Miscarriage symptoms but still pregnant

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Avatar f tn the doctor said it was a miscarriage. its been a month now and im still feeling extreme fatigue and nausea along with a few other symptoms. so i guess my question is, is there any possibility that i could have been pregnant with twins and only miscarried the one?
Avatar f tn Well I was just asking because I miscarried two years ago and didn't pass anything until 2 weeks after the ultrasound confirmed the miscarriage. Then a couple weeks ago I passed a very large an unusual clot and bled a lot I thot I was miscarrying but went to ER and I am def still pregnant. That's all I was wondering. Because I felt all the same symptoms as with my miscarriage and all the pain but i didn't miscarry. Idk.
Avatar f tn I suffered a miscarriage (chemical pregnancy) last Thursday, just 2 days shy of 5 wks but I still feel pregnant, still having some of the symptoms even though I'm still bleeding. Sigh... had anyone else had a similar experience? Is it possible that I could still be pregnant??
383536 tn?1225030613 while many thought it might be implantation bleeding i thought so too but some said it was normal for mid cycle bleedin after a miscarriage. Its been 3 months and my cycle is on time except now...i am 3 days late...and i'm not sure if i'm pregnant or not...i took a test a couple days before my period was due but said negative...so i am confused...I cant remember the symptoms from the pregnancy before...except my stomach pains and lower back pains..
Avatar n tn it gradually got a little heavier by the next day and was dark red with some clots then turned bright red and by day three went back to spotting off and on. still having some pregnancy symptoms but yesterday had negative pregnancy test. i would be 6 weeks now. did i have a miscarriage or could i still be pregnant?
Avatar f tn so I'm 12+2 and since yesterday I've been sick . sore throat, runny nose , slight fever . but I don't feel pregnant anymore , could it be because I'm sick or did I have another miscarriage? I usually get nauseous when I don't eat and it still happens but that's it ... I don't feel my stomach is hard like before.
Avatar n tn i obviously dont know for certain but i would say if she still "feels" pregnant and has no bleeding or severe cramping than i would think the baby is fine. maybe she is not as far along as they thought and i have heard a tilted uterus makes it much harder to see/hear the baby. I would get another opinion. But if she still feels "pregnant" and she has no problems than i would continue to believe my baby is fine and see another doctor as soon as possible......
Avatar f tn I should be 5 weeks pregnant tomorrow. I had a miscarriage last time and scared ill lose this one. The beginning of week 4 me n my partner had sex. Sorry if too much info but after when cleaning myself there was blood like the start of a period wasnt just a drop probably a tea spoon. But then after that there's been nothing. No blood at all. I had a loop excesion things done about 9 weeks. Have I lost the baby?
1419259 tn?1303438666 I actually had an early miscarriage on June 20th. The doctors had told me to wait for at least one period, but... due to a wedding and a few too many drinks, I ended up having unprotected sex with my husband right when I thought I was ovulating (I track my CM). I knew it wasn't the greatest idea, but, you know how it goes. We want a baby and all emotions are so heighted with a few drinks :) SO, we had unprotected sex on Aug.
Avatar n tn I'm so sorry for your loss! Men and women seem to deal with miscarriages differently. I had a miscarriage for my second pregnancy, found out at 11 weeks the baby stopped developing at 6 1/2 weeks. My husband actually felt bad that he didn't feel bad about the miscarriage. These things just happen sometimes. My biggest suggestion is to just start by asking him how he felt about the idea of being a daddy, and ask when he think's he may be ready.
Avatar f tn If someone has a miscarriage a test can still detect pregnancy for up to a few weeks as it takes awhile for HCG levels to fall below 5 mIU (non-pregnant levels). Darkness of the line does not mean a thing because home tests are not quantitative. You NEED to see your OBGYN. This is the doctor who can get to the bottom of this. Discharge with green spots is NOT normal and needs to be evaluated. If you did have a MC it is important to make sure all tissue was removed.
Avatar f tn I don't know if I miscarriage or not. I had a period Oct 14th it was normal. Just 2 days earlier than what I thought. It ended last Sat/Sun. I was fine. Then all of the sudden this past Thurs I got sick. I just didn't feel right. I felt like I was going to start my period again but only intensified. I noticed when I used the restroom and wiped, there was brownish discharge. Not much, but enough for me to use a panty liner.
Avatar m tn So I am having the same thing happen to me apt on Mon I'm wondering if I'm still pregnant cause I missed my cycle defiantly
Avatar n tn Thank you for your answer. I did a have another HCG test and it was still positive and doubled from last time so I'm still pregnant. I guess the pain was not related to my embryo and probably due to a ruptured cyst? anyway my breast still tender on and off but that's is probably also normal. Thanks again Doctor.
Avatar f tn hey there, you may have been pregnant though very early on and the baby has possibly failed to implant correctly, but still delayed your period, If you have indeed had a very early miscarriage, your body will take time to get your periods back into normal working order, it could however be that stress, anxienty or illness has been messing with your cycle, this is very common.
Avatar f tn Ive been sleeping like crazy. I smoke cigs been throwing up on them. I brush my teeth and throw up. My boobs hurts and my nipples look darker and my boobs feel more thick. Ive been eating alot. Small headaches. Using the bathroom more. Another symptom I'm having is oily face I never have an oily face. Is this another symptom of early pregnancy! But I'm 6 days late I've had one miscarriage. I have no children and I want to be pregnant so bad.
Avatar f tn I was told that they cannot see my baby and I'm still having symptoms of pregnancy is it possible to still be pregnant?
Avatar f tn Can you still be pregnant and have your period? I've Been having all of the symptoms of pregnancy but today i started bleeding my period is not supposed to come for another week. But i heard it was possible to be prego and still have your period ?
4792059 tn?1361206694 Not everybody feel nauseous, my first 2 pregnancy were hard I was sick all the time and now this one is very easy . I think miscarriage is every pregnant women's biggest fear but u can't be stressing Cus that can cause u to miscarry .
Avatar f tn Hi there. This topic comes up here more then you can possibly imagine. Your HCG levels only double every 48 hours until they hit about 1200. Then they slow down. My last HCG test went from 1000 to 4000 in a week. Doubling time worked out to about every 85 hours or something like that. I was petrified...my Dr. was not. I am now 37 weeks and all is fine. Could there be a miscarriage? Well, sadly that can happen, but it sure doesn't sound like you have any signs or symptoms of it.
Avatar f tn Iv just found out I'm pregnant again on wednesday after a miscarriage 2 month ago but iv been spotting since ovulation which I usually do (treating hypothyroid at the moment) But it hasn't stopped. Ill only be like 4 week period due date was yesturday. But experiencing dark brown also beige brown wen I wipe not a lot at all. I had spotting before I miscarried last time but my thyroid was 30 the still not below 4.5. Scared Its gonna happen again.
Avatar f tn i had a ultrasound and doing the ultrasound the baby move but not so much and i had a feeling i was pregnant with twin cause i was getting big fast but they always said that only saw one but twins runs and both sides of my family so two weeks after have a miscarriga i still feel pregnant the same food that made me sick still makes me sick , i still feel movement and i just really really still feel pregnant so my questions are can i still be pregnant and they just didnt see the second baby and i
Avatar f tn Loss, or decrease in symptoms doesn't mean you're going to have a miscarriage. I had sore breasts with my son, but it went away after a week or so...he's now three years old. Symptoms can come and go. You might feel fine today, or for the next few days, and then after that end up in the bathroom sick for the next several weeks...