Miscarriage symptoms in cats

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Avatar f tn ve got 3 cats, they can really care less now but in the beginning they definitely acted strange. There really is no need for the cvs if there is no history of disabilities in your family and because you're young, if she pushes it again just say you'd rather have the blood test first, but those come back with false positives a lot if the time. I elected to have the blood test and all came back perfect.
Avatar f tn The smell wont cause a miscarriage hun ive got 2 cats and they go a lot my partner changes trays everyday but I can smell it while hes at work and im fine through my prwgnancy im 11 weeks now xx
Avatar f tn Hi I have 4 cats 3 neutered cats and 1 pregnant female but today I found a poop in the cats litter tray it looked a bit red then I looked at it a bit more and it was blood and I don't even know what cat did the poop so I don't know which one to take to the vet do u know how I can find out which cat or was that did the poop and also can u tell me if it is serious or normal for a cat to have blood in its poop or could it be the pregnant one and it is normal as she is pregnant plz can u ans
Avatar f tn You can have cats you just can't clean the cat box.
2013578 tn?1341812012 ) Its an amino acid that strengthens the immune system so they can fight off this on their own, its usually viral in cats... but if in doubt at all please speak to a Vet first.....could also be that she has a small particle irritating her nasal passage (?) for cats with an acute attack we use 500mg for a week, than down to 250mg following for a few weeks. and for cats its important to use the brand with NO additives...just pure lysine. I will give you a link to where I order mine from...
443862 tn?1237999439 Most cats do not enjoy living in close quarters with other cats. Your cat is showing typical symptoms of being very stressed. You should seperate their feeding areas (different room / area of the house for each cat) and give them a seperate litterbox each. The house as a whole should have 1 more litterbox than the number of cats you have (ie you should have 4). Litterboxes should be kept immaculately clean. Give each cat a high area they can escape to (top of a lowboy / cat palace etc).
Avatar m tn I have 6 feral/outdoor cats that I feed in my backyard. Three months ago they were spayed/neutered, inoculated, and treated topically for fleas with Revolution while under anesthesia. I have since given them oral anti-flea meds in their food, so I am not worried about that. In the interim, a family member began complaining of severe itching and overall discomfort. He went to a dermatologist, who diagnosed him with suffering from a mite infestation.
Avatar n tn My cats jump on me all the time. I have one laying on mybelly now and he's 15 pounds. You'll be fine!
Avatar n tn All my cats are indoor cats. Indoor cats live longer and stay healthier. I do leave them out in the back yard on weekends for about an hour, supervised of course.
Avatar n tn All of the treatments are equally helpful for cats. In fact if you are able to do all that I have listed cats seem to do a bit better in the long run than dogs. The only problem with cats is that it is hard to get them to take the herbs. Pill pockets help, if they like them. The appetite stimulant: Mirtazapine is even more effective in cats than dogs! But you must have a prescription. The dose of Mirtazapine for cats is 1/4 of a 15mg. tablet every 3 days.
Avatar m tn Revolution is primarily a treatment for fleas in cats and dogs but it is approved for ear mites in both.
Avatar m tn Lymphosarcoma in cats is most frequently the result of feline leukemia (FeLV) or feline immunovirus (FIV). Both are typically genetic and both can be tested for, although a negative result does not necessasry mean that they have lifelong immunity. If they aren't already, please be sure all of the cats in this family lineage are spayed or neutered.
Avatar f tn About a year ago, all my cats went to stay with my mother while I was out of town. My mother has four cats of her own, and has kept all the cats in the past. She does, however, have a cat diagnosed with "flea allergies" that is prone to scab outbreaks and irritation. She has to take him for cortisone injections frequently and keeps topical flea meds on the cat. After returning home, my youngest cat (Phoebe, 4 years old) began showing the same symptoms.
7588086 tn?1400793414 Toxoplasmosis can cause flu-like symptoms in adults (and sometimes has no symptoms). But in a baby in the early stages of pregnancy, it can cause serious birth defects such as eye and brain damage. These possible effects sound scary, but before you resort to giving your kitty away, take comfort in knowing a few things: Cats that never go outside are very unlikely to carry toxoplasmosis. Also, if you've been around cats for a while, you may be immune. Ask your doctor if she can check.
1563533 tn?1345366296 I have always had houseplants and my cats never seemed to care. My cats, however, were indoor-outdoor cats. I think cats require an outside life, unlike dogs whose life is with their masters.
Avatar f tn My hubby and I have 4 cats, he's taken over changing the litter and everything is fine :-)
Avatar f tn when my Opus was on BP meds it was the same for 3 years I went no where, when my husband was ill and in hospital in the city 3 hrs away I would drive home for the night so Opus could have his meds a.m. and pm......man the things we don't do for those little guys eh!! you will get onto it and will do fine and Maggie will do good also now that she's had a diagnosis. take care.
Avatar n tn You can get it but it is rare. I would call a vets office and ask to speak to someone. They will know since they work around animals that may be sick and have that and they need to know how to protect themselves. I had cats all my life and I never got anything. I even had cats who had symptoms of cryptocococcosis. Leave your cats in door and they will not get it....in door cats are safe. Don't let your pet be around bird poop outside.
Avatar f tn When we got Harley he was with a group of cats that were living in the woods. I was able to capture him and two others. All three of them had such bad teeth problems that after a time they had all their teeth pulled except for one cat, they left him four. The vet was unable to determine how old they were because of the poor teeth. I would think it would take maybe four years to have them get so bad, guessing, so that would make Harley 12 now.
Avatar f tn Thanks. I did indeed take my cat to an emergency vet. They said it is Horoner's syndrom and could be from stress, or even worse, a lesion in his central nervous system. He is being monitored closely since the symptoms were so sudden. I've just never seen anything like it before, and I have had cats my whole life.
Avatar f tn ive got a wiener dog and three kittens, im 13+5 so im out of the first tri, its really time for him to tell them lol. the cats don't come near the baby stuff because he doesn't let them in our room.
Avatar n tn earlier in the summer my cat had blisters in his mouth on the left side. So off to the vet we went, shots and medication were given, 3 weeks of weekly cortizone shots and about 200.00 later 5 months later the blisters are back, what is the reason? In order to give him the pills I put them in tuna fish, now that's pretty much all he wants to eat, soes this have any effect on the blister thing? How good is "human tuna" for them too?
514349 tn?1272801633 Drying herbs intensifies the scent. Like when you use dried herbs vs fresh.