRI of hip shows benign appearing single cyst about 8mm in size of the the femoral head, no evidence of labral tear, fracture and no specific findings of avascular nevrosis, recommend bone scan. Wondering what the cause of the cyst might be and could it have been there for years without detection? What can be done to relieve the pain?
Avatar m tn I can lie on my left side as long as I have a pillow between my legs, and even then I need to move my legs every few seconds/minutes (depending on the severity of the pain). I have had CT scan of back, MRI of back, xrays of hip, knee, foot, ultrasound of groin.. all came back normal. This started when I was masturbating and felt a dull pain in my right groin.
Avatar n tn Especially when she moves or walks, she says her both bottoms(where she sits), sometimes hips are hurting so much. Does she need to have MRI or tomography and can she use MRI or tomography with her replacements? Her knee replacement brand is Zimmer and four components: Zimmer, NextGen, Complete Knee Solution, Legacy Knee-Posterior Stabilized LPS-Flex Femoral Component Option Size D, Right.
Avatar f tn Although I was told there was no fracture I was given a walking frame and an offer of physiotherapy to be taken at home. I had an mri scan a few yew years ago that showed disc protusion at L4/L5/S1. Recently I had another mri scan for neck pain which shows disc bulging at at C4/5 C5/6 with facet joint fusion and some left sided forma ?
Avatar n tn He has had x-rays, a bone scan, and we are waiting for an MRI result. He shows one sign of hip displasia, the crease behind his right knee is higher then the left, but the x-ray and bone scan shows there is none. he has no bone fractures and the doctor is bafled by his limp. THe only reason the MRI is being done is because I insisted on it. Is there anyone else out there with the same problem or any other testing ideas to help find out what is wrong with my child?
Avatar n tn I went to the doctor with severe pain, inflammation, inability to rotate hip, and nerve pain in the right hip. After a x-ray, MRI, and bone scan they have diagnosed a sclerotic lesion and recommended I see an orthopaedic specialist. What is the treatment for such a diagnosis?
Avatar m tn I just have been diagnosed by Transient Osteoporosis, after MRI scan. Should I take a second opinion? with different doctor, hospital. Symptoms: From over 10 years, I always have had a feeling of little discomfort at left hip, but this feeling only come a few times (maybe 2-3 times) during a year. No treatment was required, not even pain killer was required (NOT SURE IF THIS RELATED TO) to this diagnose.
450140 tn?1317947304 I called for the results of my MRI and they said no changes in brain scan since last time. My doc had them do MRI and xrays of my left hip. Both are showing deenerative changes. Seriously, I can barely walk!! Anyone have any input on this.......... I know from older scans, that I have a bad disc in my neck and in my back. No injuries, so does this have anything to do with MS, or is it totally a seperate issue? My doc is on vacation, or I would have spoke to him about it.
Avatar n tn A bone scan or MRI can give further clarity to the hip lesion, and is recommended in light of the hip pain. If there is concern about hypobetalipoproteinemia, further lab studies, including a blood count, stool studies and evaluation of the liver should be considered. A normal colonoscopy should exclude colon cancer. An upper endoscopy can be discussed to exclude malignancy of the upper GI tract.
Avatar f tn Last week we did xrays, Mri, bone scan all came back with hip lesions. My Dr. sent me to a orthopedic Dr. She said there were lesions on my hip which was confirmed by the ortho. Dr. He said he wanted to rule out bursitius(spelling?) so he injected my hip. He said if I still have pain in 2 weeks I need to come back then he will send me to a bone cancer specialist, If not come back in a month and he is going to xray it again to see if there is any change..
488264 tn?1226520307 If this is the case and clinically he feels the pain is from your hip then this may be the reason why the hip MRI has been ordered. If you have not already had the scan it may be worth clarifying the exact test that has been requested - it may be that they have arranged to look at both regions using one scan time if this is felt to be clinically appropriate. However, a standard protocol would not optimally image both regions.
Avatar f tn My son is 9 years old. He has severe left hip pain the totally puts him out. He is unable to walk at times and the pain is so severe. His SED rate is 60 right now. We just had an MRI done that was negative for arthritis but did show cystic lesions and 1" in diameter. We are being refferred to a rhuemotologist to figure out what is going on. Two years ago he was hospitalized for the same hip pain in the same hip. At that point his SED rate was in the 70's.
