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Avatar n tn Hi all this is my first time ever posting here, am 6 weeks pregnant and I have had no symptoms.. this is my 2nd pregnancy, had a chemical miscarriage earlier on this year so am soo worried and scared, my first ultrasound is in a week and I dont thnk I cant wait for that week.. Am I crazy to wanting symptoms to appear??? Pls help...
Avatar n tn I am currently pregnant with my fourth child.... And have no pregnancy symptoms besides very very fatigue.... Im a little worried... With my first three I had several symptoms.... I am 6 or 7 weeks along.... Is anybody else going thru the same? Please help!
1285850 tn?1291776435 Hi I was wondering, does anyone have no sympomes? Im about 7-8 weeks pregnant and I have only had fatigue and sore boobs so far. But latley even the boobs don't seem that sore. I miscarried in Jan and i'm so afraid of it happening again. I've been so happy now that i'm pregnant again and i'm trying to stay positive, but it's soooo hard without symptoms.
Avatar f tn I was pregnant last year up to 10 weeks almost had a miscarriage with no symptoms...Im almost 9 weeks now and started getting all the symptoms to hit around weeks 6-7.
2080140 tn?1396402469 does anyone know if you can get pregnant after a miscarriage without starting your period??
Avatar f tn No your just one of the lucky ones! I'm 24wkstill this day I have no symptoms of pregnancy besides tender boobs! Don't dressit momma!!
Avatar f tn If you were my patient, I would advise you that it is common and normal to have no symptoms of pregnancy. It does NOT mean that the baby isn't growing or that you have had a miscarriage. If you are worried enough, ask your doctor if you could have a quick office ultrasound--I sometimes do an informal scan for my patients, Good luck!
Avatar n tn If you have symptoms and they suddenly disappear that could be a sign of miscarriage. When I was about 8 weeks pregnant with my first pregnancy my symptoms disappeared and a few days later I miscarried. You're probably fine but yes there is a possibility something could be wrong.
Avatar f tn My boobs are not sore. No cravings. No sickness. I dont feel pregnant. Do you think I have something to worry about?
Avatar f tn Not to worry any mamas. As this is pretty rare. But I was told on Sunday 10-26 that I was miscarrying my little one. I am of course completely devastated. However is is worsened by the fact that other than the spotting I've had my entire pregnancy (literally) I have no symptoms. No pain, clots, period - like bleeding, cramps etc.
Avatar f tn Does anyone know if it is it possible to get pregnant so soon after miscarriage, and would it have been possible to get pregnant during the two weeks of spotting/discharge? We did have unprotected sex during this time. I was just curious is anyone has had a similar experience, and if it is a possibility that it is a new pregnancy, or could it just be leftover hormones from the miscarried pregnancy.
5801165 tn?1374546325 I am currently only 5 weeks pregnant and have no symptoms. I am only concerned because with my previous pregnancy I had all the lovely early signs. I have miscarried before so now I am being extra paranoid. Does this sound normal?
Avatar m tn Has anybody gotten pregnant right after a miscarriage with no period in between? where your pregnancy symptoms more pronounced? I miscarried 11/17 I healed really quickly. Husbby and I were "consoling" each other and I find myself questioning whether I'm pregnant now or not. I know it's considerably early but I'm not feeling too well. I have slight nausea very slight but the boobs are hurting really bad like I change my bra for extra support bad and a mild cramp or two.
7788437 tn?1395540855 If there's any severe pain like cramping, or bleeding, then that's when you should b concerned with a miscarriage, but for now just enjoy no symptoms while you can lol
Avatar f tn Our Hcg hormone is still low once it starts getting higher and higher the chances of us experiencing more symptoms raises. Some woman have no symptoms at all. I know from my last pregnancy that if you have symptoms and they disappear you should talk to you dr or if you start bleed / with cramps you should also get check.
Avatar n tn It taks some people up to six weeks to start their period and I am not sure if you should expect it on the same day as before you became pregnant. Also you can get pregnant sometimes as quickly as 2weeks after mc. I had a mc the last week of dec. and have not had my period yet either. I happen to have PCOS and so my periods have always been irregular. My last period before i miscarried was in July and I was only 6wks or so along.
Avatar m tn Are you sure you didn't conceive again after the miscarriage? You may be pregnant again. Did you Dr do a vaginal ultrasound or blood work?
Avatar f tn I took a pregnancy test yesterday and it was negative. So my questions are, is it possible to be pregnant so soon after miscarriage and if im not, what might these pains be that wont go away??
Avatar f tn I had a miscarriage on november the 9th and fell pregnant again 2 weeks later , I am now 10 weeks pregnant and have got NO symptoms. AtAll , this is making me worry about a missed miscarriage as before I knew I was pg my boobs were very sore and this just gone when I was 7 weeks , I have had no morning sickness and just don't feel pregnant :( had a scan at 6 weeks and saw the hb but have a sub chorionic bleed beside the baby so who knows ?
Avatar f tn Anyone out there pregnant after miscarriage or missed miscarriage? I'm 11 weeks 3 days, I had a missed miscarriage in June this year. Worried, nervous..
Avatar f tn This is my second pregnancy. My first ended with a miscarriage last summer at 8 weeks, then d&c. I felt pregnant the entire time. Sore boobs, frequent urination, and cramping. I'm currently 6 or 7 weeks pregnant but I feel no symptoms whatsoever. I'm occasionally bloated few aches here and there but that's about it. I'm freaking out because in my first pregnancy even though it was short I felt everything. Now I barely feel anything. Is this normal?