Avatar f tn However, my X-Ray shows partical disease and loosening. I have spoken to a radioligist, and he said it would show up normal on a MRI or Cat Scan b/c there will be black showing up and it will not be detected on those images. He advised that only an Xray would show the true definition of my pain and problems. Is this correct?
Avatar m tn Xrays confirmed the hip was good, to be sure a bone scan was ordered, it also showed that everything appeared normal. I was referred to a pain management clinic, where I received a trigger injection into the soft tissue, no help. I then was given a diagnostic local nerve block of my L1 and L2, still no help. I then researched and requested Astym physical therapy, which I received for 8 weeks. I finally had some relief, with minor discomfort.
Avatar f tn I have had a transvaginal scan, a sigmoidoscopy, a kidney scan, a chest xray, a xray of pelvis spine and left hip. And a mri of pelvis, spine and left hip. The only thing that has come to light is my lumber spine has a slight curve. I am now being sent for bone scans of hip, groin, spine and knee. I still have the left knee pain which the orphapedic said may need an operation see what the bone scans show up.
Avatar m tn As I understand it, X-rays use a LOT less radiation than CT-scans, so if the doctor wanted a better look at a specific area after the CT-scan and MRI have been completed, then an x-ray might be the best thing. Wish I knew someone who could tell me if this is right. I have Medicare and supplemental insurance. I called Medicare and was told that x-rays are not required prior to an MRI; all that is required is for a doctor to order an MRI because it is medically necessary.
Avatar m tn What kinds of testing have you had done? Have you had an MRI AND a CT scan done? Often, what an MRI misses, a CT scan might find, and vice versa. An x-ray? I'd imagine you have, but I'm always surprised at what doctors don't do. I wouldn't tie the belt around you at all, as you don't know how much is too much, and no one can determine that, but that would be good information for your doctor to have. It might help identify the problem. https://www.mayoclinic.
Avatar f tn That was seven months ago I’ve had an MRI of my hip which shows a slight tear in the labrum I have had a CAT scan which showed nothing of consequence in and a prior hernia repair from 1998 to still be intact. If I lift anything over 30 pounds I get tight in the groin area. And soreness in my abdominal muscles as well as sometimes the hip the thigh and in my left Glute. I also limp for a couple days but go back to normal after that .
Avatar m tn The pain which is relieved by emptying bowel and bladder can be dye to the cyst or any other tumor. A CT scan of the abdomen should be done. Also MRI of the lower spine and hip X-ray followed by maybe a CT scan will be required if the abdominal cause is ruled out. It is difficult to comment beyond this at this stage. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar n tn I have been advised by my GP that I will need an MRI scan, I will keep you updated on the results, in respect of my age I am 58, but I expect that there is wear and tear on the right hip. But as i have recently had a gastric by pass I am concerned that the body is not absorbing calcium correctly which may agrivate the situation. However, I appriciate the time you took to answer my question.
Avatar f tn She then sent me for an MRI and an appt with an orthopedist. The MRI showed fluid around the right hip. The ortho said that my symptoms would not be caused by that and scheduled a 3 phase bone scan. Those results showed some activity in that area along with minor osteoarthritis I do not need a hip replacement so I am left with pain that is idiopathic. I am wondering if it is muscular because when I lift my right leg, or turn over at night, I cannot straighten my right leg.
1131208 tn?1260207946 An MRI and a CAT scan showed a fracture of the subcortical something or other in the left hip an injury which occurred ten years ago on a ski trip. Osteoarthritis set in and after ten years has worn away all of the cartiledge and now it is "bone grinding on bone" a severely painful condition which limits my mobility and is ruining my life.
Avatar n tn s probably a pinched nerve either at the hip or in the lower back. Nerve problems will cause numbness, tingling, pain, and the 'electrical current' you feel, since nerves carry electrical impulses. Usually a doc will prescribe physical therapy to work it out and also give pain relievers until the nerve quits hurting.
Avatar m tn You are going to need an X-ray of your left hip and, if that proves normal, an MRI scan of your LS spine. Nerve root compression is the most likely candidate. Good luck with it.